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April Strategies In Communication 2022

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Hello and Welcome back to my Garden! I'm so glad you made it here! Don't forget to go through the garden gate Here if this is your first time visiting. These are the communication Strategies for visitors of the Garden this April!

These have been available for our weekly subscribers for a bit. If you resonate and want a first look, we include them in our weekly story Subscriptions. Subscribe HERE! Remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. It is my intention that you only receive the information that is for your highest good, and so it is.

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Taurus ♉️

Happy Early Birthday to you! May you choose to speak life into every moment of your solar return!

Not all Taurus will share the same story, so use your inner guidance to lead you to the strategies you feel will best help you.

The Challenge:


There is a Taurus that has conflicting ideas and goals. He or she is going to have to communicate what they want to do before putting the work in. Organizing their thoughts and figuring out a plan before communicating it to others will be their ultimate challenge in the month of April. They will also be challenged with patiently waiting for results of their choices as well.


Organizing their thoughts before communicating their desires will be a huge help for Taurus in April. There may be a need to write out what they want to communicate before attempting conversations with people they need to work with or they find difficult to speak to.

Also, Prioritizing what they feel will bring them to their deepest desires and resolve conflict will be beneficial over wasting time and energy on fights, arguments, and stubborn stances that don’t serve Taurus Highest good.

This Taurus really understands that there really are no bounds to what they can do, the world really is your oyster Taurus, you can make it whatever you want it to be. Once this Taurus gets past their communication blockages, they will push through doors into success!

Virgo ♍️

Not all Virgos will share the same story, so use your inner guidance to lead you to the strategies you feel will best help

The Challenge.

A Virgo this April understands that they have power in their words. They understand their influence over others. The one thing that this virgo has not recognized, is their context. And it is all about context! The challenge in communication that what they’re saying is being taken out of context, and this virgo knows that this could have a big influence on the way people see them. Their challenged with alchemizing what has been said and the damage that has done and turning it into something that brings balance and peace back into their situation. Not based on the miscommunication on what’s been said.

The Strategy:

Someone is going to lose friends and a carefully built reputation. But this is a necessary loss, and they need to grieve what the public had seen because the true version of virgo is never lost, just hidden. (Their true self is the best version anyway ) Now is the time to stop resisting change and make the necessary changes to how someone communicates information to others. A Virgo has the need to sound smart and it comes out pretentious. Perhaps it’s time for virgo to be themselves and allow for errors. Nobody expects perfection, just Virgo. They will find so much happiness letting go of the facade and choosing to love themselves, and boldly allowing that to come through in all conversations. Maybe they don’t always need to be the one that “knows” perhaps it’s okay to allow someone else to give fact on a subject. Does virgo really have to be the smartest person in the room or can they let that go? Letting

A virgo also finds successful communication when they choose the most loving way to communicate something. ( some Virgo needs to know that’s NOT saying “ I love you but you’re an idiot”)

Capricorn ♑️

The Challenge: a Capricorn is having difficulty taking their power back in a situation having a hard time finding balance. Capricorn put themselves in some sticky situations in the past. To gain power, they chose to lord power over others rather than sharing it. This Capricorn has relied on threats to get their point across and their desires met. That’s not who they are now, but they are fully aware of this past way of dealing with things.


Recognizing they are just as powerful when they help others, humbling themselves in serving others. A Capricorn parent may serve their child by doing their chore and communicate their gratitude for their contribution acknowledging their assistance. Showing that they are just as important as Capricorn.

A Capricorn could serve their spouse with kind gestures that will not benefit the Capricorn and only benefit their spouse out of pure love. These strategies, will help shift the power dynamic into shared space, and possibly bring Capricorn the desired peace and security they truly desire under the power grab.

Honesty. Capricorns honesty with themselves on their ability to see another’s side of the story, will be beneficial. Sometimes Capricorn may find it difficult to listen to what others want or finding validity in their view of events. Choosing to see the situation from another’s perspective may humble a Capricorn and bring more understanding. Listening to understand instead of respond.

Gemini ♊️

The Challenge:

There is a Gemini that is struggling to communicate with their son. They feel disconnected from them and untrusted. For some Gemini’s they are going to have a baby! For this Gemini they are having a difficult time communicating this news to their child. They don’t feel the son will take it well for one reason or another.

