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January 2022 “Communication” Pt.2

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Did you miss Part 1? click Here to read it first!

Hello and welcome to my garden! If this is your first time visiting don't forget to go through the garden Entrance first. I’m so glad you’re here! Thank you for choosing me as one of your guides for January 2022. As we move into this beautiful new year the year of the Tiger, It is set to be a Fiery year! We’ll be looking at the challenges and some possible solutions for Communication in the Month ahead. It is important to remember that not all I share here is meant for you and that’s okay. The Garden is a space to practice using your own intuition and following that inner guidance. Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that's okay. Don’t forget to check your Mercury sign for a clearer view of what may be coming through for you!

May what reaches you in this space be for your highest good, and so it is.

Leo ♌️

Hello Beautiful, Courageous, Strong, Loyal and Caring Leo This Part is for you

There once was a Lion who lost his pride and all alone he had to hide

He lost his golden voice and wanted it back, but instead all he spoke into his life was lack.

“I do not have” he spoke with woe, “ I lose, I lose, wherever I go. “ speaking his own loss into life, he was the cause (and solution) of his own strife. “

The Challenge:

Just say “No” to running away! what do you need to learn? What can you do in the future?

There is a Leo who felt stuck for a very long time. It was a mess they made themselves. They felt stuck in a situation that they thought was weighing them down. After cutting themselves out of the environment they felt stuck in, they slowly realized it was their happiness all along. The haunting of what is lost is causing sleepless nights. They are holding on to a situation that fell apart and because of this, their vibration is lowered, and sadness has consumed them. They are seeing the downside to every situation that comes up. Nothing seems to be going their way. They feel stingy with their resources and bitterly give when forced to. This is stopping the growth even further.

There is crying and wishing they could go back, that they could change their decisions, fix things and sadly they cannot.

They are holding on in despair and they are unable to see the road ahead. They’re holding on tight to the bitterness that consumes them, anger and rage blaming their own wish fulfillment for their problems. If Leo is good at anything, it’s the dramatics and someone would rather wallow than choose to move forward.


What’s done is done, it cannot be undone. In every challenge however, there is a lesson, and a blessing yes, something valuable to take forward. In this case the Leo may not be able to go back, but they can move forward. For some Leos, this means making amends through correcting apologies or keeping their word even after it’s been broken. (If you see it, then this is for you) For others it will be about taking responsibility for their own patterns and the choices they‘ve made with the wrong intentions.

Be impeccable with your word Leo, the strategy is honesty in all your dealings. Keep your agreements, be rooted in the truth and allow nothing to shake you from it. (If you know, this is for you.)

Release the pain of the past. It’s time to forgive yourself and others. Everything meant to be is not always meant to last. Some things are meant to be for a season. In this case, letting go means making amends where you can and making right any promises made that are in your capability to do so. It’s okay to let it go. Stop looking to the past. The past only has lessons we needed to learn from, and we only look back to find that knowledge, not to live in the pain it carries. It’s time for Leo to move forward and choose a higher path that moves away from the toxic patterns ignored in themselves. .

For those who know…

There are possible Sacral & Solar Plexus blockages that are part of why these toxic responses come so easily. It’s time to balance them and unblock them. Nurturing animals will help as well.

Rediscover the wisdom in having faith of what will be. Letting go of the past is what will clear the path for honest and powerful communication.

Stop ✋

Stop talking about the past, stop talking about loss, stop talking about what left you or who has left you. Jobs have ended, it's time to leave that in the past. It's done. Be done with it.

Now is the time to move forward and be consistent with your healing journey, no more looking back. Once the lessons have been learned it’s time to move forward.

If that resonated for you Leo, Please leave a ❤️ below, Thank you dear soul. Blessings on your journey.

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Virgo ♍️

Hello Virgo & Welcome. As we take a deeper look at a Virgo’s s challenge in communication January 2022. Ask yourself, Is the Virgo in this story you?

