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Someone’s Story June 6th-13th “Rewards and Regrets ”

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Welcome back to the Garden! Your presence is desired and appreciated here. It’s been a long road and we could all benefit from fully recharging in between the intense work ahead. If you are reading this, you have chosen to grow this year and the process may be intense. You are not alone, and as others go through this, know that we can all support each other by sending love with the intention to all who need it. Trusting they will be receiving it in perfect time. Everything is Rhythm and what you put out will come back to you. Let’s raise the vibe!

Remember that not all that is shared here is meant for you and that is okay. This is a space to observe and discern what to absorb and what to release. It is my intention for those that visit The Garden that you only receive what is in alignment with your highest good and release the rest. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

This has been a rough transit and a lot of lessons were learned and for some, these lessons will have to be re-thought through Saturn’s Retrograde. When Saturn goes retrograde, it’s test time for all that we were just taught. For some, this will be a pleasant time of reward! For others, this will be a difficult and trying transit. All of the experiences however, are positive because they can and will be used for our highest good

A quick Retelling of Kronos

Once upon a time, There was a titan who ruled all. Hungry for power and fear of being overturned, this Titan ruthlessly disposed of their own children. To be sure the job was done properly this titan swallowed their children whole. Thinking they had removed the threat, the Titan relaxed forgetting the most powerful force of all that defeats ruthlessness, that would be love. The wife of this Titan had a deep love for her children. It was this deep love that caused her to be clever and save one of those children who would one day be the demise of the Titan. Love always wins.

Saturn 🪐

Rules The status quo, Time, Authorities, Boundaries, endings and Karma

Saturn gives you chores and makes sure you complete the tasks given. When direct, we are being taught, when reversed, we are being tested. The great news is that you were given the best notes to study for this exam, you have been learning all year. Take some time at the beginning of the week to honestly ask yourself what weakness or area in need of the most improvement you’ve discovered recently. Remember this formula that has shown the test of time by many before us: Healing and change is around the corner.

Work + Time + Repetition = Mastery

Weed #1 Distractions

Someone has been learning to protect themselves by changing their spending ,eating, and social habits that are toxic. They’ve restrained themselves from engaging in gossip and they have taken time to intentionally pick what they allow in their minds and bodies.

Someone doesn’t feel validated. All the success they have achieved, all they’ve overcome, someone feels it’s not being seen.

To prove to themselves and others that they are accomplished they may be spending out of their budget, or committing themselves to too many tasks and obligations spreading themselves thin. The intent is to prove to themselves or others that they can handle anything that comes their way… all of this is blocking their growth, their path toward the peace and validation they seek is unclear. It’s unclear because it never came from outside themselves. They must first find it within.

What if someone chose to remind themselves;

“ I am enough, as I am, no outward source can give me the validation I already have and give myself”

What if they did this instead, each time they felt the impulse to spend money, time, and energy on that person place or thing that drains them? What if they truly saw themselves. All they’ve learned, all they’ve accomplished was never in competition with another, and once they drop their need to compete, they find their own way?

As within so without.

This week Someone may be determined to change their habits of binge watching tv or social media feeds. These distractions are created as a way of keeping them away from their meditation, contemplation and prayer time. Rather than going within for the answers once again they are looking outside for validation that what they feel is real. Someone is needing to drop the fear and choose to trust in faith that they are listening to guidance that serves their highest good, and if not, that it is time to change course.

It’s not easy to remove the distraction when you’re not sure what direction you want to go.

Moderation is key when figuring this out. Knowing that when it comes time to release, they may have to release something without shame.

When someone removes the distractions, they hear their inner guidance clearly and confidence fills in their decisions.

Journal :

What am I overindulging in?

What am I trying to distract myself from?

What am I capable of changing within myself?

Weed #2 Grief

Someone is ready to start a new cycle. Loss has been abundant in the last year or perhaps even more. They have been holding on to a past memory, a time where things felt safer or simpler. Someone has been trying to live in that time and this is causing them to ignore what is right in front of them as time is passing by quicker than they realize.

The mourning process has lasted much longer than they expected. They truly felt that they’d be over this by now and they still haven’t found the strength to move past what they feel. Not that you’d notice from the outside. No, they are very good at hiding what they feel from the outside world. Someone isn’t fooling their body. Physical symptoms may be occurring including apathy, loss of energy, etc. Someone may need to get themselves checked out by a physician. (Tia khaleesi’s Garden is not qualified to give medical advice please seek a medical professional for any and all health inquiries)

Ignoring the grief is why someone feels stuck in it. When we ignore what needs healing, it becomes what is called “shadow.” Shadow, left unacknowledged becomes dangerous because we cannot see our own role in the destruction we cause while “in shadow’

The only way to healing, is through the wound. Acknowledging the grief’s presence is the first step. Then comes dealing with it, and healing it. This week, someone will be faced with deciding what direction they will choose. Will they allow their grief to become a weapon against themselves? Or will they acknowledge it, taking whatever steps necessary to heal it. Which may include seeking a mental health professional to help them through the process.

