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Story Time With Tia: Shadows PT.1 Taurus ♉️

Hello fellow travelers! Welcome Back to my Garden! I’m so glad you could make it! Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. We can always learn from another. Remember, the most important voice you listen to is the one from within. May you find the wisdom you seek, make the wise decisions you need to make and may only what’s meant for your highest good be received here! And so it is.

By request, I have 3 shadow stories for the collective! Remember shadow is only dangerous when left without acknowledgement. Thank you for you visiting the garden and enjoying these Stories! Please don’t forget to leave a heart ❤️ Below and subscribe! Thank you for the exchange.

The Waiting Game

Today’s story is about a Taurus (masculine energy) who is struggling with the shadow of being still. They’ve waited and waited for someone to take action. They put their trust in untrustworthy people that seemed to be in power above them to make their decisions for them. They found themselves regretting their choice to be with a woman who treated them very unfairly. Here they are standing and waiting. Waiting for someone to come fix the mess they’ve been in. They are unwilling to fix the mess themselves, but would they be willing to listen to guidance? (I’m not sure)

The woman they chose, they didn’t just choose her, no she wasn’t a random choice, she was sought after, and she brought with her a lot problems! A lot of things he’s cherished have come crashing down. Things he thought would never end, broken bonds he thought would never break.

The Offer

He’s being offered something through this harsh transformation he is being offered a good look at himself. He is being offered a chance to really examine where his toxicity is, and where his strength is. A chance to see why he keeps choosing the reverse of what he truly desires. ( hear that Taurus, chooses) HE holds the sword in his hands HE is the one who needs to take action, but will he? That is the question….

As this Taurus has come to the garden in this shadowy time to get some advice ,I look in the pool and you know what I see?

“ Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted” Matthew 5:4

Maybe it’s time to actually be honest with how they feel. Maybe it’s time for this Taurus to look at what it’s time to LOSE to gain everything. Maybe it’s time to lose that addiction, that version of this Taurus man that doesn’t serve him ( it never has served him). Perhaps what he needs more than anything is to take a leap of faith by leaving all of that behind. Believing that there is better for him, because there is! When he decides to release the parts of him that are toxic, when he decides to release the parts of him that resonate with fear, he’ll need to mourn the parts of him that he enjoyed benefiting from and profiting from; the lies the manipulations those can’t go with him. It’s okay that he acknowledges that this sucks for a minute.

Questions and Answers:

In the Garden, what I hear for this man is that he’s going through a transformation. Everything fell apart with a purpose. It was a divine gift, an offering for him to transform. Is he ready to transform? Is he ready to move past the painful past? Is he ready to stop hurting others? Is he ready to stop choosing the opposite of what he knows he desires in his heart?

Will he let go of that pretty face to get someone who truly loves him?

Someone who will truly give him that equal balance, Does he trust the Holy Spirit to catch him? Does he trust the creator to give him what he desires?

Sitting here, i hear him asking himself “Do I? Do I know what I want? Am I willing to change? Am I capable of change?

Yes. Yes you are. You are capable. You are safe, You are protected. You are capable. You are Powerful and yes, you are loved.

Your truth is needed to be spoken trust your inner guidance you are connected to the Holy Spirit you are connected the source of all creation. Your great Creator.

You are being offered another chance in love sweet Taurus, and after all the difficulty and all the pain you’ve gone through this is your wish fulfillment this is everything you’ve ever wanted! But you need to take a leap of faith.

It’s very important you mourn your old self because you can’t take those negative & toxic parts of you with you where you are going next.

Thank you so much for visiting me today, may all that is not for your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs. Trust in the Holy Spirit to guide you and you'll always be where you should. Thank you for coming.

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Tia Khaleesi

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