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Someone’s Story: “The last Push”

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Hello Garden Subscribers! I am honored to have you here this week! Motivation will soon be waning for a lot of us starting next week and this is the last week of Leo season. When we upgrade our circumstances or our mindset, We see things on a soul level, this is bringing a significant change to many. There is a need for us all to observe without taking in the energy as our own. Yes, there is a lot of turmoil in the world. Yes, tragedy is more apparent than ever.

This is NOT all there is. This is not the time for us to bow our heads in surrender. This is the time to push forward and fight! This is the time to ignite that fire that has been doused by outward circumstances. Everything we need to succeed is already inside of us. The question is, do we feed our passion or do we deny it out of fear? Remember, not all that is written is meant for you here. This is a space created to help you practice using your intuition to guide you to what you know will bring you to your desired destination. As the keeper of this space it is my intention that you only leave here with the information that is meant for your highest good.( I believe, and so it is.

Sit, relax with Tia as I tell you a story about someone who is choosing to grasp that last bit of fuel to burn the fire within.

Astro Reminders:

Planets in retrograde:




The test has been brutal. The cleansing process has been exhausting and challenging. Pay close attention to your feelings during this time. Everything that comes up is coming up for healing. Acknowledging grief and allowing yourself to feel is exactly the antidote needed to heal wounds that are ready for it. Your intuition will help you push through. Believe to receive!

“The Last Push”

Her legs felt heavier than they used to be. The earth seemed to be calling her home. Joy seemed to turn to ash, this fire season had burned away many people, places and things she had found comforting. If this was meant to be cleansing, if this was meant to be healing, she had yet to feel it.

Even knowing that what was removed only gave her grief, she couldn’t help but look back at the ashes wishing for some relief. Looking back was useless. It was a folly to wait for relief that would never come. She was too wise to fall for that now, and she was reminded of this in unkind ways.

She struggled to deal with the truth of what was being done for her. She even thought for a moment it was easier when she didn’t know better. When she saw it as something being done to her. Ignorance, truly is bliss for a time. She had a difficult time seeing it through the smoke. Her old life was gone. It was never to return. She asked for this. She prayed for this, that all that was not meant for her be removed. She wanted a life of success, she wanted to follow her true north to happiness. Never did she realize she was asking for all of this. The emptiness, the void, The relationships that once seemed comfortable, were now destroyed.

This is the part where she must push through. To reach the other side she mustn’t quit!

She cannot lay down in the lethargic energy that is beginning to surround her. She can see the flames growing smaller and she can feel herself growing tired. It is NOT rest time yet. She has much farther to go. She must believe in herself. She must believe in the path she’s chosen! She must take what’s left of her fuel and find the will to ignite the fire within one last time. The work she is doing, the goals she has set need to be worked on or she won’t see them come to fruition. The next half of her year will seem like an entirely different book of her life. The question remains, will she choose to push forward?

She has the will, she has the fight, it’s deep within her soul. She pushes past the urge to give up and give in to the world that is falling apart around her. She allows her tears to heal her, she is a phoenix and she will RISE! She is a force one not to be taken lightly and she uses this now to have it all. She doesn’t do it for fame, or anyone else to approve. This is her life, her journey and she knows what she has to do. Like running through molasses, her steps may be slow to move, but the point is she keeps moving forward that’s the part of her that rings true. She’s a fighter, survivor, moving onward to being to thrive.

Every step may feel heavy, every movement may feel insignificant. She cannot afford to stare at another’s progress and she knows this road is long. Keeping her eyes on The Most High God is the only way to keep up her motivation. She is never left or forsaken. This is the last ignition, the last boost to her inner fire, will she leave all the opinions out the door and chase the life she truly desires? Yes! YES! YES she will! Each step has taken her through. When the time comes to ground all her actions the momentum will take her to the place she wants to pursue. Now is not the time to look back, it is not the time to quit. Her greatest achievement comes with the push forward, as this is all that there is left to do.

If only she could see the reward ahead, what was coming to fill those empty spaces. The wonderful, supportive people, and the more forgiving places. The lands and people who are meant to be are waiting for her patiently. She has so much to look forward to on the other side of this work. Her prayers have been answered, nothing can stop her not even the shadows that still lurk.

If you see, then you know.

(With Affirmations & Journal prompts)


his is a space created for those who want a deeper look at each individual day coming. For someone, all may need to be applied for others, only some. If you enjoy writing in your journal for spiritual growth, this is a place where you can find prompts to guide you. Take what resonates, and as with everything presented in the Garden, leave what does not.


There is a serious amount of apathy going around. For many this is a time of great illusion. What seemed possible is now feel less and less. For someone, this is a blockage easily removed. How? By taking this day to Focus on their natural talents and abilities. It’s easy to become distracted by another’s found success, but this has no bearing on our individual life journey. By using what they already have to create success, whatever they need will come in perfect time. If this is you, then you already know what to do!