There once was a clever Virgo who always knew just what to say. They could cut you with their words, and manipulate to get their way. Their desire to be the best has cost them peace of mind. Their energy is draining and their third eye going blind. Vision being clouded can only mean one thing, someone’s ready to shed their skin, and surrender to what a new transformation will bring

The Challenge:

Experiencing Exhaustion

There is a Virgo that is exhausted. For a long time they felt superior when they won arguments and fights and it was good until they found themselves in so many fights at once, they were being drained from all directions. Overwhelmed and under supported, this Virgo is really feeling the pressure. They have fought so hard for peace for so long and they have nothing left to give. They are tired of having to defending themselves.

The challenge is giving up the fight, and walking away. There’s a need to stop defending themselves in a battle that is not worth their time. Holding on to the past is part of that exhaustion. Someone’s need to win is draining them as they fight.

(The answer is right in front of you, sweet Virgo look deeper don’t you see? Stop trying to control, you can’t set yourself free.)

The Message

Now is the time to be still, to be silent for this virgo. It is is a time to listen more and speak less. It’s a time of observation. Be Still, be still, Be still. What is winning? Is it holding on until there is nothing left of you? No. What will choose? To walk away boldly and cease to fight battles that were never yours to fight? Some endings happen for a reason.

Not everyone will like you Virgo and that’s okay, sometimes it’s time to move on far, far away.


For someone, this is Confirmation.You’re on the right track


Virgo and Their loved ones are spiritually protected. There is no reason to stir the pot. You have all you need and nothing to fear, that’s not nothing, that is a lot. This Virgo’s strategy in communication is to not involve themselves at all, in battles never meant for them, walk away and let the towers fall. This is not your business and your infecting what was meant to be, and so it is in your world, that’s what you do not see. Leaving others to handle their responsibilities and conflicts is not abandoning them it’s empowering them. It’s also empowering you! You aren’t responsible for the woes of the land isn’t that great to hear?! There’s enough on your plate without trying to do it all be it all for everyone else.

For one Virgo, this is really about recognizing how their need to control others ruined their relationships in the past and this is why they were left behind. It’s time for them to forgive themselves and others and close the chapter for good. There was beauty and love in the past experiences and it’s time to move on. The weight of reliving traumas is so heavy, virgo, are you ready to put it down?

oh yeah, Don’t be a spiritual busybody


It’s time for someone to believe the words they speak. Believe they are capable of healing, believing they will always have enough, always have what they need. Believe !yes, having faith is the key.

Reflecting on the Past

I would strongly recommend December’s Story One Year for the Virgo in this story as there may be a connection from there to here. This is the beginning of your journey, your starting something new. You're not going to the best right away and that’s okay.

If this message resonated for you Virgo, please leave a ❤️ Below. Thank you dear soul.


Hello Temperance angels 😇 welcome sweet balancing beings! May you receive what’s meant for you

The Investigator

There’s a Libra feeling jilted. They were expecting someone to marry them. All the signs were there, and still the day never came. This Libra has been waiting on a promise. The agreement was if our libra was patient, and they were committed, their lover would cut off their partner walking away forever to marry them. Sadly this is not what has taken place.

The person this Libra loves ran back to what was already dead. They weren’t honest with how they truly felt and lost what they truly desired and the truth is it’s not the Libra. The betrayal and turnaround of this person who has lied is causing this Libra confusion and anger.

Unwise actions of online gang stalking and obsessing over this situation is causing them grief, frustration, stagnation and blocks in so many areas. Depression and envy are poisons Libra should avoid.

The Challenge:

Accepting the Truth

Rejection is God’s Protection. Sometimes we’re given mercy in a lesson. Libra may not see it now but they have been spared the same fate they wished upon their lover’s past. By losing this person they thought they deserved, Libra is spared a lifetime of pain that they actually would have earned for their role in the deception and cheating this person was involved in. By being separated from them, this Libra is spared so much more loss that they never could have endeared. The questions they ask themselves now are healing. Questions like, If they weren’t loyal to them, why would they be loyal to Libra? If they snuck around on them, how would they know they wouldn’t do that to Libra? Is Libra really a person unworthy of being someone’s one and only? Does Libra believe they are deserving of being someone’s embarrassing secret?

