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January 2022 “Communication” Pt 3 Sagittarius ♐️ Capricorn ♑️ Aquarius ♒️ Pisces ♓️

The 3rd and final chapter of this series “Strategies in Communication” Hello and welcome to the garden! I’m so glad you made it here today. If this is your first visit Please don’t forget to check out The Garden Entrance. Thank you for being so patient for the release of this 3rd installment. Even Tia has emergent situations that delay messages. If you trust in everything arriving in perfect time, with a purpose,(and I do) Then perhaps you’ll see this arrives when you need it most. May you only receive what is for your highest good That is the opening intention for this final chapter. And so it is.

Miss the first two parts? Check them out! PT1, Pt2

Sagittarius ♐️

Truth Seeker, Traveler, Free living, shrewd bargain hunter. Excellent lover and

Welcome to my Garden Sagittarius! Welcome to a NEW year filled with NEW Strategies for a NEW and fresh start!

The Challenges

For a Sag visiting the garden, They are seeking something deeper than superficial. There is a need for truth. Someone is challenged with reversing their curse of lack. Through their own words they’ve brought lack into their life.

Sag has been getting close to giving up on themselves and their circumstances. This Sagittarius is unaware of what they’ve been calling into their life. They are questioning the decisions they’ve made and even questioning if it’s worth continuing some of their goals and close relationships. This Sagittarius has faced a lot of stress and a lot of heartbreak where they shouldn’t have had to. Someone they thought they could trust has been truly unfair.

Withheld Wealth

Someone is overcoming lack. There’s a Sagittarius who has been denied what’s rightfully theirs. Wealth that is owed to them has been hidden and greedily taken from them and this is coming to the surface now for this Sag to see. This is changing their approach to relationships and the Challenge is to break themselves out of their own cage by applying the lessons of last year. It may be time to let someone go in order to receive what was always meant for them. Truly leaving the experience in the past and only taking the wisdom from the lesson will remind this Sag that they have never been alone. They are divinely guided.


The end of a cycle has arrived Will this Sag move forward in grace?

Moving away from toxic words.

Someone has been blaming their past heartbreak and the deception of others for their current circumstances. If they look closer they may see that the real person causing chaos and lack in their life is a lot closer than they realize. The culprit is Sag themselves! Their words are POWERFUL. They always have been powerful and looking back this Sag can see where what they said has come to pass. They are calling lack in with each and every phrase they use. It’s time for this Sag to stop saying

“ I don’t have, I’m broke, I’m poor” “I cannot afford this”

instead, they can replace this with the vibration they seek to be at.

“I have all I need at any given time”

“I am healing my relationship with money and the flow is increasing”

“I am blessed always in all circumstances I have all I need.”

Beautiful Sagittarius Soul,

The person who chose to hurt you, is not on your vibration. You are worth so much more than they were capable of seeing. They couldn’t appreciate you the way you deserve to be appreciated. The greatest victory for you will be moving on with no thought of this person forward. You have it in you to become indifferent to them. You have more power than you realize. When you change your words, you will change your circumstance. You are worth it. You can do this, you have done this. The power you wield is shown right now. Choose to use this for your highest good and the highest good of all around you. Speak words of Life and love ❤️ You have powerful intuition. Trust it. You see more than you know and it’s time to release what’s not meant for you to grow, grow, GROW!

Capricorn ♑️

Hello Traditional, lover of quality over quantity, stable, ambitious realistic and practical achievers! Welcome back to my Garden!

For a Capricorn visiting the garden, their communication style is no longer producing the results it used to. They used to be able to convince others to follow their lead, and change their minds. In this time, this is not happening. Perhaps it’s the retrograde, perhaps something more. Either way, it’s changing this Capricorn and making them more nervous than ever before.

The 3 Challenges in Communication:

“Unrealistic expectations”

The Capricorn seeking wisdom here today expects others around them to be healthy wealthy and wise even when they are not. They expect others to do what they say simply because they said it, They expect rewards they haven’t earned and this has frustrated them and made otherwise helpful connections end bitterly. This Capricorn is ready for a healthy dose of tough love and is ready to see this too. They are ready to allow all unrealistic expectations to die. Nobody owes this Capricorn anything. And they are starting to see that even though it’s uncomfortable and contradictory to what they have been living recently.

“Hiding True feelings”

For Some Capricorns visiting, this is about not being clear with communicating their true feelings in many situations. In work, someone is not speaking up where their opinion could make all the difference in outcomes that are very important in the future. In family situations, some are starting to resent those around them for their choices. They have been silent about what they feel their family should do and the result is bitterness and resentment that is building.

In love, some Capricorns are lying to themselves. They have a deep desire for someone they left behind. Some refuse to heal their wounds and let this person go, others refuse to speak up and take a risk, with someone they did let go. Either way, it’s been blocking their flow, and it’s time to heal this.