“ I have all I need to bring success to any

situation that is meant for me.”

Journal Time📓

In no particular order, list what you know is going well for you in this time that you may not have seen before

Physically: how’s your health? Where are you thriving?

Example: “ I am at a healthy weight and have the ability and strength to do whatever tasks are on my list or the help I need to do what my physical limitations prevent me from doing myself”

Spiritually: Where do you feel connected in a positive way to the Divine, The Most High and others?

Mentally: Where do you feel stronger? What fear have you released that once seemed overwhelming?

Financially: Where can you celebrate the wins? What bills have been paid and what are you grateful for that you have now that you didn’t have a year ago?


Someone has been wishing and praying for a change in their finances. They are sick of living in lack. They have been learning what they can about handling their finances and they have been focused on manifesting more. This may have caused them to look around and feel what they have been denied wealth. They may be feeling a bit bitter that someone else seems to hold more blessings than themselves. Today, someone will be tested with their ability to see what true lack is, and they may be shown what envy looks like in them.

Focus on releasing guilt/ shame over spending on comforts, and practice gratitude for what is here.


“ Money flows freely and effortlessly to me

From all sources seen & unseen. I am worthy of

Wealth and all it’s comforts”

Journal Time📓:

When we come from humble beginnings, it’s easy to adapt a lack mindset. We may believe that poverty is one step away and spend money in fear. Since money is energy, removing fear from that energy can release a bondage we didn’t even know we had. What fears exist within you surrounding lack?

It’s easy to confuse fear with preservation and wisdom.

What fear are you ready to release that no longer serves a purpose? Where can use the wisdom did you attain in a time of lack that can be applied now?

Wednesday- There is a lot of fear being offered to the public through news outlets, social media, and even our closest friends and family members who are nervous about the uncertain times ahead. With all the outside chatter, it may be difficult to hear your intuition’s voice through it all. Today, someone should Focus on taking a social media break. No Tv, phone time limited to obligations only, limit computer time etc. It’s time for a reset.


“ I am worthy of rest, and my mind, body, and soul benefit from

My solitude. In this space, I welcome my inner voice to speak”


This is a time where plot twists and attitudes may change seemingly out of nowhere. It’ s always good to be prepared for the unexpected and not get too attached to one outcome. Even when something feels solid or unchangeable, this is a time where surprises good and bad may come up suddenly.

An offer made that brought someone relief may be rescinded. Someone may be waiting on news of this and may be disappointed. As hard as this may be to accept at this time, there is a need to hold on to hope that something better is coming. There is a hidden blessing in this. When assessing this situation, focus on protection not rejection.


“ All things are working together for my good

And the greatest good of all involved. I am at peace, for something

Better is coming “


When things go well, it can free us to deal with things that we may have not been healthy or strong enough to deal with in the past. Feelings come up for healing. They don’t always seem that way at the time. They may show up as intense feelings of rage, sadness, envy. All the same our emotions are always showing us something important.

Friday, someone may see an outside situation mirror a hidden resentment they have held onto for quite some time. This could also be a toxic trait they are just now recognizing in themselves based on their observation of another. there are many traps to fall into here of their own making Including self pity. Today focus on releasing hidden pain and toxic habits. They don’t serve you anymore.


“I am safe to surrender the weapons I used in a time of survival.

The wisdom I gained will never leave and I carry it with me always.”


Look closely at all you have been given. There is plenty to be thankful for, and a lot that is good right in front of you. Disappointment is temporary. For someone it can feel like it’s just one right after another. once again someone is reminded that rejection is God’s protection. There is no need to keep looking back at what didn’t work out or what someone wishes they had. This could become a blockage that keeps someone from the very important work that needs to be done, and for some that is enjoying time with loved ones. Today, when tempted to sulk or allo w themselves To soak in bitterness, someone would be wise to focus on the tasks at hand

Sunday -

Walking the straight and narrow path can seem daunting. Today someone is really feeling the fatigue of the road they’ve chosen. There is no going back. They see that what once fulfilled them no longer does. Today, focus on pushing through this labor intensive time. The work is hard and yet the reward is greater! When you feel alone, remember that you are always supported by The Most High.

You are almost there. you have worked too long, and too hard to give in now or become complacent. Just a little more!

“God protects me & fights my battles.

No weapons formed in physical, spiritual, or mental shall prosper.

I am highly favored and protected from all evil”

That’s what I have for you for now subscribers! There is more coming your way! Thank you for reading the stories. May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

May you find the strength, the will and the motivation to push through the hard part! Sending you love, light and healing,

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