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Someone’s Story: “Grounding the Fire”

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

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Hello Garden Visitors! Welcome back to the end of Fire season and the beginning of Mutable Virgo. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. Most Virgo sun signs are practical, organized, loving, gentle, and kind. While Leo is fixed fire, masculine in nature, Virgo is a feminine sign of receiving. As we move into this sign, we will be receiving the harvest of what we planted in fire season. This may be tough for some. Saturn has been retrograde along with Pluto. These planets represent karmic lessons and deep dark wounds that have been carried from past lives and childhood. There are harsh lessons being learned right now for some, and for others, the work put it in has been heavy, and their reward will be bountiful. No matter the side you find yourself on, remember that all things work together for your highest good. You have the power to change your direction and circumstances at any time. The stories shared here are not cemented in unchangeable energy. No, in fact, sometimes harsh warnings are given to keep us from making terrible mistakes. There is a Proverb that comes to mind as it was part of the 12 lessons for a Virgo that apply to the week ahead:

“ Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.”

Proverbs 27:6

There is a need for us all to remember that when someone cares about our well being, they will call us out on our bad behavior, knowing we may not like what we hear. This is not to benefit them or feed their ego, but to help us get back on our destined path. We must trust our inner guidance to see when this is the motive. So as you continue with this week’s story, I’d like to remind you that not all that is shared here is meant for you. Listen to that intuition that has developed over time. Allow yourself to be exalted where warranted and convicted where warranted to bring about positive change for yourself going forward.

It is my intention as the keeper of this space that you leave here with all you need for your highest good. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

(Some) Important Events to Remember:

Retrograde Planets:




We are still learning the tough lessons and being shown the uncomfortable parts of ourselves that are coming up for acknowledgment and healing. This is an excellent time to fix, heal, and change the parts of ourselves that have been affected by our own stubbornness or outside sources that have wounded us in the past. Rather than fixate on the blame others carry for what’s been done, it is a time to concentrate on what we can truly fix and heal within. Get ready, prepare to face yourself, learn & heal!

August 23rd:

Virgo Season Begins

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August 27th

4:16 am GMT

NEW MOON in ♍️

As the fixed fire season winds down and moves into mutable earth, Someone is expecting to reap big benefits from the work and research they’ve put into something that they thought they could profit from.

For another, they are expecting a quick fix to a problem they’ve been dealing.

They have been waiting for a big payout or resolution to a situation that has not come. The unrest and dissatisfaction that engulfs their being is confusing them. They have yet to realize their expectations are the cause of worry, fear, & angst they have been feeling for quite some time. This week, is a time of great testing, will they face the truth of their situation or will they continue to blame outside sources for their circumstances? Will they see the contribution to their problem clearly? Will they choose to be blind to what part of the problem they have created?

Self inflicted Friction

Recently, someone made the choice to plant seeds of confusion in another. They subtly and passive aggressively went out of their way to make another feel small. This has and will backfire in the week to come. The alchemist they attacked sends it all back, and someone may find themselves feeling the low vibrations they sent out. When we attack another, the cause can be from self loathing. They may realize that no matter what they have in their life, they have a base of unhappiness and feel unfulfilled. This is why they try to subtly rebuke another while multiplying kisses of praise to cover up their misdeeds. Their cause, is not an excuse for their behavior, but it will serve them well in a powerful healing way to recognize this. Especially when the person they never expected to leave their lives, does!

The Most High, never wastes pain. This lesson will be harsh, and they will not be allowed to return this situation without acknowledging what they’ve done. They will not be permitted to keep the relationship they relied on for uplifting their spirit.

What side of this are you on, sweet reader? If you know, then you know.

The unprepared waiting

When someone chooses to see their responsibility clearly, they have all that they need to be successful. When dealing with others, there may be someone that they don’t realize they have been neglecting emotionally while expecting them to change. They see this person as the problem, the unruly untamable flame that refuses to behave or get in line. This is causing a disdain for a situation that someone has been tasked to heal and nurture. Instead of using their energy to heal this, they have distracted themselves with work, hobbies, or social media to convince themselves that the problem lies within the other person. They seek answers to what is “wrong” with this person when the answer is within themselves and their own approach to the situation. They have not prepared themselves that they may be the problematic piece of this puzzle. They have not considered that they are the main contribution to the problem at hand in a relationship with another. They have yet to realize the power they hold over the way another sees themselves. They are unable to see their own darkness. This, is causing a disruption in their own being.