Another Gemini has been concerned about the safety of their child, and something they’ve been planning for awhile to help their child will be coming together this spring.l This Gemini is very concerned whether or not this is the right move. The communication challenge they are having is within themselves, trying to believe that their decision is for the best. This doesn’t feel like an easy task for Gemini either.


People have a way of surprising you. What you believe you will create at this time Gemini, The Gemini in the first situation’s strategy is to release all the old fear stories they’ve picked up over time about siblings not getting along or families not blending being an issue. This Gemini has power in their thoughts as they become their reality. Reminding themselves to trust that choosing make this an exciting event and including their child in all the planning stages of the new arrival will bring closeness for them. For Some of these Geminis choosing to believe in the best possible outcome is half the battle, and the other is putting in act of faith by choosing to act as if it’s already so.

For the Other set of Geminis: Someone put a lot of time, thought, and research into their decision They have truly thought about what would benefit their child and it is time to believe and trust that their decision is the one that will lead to the best possible outcome. When the time comes that this is tested, Geminis that go to the most high before making moves and meditating on the knowledge they’ve gathered and trusting their intuition will remind them that results take time, this is the time to truly believe in themselves. They’ve earned it. IF they cannot find that trust at this time, Leaning on their trust for the Most high God will bring them the peace they are seeking. Some problems arise too big for you to solve to remind you of who is really in control. Listen to that inner voice. Know your truth and trust the Most High.

If this resonates please leave a ❤️ below!

Libra ♎️ 2022

The Challenge:

This year has been all about not selling themselves short for some Libra who has been visiting the garden. They have had someone treat them as a side “entanglement” refusing to give them the honor and respect of being their only partner.

The challenge for April will be letting go of past wrongs robbing them of joy.

Some Libra is feeling like they lost what they should have won and self control seems to have left as well. Holding on to a false soulmate that turned out to have used and discarded them is blocking them from feeling joy and the ability to control themselves or find their peace.

Another challenge will be keeping their focus in conversations as this situation plays in their head.


A Libra needs to face themselves honestly. communicating the truth of their experience to themselves before letting it go for good. It’s time for them to be honest with themselves about the role they have played in all the events that have unfolded. Was choosing to entangle themselves with someone who was already spoken for a decision that they made freely? If so, are they truly surprised when the justice that is served is that they lose what was never theirs to begin with? The beauty of Libra facing themselves honestly, they free themselves from the sabotaging lies they tell themselves. This person was NOT your person. Your person will never allow you to be second, hidden or in a position to become nothing more than a dirty secret. You were made to love and be loved libra. Equal give and take. There is a beautiful life where you feel balanced in love and not shamed, are you willing to communicate honestly with yourself in order to let go of the pain this caused permanently?

Communicating gratitude to those that have helped you will bring you more support than you have seen from friend that do not hold judgement in your past as you heal going forward. .

Being silly and light hearted will help heal the wounds of the past by allowing them to take the place of what they let go. Libra is the healer of this wound.

Aquarius 2022

The Challenge:

There is an Aquarius that is done waiting for an offer from someone that is in and out of their life. They are done trying to please this person and are now facing a new challenge. Aquarius is being assertive with their intentions. Aquarius has done so well moving past the past to work on what they really want. Someone is done talking about the trauma and drama of the past because they are done living it. (Way to go aquarius!) Though Aquarius is ready to heal, they must be willing to get out of the mess they have made with their words. By not focusing on what’s wrong and ending any gossip they may have started they will feel the shift into their highest good.


Use challenges that come your way Aquarius as a training ground for bigger things to come. For instance, You can use small communication issues as practice for how to respond in bigger ones, Releasing any old patterns of gossip when feeling jealous of another is the key to unleashing healing and forward movement in their pursuits. The past words may come back to haunt them. This April the strategy is to be impeccable with their word with all people they interact with. When facing any sort of confrontation or adversity, being still and leaning on what they’ve learned will bring more peace. Aquarius, don’t try to control what others say, everyone’s opinion has validity. Even if Aquarius doesn’t agree with someone’s path, it’s for them to discover. Don’t try to control those around you Aquarius, you know that’s the way you forget what you need to be working on. You have goals, you have ambitions, do not allow yourself to be distracted from what you need to change in order to achieve them.

♋️ Cancer ♋️

Hello, hello Cancer! Thank you for your patience. Remember not all that is shared here is your story, so use your intuition.