It’s time for Libra to consider that they were never meant to be a hidden person on the side. They are worthy of being loved openly unapologetically, and without drama or a third party. They won’t find their person attached to another, and this is a truth that may be hard for Libra to accept.


Back to Love

Someone is retreating from the dating scene for awhile. They need to communicate with their higher self, and their creator. For some Libras This month is spent reflecting on their choices and history of accepting less. Libra is in need of self love. They are beginning to see their own patterns in how they pick and choose their partners by desiring what someone else has. Rather than looking at the qualities of the relationship they admire, they have focused their pursuit on the partner instead. By taking time to go deeper this month to find why they deny themselves a chance at true happiness, they may find how to love themselves, and truly believe their enough. A Libra will discover that self worth has been lacking, and now they are ready to address it and find their way back.

If this resonated with you sweet Libra, please leave a ❤️ below. Thank you, dear soul.

Scorpio ♏️

Scorpio, Scorpio I love you, Scorpio Scorpio don’t you see, you’re the only one for me”

There is a Scorpio who is stuck in a loop walking down memory lane. They remember their past victories and relive them often. They remember what it was like to be young, and how it felt to have friendships that were pure. They remembered what it was like to be focused on trivial things, and the way it felt to first fall in love. Yes, it’s easy to stay here where pain and heartache can be forgotten. It’s easy to pretend & stay here, ignoring what needs attention right now that is going sour and rotten.

Challenge: Back to the future

Someone has been doing more than reminiscing on their past accomplishments. They are treading on becoming one of those people who spend their time reliving their youth instead of enjoying the now. They are going on and on about what used to be, and how someone once was. The truth is, they are annoying everyone around them. With each story of the glory days, those forced to hear are becoming increasingly annoyed. This Scorpio may not even be aware they are doing it! The Challenge this Month is for someone to pack up the past and leave it where it belongs. There’s nothing wrong with taking the feeling of victory and accomplishment with them, but it is time for scorpio to live in the present! It’s time to stop bragging about their past and this may be Scorpio’s biggest challenge as they are reminded of it everyday. Can they choose to hold the memory without needing to brag about it or make others around them relive it?


Their time in the past has brought lack in the present. Someone has been speaking lack into this time,and now they are going to have to leave some beliefs in the past. They have so much to gain by changing their speaking and thinking. The excuse for spending so much time there is that there present is nothing to brag about. Or, so they may think. If they change their perception they may see that they have a lot to be grateful for after all. “I don’t have, There’s not enough, i can’t, It hasn’t happened, I’m alone” are the lies that this scorpio is ready to stop telling themselves and speaking into existence. “ I have plenty, There’s always enough, I can, It will happen, I’m fully supported” replace the old word patterns this month and slowly this Scorpio is making memories that they can enjoy knowing that every moment is to be celebrated, and they choose to live in the now

Another Scorpio is releasing competition. Some Scorpio has been envious and jealous of someone they love to a disturbing level. They are unnecessarily cruel causing as many blockages as they can wherever they can. Their strategy for healing communication and opening up the flow of blessings is to focus on themselves and release their need to have what someone else does. This Scorpio is finding their faith again. They are learning to love themselves again and focus on their own growth and finally believing each step is enough, and exactly where they are supposed to be. They are choosing to change their approach from competing to joining in healing.

Sweet Scorpio you have the power to heal yourself you are the medicine, you are your own healer. You are enough You are strong you are good at guiding the children around you, There is so much about you that needs to be seen and celebrated, celebrate yourself. Be honest with yourself, your truth is screaming to be seen and you are the one to see it. Share with those who have earned the right to hear your truth, because that is your way strong scorpio. Moving Past the Past will clear your path forward. You’re ready to move forward. You are.

If it resonates, don’t forget to leave a ❤️ below strong Scorpio. Thank you dear soul.

That’s all I have for you Wisdom Seekers! I hope you found a new strategy to communicate today. Thank you for joining me here. I wish you so many blessings and all unnecessary blockages to be cleared. May what’s not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

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