An Inward Revolution: Grounded truth

It’s easy to take these words as harsh, and these words are for someone who will not see. Still, They must be shared, For Tia’s Garden is space of healing as well as rest. Sometimes what we must learn is that we cannot compare our situation with one that has come from a completely different place. Someone has been comparing their life to another’s blindly. The ugliness they hold keeps them jealous and blind to their own worth. They hide it well pretending to be supportive and compassionate when all the while they are rotted with jealousy & compare themselves to someone else unfairly. The lesson that they must learn if they want to remove the blindness to their own life and joy, is that they will NEVER be or have what the person they envy has and is. That is not their journey, it is not their life path. They have not earned the right to be there. The consequences of not learning this lesson will be severe. Their children will resent them.

For another, they have been trying to find self worth in helping outside sources. Sacrificing themselves seems noble but it is an unnecessary sacrifice. Their purpose does not involve their inability to see their own worth. It involves them seeing that what they have been through had beautiful alchemy attached. Through the fire, through the flames, they were being refined. Blemishes were removed and wisdom has taken it’s place. They are no easy answers to the challenges ahead for one who did not walk their path. But for this blessed person, they are about to see that all that they went through, all the pain was not wasted. They are not stuck, the illusion will be shattered. This week is a week of rest for them they must take this time to truly revisit what they’ve learned. To see where they need to be more gentle with themselves. They have done the work, they have loved with an open heart, and they have been a true an honest person. They must ground their intentions this week believing in who they are here to become.

Healing through contemplation

The New Moon approaches, and this is a time of release and acknowledgement. This is not the time for action. There is a need for someone to go deep within and truly asses who they’ve become. Others around them believe in the best version of them and this person knows they have not been acting from that space. If they choose to acknowledge this now, they will find healing and can shift their intentions by owning their choices. They may be lead to explore inner resentment they have for another’s happiness. The indifference someone feels towards other’s opinions cannot be shaken because they know what and who they are. When the person in this story realizes that they too can be satisfied with themselves by addressing the toxicity they carry instead of ignoring it, they will find that the jealousy leaves too. This opens the door to healing situations and healthier relationships. The questions remains, will they take the necessary steps to do so? Will they see their ugliness for what is is and release it for good? Will they stop shifting blame on to those around them?

Action is not warranted but choosing a direction is. If they do not like where they’ve gone it’s time to turn around and face themselves honestly. The New Moon is coming, bringing a brand new cycle. Choosing to begin this cycle from healed space will make all the difference. HOPE is here, REDEMPTION is here.

The Enemy of Complacency

There is wisdom in a saying that goes:

“ The devil is the author of confusion, when you don’t know what to do, do nothing.”

For the person in this story, this is not the case. They DO know what they need to do, it’s just not a favorable decision to make. Facing what they’ve done and whom they’ve become is much harder than lying to themselves and pretending they don’t know what they should do. Choosing not to move forward in fierce loyalty to what they claim they cherish is fool hearty. They can choose to stand in their own way if they’d like to. We’ve all been given free will. They cannot say that they do not know the consequences of this though. They do. They know that it will lead to more of the same discontent they have been stuck with.

A Puzzle that becomes whole

There is another however, that needs a gentle reminder they are doing just fine! Those around them know that this person brings love affection and attention with the best of intentions. They see others as their kindred they can grow from, learn from and their hearts are big and pure. This is mirrored back to them through love of children, or kindness of strangers. They may be blessed with unexpected gifts and help from sources they haven’t felt worthy of. They may find a new romance, or a rekindled flame that is grounded in truth, love, and compassion. There is a bright new beginning happening for someone who has earned their reward. They have earned this by self reflecting instead of outward deflecting. They see themselves truly. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Their commitments have been honored and this is the beauty that comes from self awareness, self love, and taking responsibility for what they need to change within themselves.

Transformation through Observation

Many people fear that by facing their unacknowledged toxicity (or darkest shadow) , that they will find that they are “bad” this is not the case. We all have the capability to engage in positive or negative behavior depending on where we choose to put our energy into. For example, if we make the choice to encourage others and support them without any expectation of that being returned, we are putting our energy into creating more love and positive, As the law of correspondence and rhythm shows, this will come back to us when we need it most. Beauty surrounds us in our darkest hour when we choose love in all circumstances.