The Challenge(s):

#1- There’s a cancer that has been stuck in a soul cage. They have been quietly hiding in their pain, away from the world and unable to speak their truth feeling trapped by the shame of what they’ve been through. But in April, that cage door is swinging wide open and Cancer has an opportunity to be freed ( If this makes sense, then this is for you) Cancer is going to find their restrictions lessen. The challenge is releasing control rooted from fear. There is no need to be afraid of opening up again.

Strategy 1:

Be bold. Courageous, do not be afraid and if you are, remember to move as if none.

Don’t allow others to be an excuse for your limitations cancer. You are not stuck, it’s an illusion. You have choices and moves you haven’t thought of yet. Be patient be still, and before you speak on what you desire, listen to that inner guidance that gut feeling isn’t wrong. Trust it.

#2 Another Cancer challenge is that they have been isolated for awhile. They want to spend time with family and friends and reunite with a trusted confidant to go over some private information. This cancer is having difficulties reaching out in fear of rejection

Strategy 2:

Cancers that remind themselves of an old saying “open mouths get fed” will find that when they speak up, the fear vanishes as these people have been waiting patiently for Cancer to arrive on the scene once more! So many people have missed this cancers presence and being bold and speaking up will also show this cancer who they want to spend time with going forward!

♏️ ♏️ ♏️ Scorpio ♏️ ♏️ ♏️

The Challenge:

There is a scorpio that has so much passion and beauty to release into the world through their own unique way. The Challenge of this Scorpio will be to find their own unique way of showcasing their talent (and acknowledging this underestimated gift they posses). As of now, there is a Scorpio that has hidden behind an insecurity of failure. If only they knew how uniquely blessed they were with unseen potential that is of their own and not resembling anything another does?

First, while trying to go, a Scorpio may find that they are tested through their temper. Their feelings may be felt intensely and their choice of responses may be aimed to wound and end up doing much deeper damage.

The Strategy:

The future has not been sealed, scorpio. you are a powerful being and your Truth and faith will be useful all of your days going forward. Scorpio, don’t lose them in a moment of weakness. Kindness, is the only response in April for Scorpios that would like to change the tone in their environment. Reminding themselves that everyone is just trying their best, is the way a Scorpio finds peace where they were once very stressed and obsessed with controlling a situation.

Tearing down what others have accomplished will not help a Scorpio rid themselves of insecurity. Letting go of their need to shrink others down with cover jabs at their success, will help them reach their own success. They may find a new surge of energy and creative drive when they stop trying to tear down others work or block another from progressing.

Releasing the past is still important for Scorpio. Release regret. Everything Scorpio has gone through, has lead them to now. Releasing regret will free a Scorpio to be open to new paths and new energy.

There is a scorpio that is healing and will eventually be in the vibration of beauty, grace, loveliness, integrity. They will be honest in all their dealings with others. They have dropped their mean guy or mean girl ways and they are no longer allowing themselves to feel bad for the past, but choosing now, to be person of integrity, kindness and laughter because they are quite clever and funny. Finding humor in mistakes in a gentle way will open relationships in a powerful way.

♓️ ♓️ ♓️ Pisces ♓️ ♓️ ♓️

Hello Beautiful Pisces!

The Challenge:

There is a Pisces that has been overwhelmed with information, interruptions and some of these are deliberate attacks from toxic people in their environment. All of this is leading to burnout. The Pisces in this story can feel it. Their once sweet nature is slowly disappearing behind short answers, irritated responses and even a few people get snapped at by this Pisces. The Challenge in April will be for this Pisces to remember that they have a right to their desire for space from others right now. What they need is valid. How will others know what that is if they don’t Speak Up?

The Strategy:

Asking for a time out. A Pisces will gain strength and replenish \their energy by asking for space and time alone for awhile. Asking for what they need when they need it will lead to support from others that they didn’t know they could depend on. This will bring validation and admiration from others that they are as strong as they are.

Choose to put your foot down Pisces, walk away from people places and things that are exhausting you and robbing you of all your good feelings. Pisces your belief and faith that you deserve what you need will get you through.

Taking time to yourself in April will help you see clearly what it is you want and what steps need to be taken to get there. Most importantly, it will show you who deserves to be with you when you get to the top.

If this Month’s Strategies resonated, don’t forget to leave a ❤️ below!

May all that was not meant for you or does not resonate with your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Thank you for visiting here today! May Each day bring you more solutions and learning experiences that bring you all that you desire for your highest good.

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