Weed #3 Fear

It’s safe to mistakes. It’s safe to try new things. It’s safe to take a risk. Someone has been growing their dreams into reality. They have been taking action toward their goals and dreams and they have. Everything they need right now to succeed. They see what they want to do, where they want to be in the end and this is all they see at the moment. That may be why they feel stuck and frozen in present time. Looking around they see they are not where they want to be and at the moment, it doesn’t look like they are getting there soon. This can cause impatience, frustration and an inability to enjoy and concentrate on the present. Someone may be afraid they will never get where they are going if they don’t work harder and push harder than they have before. In their pursuit of success, someone may have been missing the bigger lesson and reward hidden behind their fear.

The present, as it is, is beautiful. This is where the good stuff dwells. Taking in each moment of happiness as it comes will bring someone out of this fear of failure blinding them to the success and beautiful fruitful life they have right NOW! Someone is blocking themselves from receiving the happiness that surrounds them now by being bitter of what they don’t have yet.

Trust the Most high uses all circumstances for your good. If you can be happy when you have little, you will also be happy with much. Contentment comes from within.


Everything has it’s season, or so it’s been told before. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t still sting when things come to an end. That is okay to acknowledge and accept at this tim. Focus on what’s new and what is here in the now by writing a gratitude list.

Tuesday -

Focus on self love and having fun! Dance to shake up any stagnant energy and raise the vibration.


Focus on what patterns you see repeating in your life? Where can you change this?


Take a look at what situations are most challenging today, what lesson do you still need to learn? Focus on how to change a pattern that repeats in your life. Is there a different choice you need to make? Is there a habit you need to break?


You are stronger than you think. If you take a look back at all you have overcome, you will see how much strength you have right now! Focus on that strength and draw from it if you feel life becoming overcoming.


Someone is a giving soul. Now is a time to be open to receiving love from others and allowing


Now is a day to unplug and meditate. Focus on making time to reflect in a quiet space on and allow what may to come.

Strategies in Communication

for Earth signs

June 2022

🧿 Taurus ♉️

The Challenge: Moving past the past

There is a Taurus that is trying to move away from the patterns that have kept them stuck from moving forward. One of the major challenges they are breaking free from is their inability to see another’s point of view. They have put a lot of work into being open minded. In June, this will be tested. Have they really learned to be open to another’s perspective?

Something Challenges a Taurus to change the way they see a situation. This opens them up to another’s viewpoint and gives them a moment to decide what is most important, the win, or the relationship. Someone may not be ready to communicate their new found understanding. Will this Taurus allow themselves to become open minded or will they choose to stick to what they know?

A strategy:

“ We have two ears and one mouth

so that we can listen

twice as much as we speak”


If this Taurus would like to truly understand another side, they may benefit from listening and asking questions where they may feel they don’t have all the information. Choosing to be patient and listen more when learning about a person or situation they don’t fully understand.

This is a great time for Taurus to observe what is being communicated to them. This will help them make a more informed decision about how to proceed.

🧿 Virgo ♍️

The Challenge:

Last month Virgo needed to release those who no longer served their highest good. This may have left behind some angry and bitter feelings regarding the past. In June,

A Virgo may be challenged with speaking their mind before thinking about the consequences their words may bring into their relationships. Some truths aren’t Virgo’s to tell. This Virgo may need to learn the hard way that as The Wise Teacher once said “It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles it, but what comes out”

A Strategy:

A Virgo needs to THINK before they speak. They’ve heard it all before Is is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind? If not, it would be much to Virgo’s benefit to keep their mouth closed, and not engaging in any sort of gossip or revenge. There is a strong tipping point in their future circumstances that will all depend on their ability to walk in humility and grace.

Can this Virgo avoid the temptation to add fuel to the fire?

🧿 Capricorn ♑️

Hello Capricorn! Did you make time for your health last month? IF not, now may be a great time to seek professional medical advice from your healthcare professional. If you haven’t had a check up this may be the time.

The Challenge;

In May a Capricorn may have been misunderstood. They may have said something they shouldn’t have in a moment of frustration has created a chasm between them and people they love. They have been feeling defeated, and this June they may be feeling challenged in figuring out how to get another to hear their point of view while also not offending them further.

A Strategy:

A Capricorn needs to use better discernment on whom they allow in their space and who they trust to vent to. By using their discernment to weed out anyone who may have a problem keeping someone’s confidence or may have a vested interest in a Capricorns failure, they can avoid mishaps in the future. As for the present time, Capricorn has an opportunity to practice humility and listening before they speak. They may find they are on the same page after all.

That is what I have for you this week Garden Visitors. May all that was not meant for you or did not align with your highest good be released, back into the pool where it belongs,

You have come so far, May you enjoy this week and all the progress you’ve made along the way,

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