Someone is being asked to observe themselves and their thoughts this week. By choosing to do this without judgement, they have the opportunity to transform their thinking, freeing them from the darker tendencies they are drawn to when they see the bright light in another. This will also help them brighten their own light, and see where their UNIQUE light comes from. They are nothing like the person they have envied and that is a beautiful truth because they have a path that requires they see that they are different for an important reason. Will they choose to observe themselves carefully?

Monday- The Burning Bowl

As the last day of Leo Season and Fixed fire, this is an excellent time to use the rest of fire season to Focus on releasing resentment and bitterness. There are plenty of blockages that have held someone back from reaching their full potential. They may be using what has been working as a distraction from focus on what is not. Lying to themselves about what is broken or what dysfunction has taken place does not serve them. This is day should be used to face this, and let go of any and all fear, that surrounds them of what letting this go means. “The Burning bowl” Exercise is perfect for this.

For safe use, the Virtual burning bowl works too. Take some time to focus on the fire used below. Meditate on the flames and intentionally release what comes to mind that is ready to be released. This can be quick or take some time. You decide how much you need. When you are finished, cleanse your space by removing clutter.

Tuesday- Virgo Season Begins

Mutablechangeable, variable, varying, fluctuating, shifting, inconsistent, unpredictable, inconstant, uncertain, fluid, erratic, irregular, uneven, unsettled, unstable, unsteady, protean, chameleonlike, chameleonic; capricious, fickle, faithless, flighty, unreliable, undependable, mercurial, volatile; - New oxford’s dictionary definition

this is a time of uncertainty. Virgos are seen as philosophers of the zodiac along with other mutable signs. There is a “go with the flow” type of energy and stubborn or action based signs may use this time to learn to surrender to the flow of what is. A reminder that you cannot fix, change,heal or CONTROL anyone but yourself, this is a time to surrender to what is in others. Today Focus on what you’d like to see change within yourself. Where do you need to surrender?

Wednesday- change is coming

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Someone may have been causing chaos for someone they admire by planting seeds of doubt. This brings about unintended change. Not all change is good, not all change is bad. Change is inevitable. Someone may receive an unexpected visit that brings unintended consequences. How someone responds to what they cannot control will make all the difference in how the rest of this year plays out. Today, Focus on surrendering to what is not yours to control or change.


Shocking news comes in for someone. They have not been prepared for what they hear. There is a tendency for someone to seek out blame or an explanation instead of recognizing that some things happen for reasons that are not meant to be understood. Today, someone needs to focus on their work and improving the relationships they care for. Instead of judging others choices, it will benefit someone to be a listening ear with encouragement.

Friday- Holding Space for Gratitude

Someone claims to be very busy. So busy, they have forgotten their blessings and choose to only see the challenges in one of their most precious blessings. Today is a great day to Focus on Gratitude for all that they have been blessed with. Their relationships offer so much more than chaos and conflict. What we focus on is what we attract into our lives.

Journal Prompt 📓 :

Write a list of all the blessings this week has brought! Did you pay your bills? Did you eat? Did you enjoy the company of another? What have you observed in another that you are grateful for that affects your life?


There is a brand new start approaching today. This is the new beginning someone has been waiting for. New information may become available giving someone a clearer picture of where they have been lacking awareness. This is a time of contemplation on what they need to work on to have a successful end of year emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally. Instead of trying to figure out what others need to do in order for this to happen, someone needs to see themselves honestly and take responsibility for where they need to be more flexible and mellow. Focus on setting grounded intentions today. Faith without action leads to stagnation. The motivation to change may be waning. In this unpredictable time Fixed and Cardinal signs must learn to release their grip on needing to control the outcome and set their intentions on growth spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Mutable signs must push past the thick like molasses energy that keeps them from moving forward.

Sunday- Calm before the Storm

This is a time where someone is granted a glimpse into the storm ahead. They can see a potential outcome and this may bring a bit of anxiety. Though the lesson of this time is to surrender what they cannot control, there is another lesson too. Preparing for a storm will not remove the storm but it will make it more bearable. Today, focus on preparation. A physical storm may require preparing rations, batteries for flashlights, weather proofing windows around the home etc… emotional storms are no different.

Focus on preparation for whatever comes your way.

That’s what I have for you this week Subscribers, don’t forget to look out for your first look into “Someone’s September Experience.” May all that was not meant for you and does not align with your highest good be released, back into the pool where it belongs,

Wishing you healing where needed and the courage to face yourself authentically,

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