“Power Over”

Allow others the freedom to choose their own path. Release fear of losing control. By trying to control others Capricorn you are making huge changes and not in the way you desire. There is no respect or love when someone is ruled by fear

The Strategies


As within, so without. This screams truth for Capricorn. The more they avoid their own work the more they expect others and outward sources to fulfill them. Seek peace in all circumstance.Now is the time to reflect. This is a time to sit alone and contemplate

Be still before communication. By taking time to practice “the pause,” Capricorn gives themselves room and permission to see all sides of the situation. In doing so, they are more informed and can make a decision based on their truest feelings taking into account all views as they are seen. (IF that makes sense, this is for you) The answers will come in perfect time. Believe it, and let it be so.


To a Capricorn visiting today, surrender is a dirty word. Surrender is to lose in their eyes. It means to admit defeat. To change their view in their current circumstances however, someone is being asked to change their definition. It may be helpful to change it to mean acknowledging what is and accepting it as it is.

For the time being Capricorn is learning that Surrender also means to let go. In the case of fear of losing control over a situation Surrender means to give it up freely and humbly. The truth is this Capricorn was never in control. This situation belongs to the Most High, their creator and this is a time to acknowledge they don’t have all the answers and that’s okay! (None of us do, we all are learning together ❤️)

Surrendering to what IS Capricorns to fix gives them power! This is all for the highest good, and they deserve to see themselves in that truth! They are not powerless. They have control over themselves and truly that is all they need to succeed! This Capricorn is being asked to surrender to what they cannot change. Not ignore Their responsibility in their current situation. These Strong and Wise Capricorns will be successful believe that.

Power With

True power is shared. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and empowers others around you. It creates room for healing, wealth, connection and protection the list goes on! when we do this as a collective, we can change ANY situation. Capricorn, Allow others the freedom to choose their own path. Release fear of losing control. You deserve better than to accept the weight of the world as your own. You are not all powerful nor are you all responsible. Let yourself free of the responsibility of others choices. They make their own. What is for Capricorn’s highest good, isn’t always the highest good of another. If that makes sense, this is for you.

Aquarius ♒️

Hello unconventional, intellectual, kind, charming, rule abiding, stubborn & charming delightful air sign! I’m so grateful to have you back in the Garden!

The Challenge: “The Wrong One”

What is being communicated at this time is Stubbornness, Stinginess, and being unwilling to change. They think they are helping another see that this is where they are at. Instead this is being communicated as what Aquarius is right now.

There’s an Aquarius whose intentions are pure. They are growing and it’s showing! The problem is, not everyone sees them this way. Some people in their world see them as egotistical, arrogant, prideful and self appointed holier than thou. (Nothing could be farther from the truth, for most reading this today) It’s not that what this Aquarius has to say is nefarious, it’s that they are NOT the ones chosen to deliver the specific message they are giving.

This was not meant for the Aquarius reading this and only they know what that means. They have been hitting a wall when trying to tell another what is wrong with their situation and how they should move forward. They have taken it upon themselves to be “The One” to shed light on the situation and the message isn’t coming across despite The Wise and true advice of Aquarius . They want the best possible outcome for all involved in a situation. Mercury in R is causing some complications and what they intend to get across is not at all what is received.

Without realizing it, this Aquarius is projecting their own insecurities and issues onto the ones around them in an attempt to help others.

The Strategy

“ I desire to expand my consciousness and awareness.”

This is a time of deep reflection and redirection. When this Aquarius is ready to evolve past needing to be seen for their intentions, they will find a deeper healing in an unseen wound. This has been holding them back from their full potential. They are growing and learning to see all sides of the situation and recognizing others feelings their ability to do this makes them a powerfully empathic being.

Pisces ♓️

Hello Feeling, imaginative, sensitive, dreamy, empathic beings Thank you for visiting the Garden My message for you is short and sweet, just like some of you!

The Challenge


There is a Pisces who feel Naked in the crowd. Their shame, blame, triumphs, pain, desires are on display for all to see at least this is how they feel. There seems to be no privacy in their lives.

Someone feels unable to express their need for privacy or boundaries. The challenge for Pisces this month is to stand up for what they want and be firm with it too. If someone refuses to respect what they need, will Pisces choose to leave them behind? Only Pisces knows what they should and they DO know. They have been looking for away around it but there is no way around it. Pisces is going to have face that the outcome is in their hands.

The Strategy

When Pisces believes what they desire matters, they will no longer have a problem asking for it. Now is the time for Pisces to practice being assertive with what they need and this will build their courage and self worth. There’s a need to take a look at all of the attributes of Pisces. There are many and it’s time they acknowledged them. The more Pisces sees the more comfortable they feel expressing what they need. Pisces is important. There’s no shame in asking for what you need 💜

That’s a wrap! Thank you for Visiting my garden for this series! It was so much fun to create for all of you! May all that is NOT for your highest good be released back into the pool to be washed away as it should

Thanks for visiting me. You’re worth knowing, make sure you get to know yourself well 💜

All My Love,

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