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Messages From the Heart.


Can you believe you’re highly favoured and protected?


Do you believe You can choose safety?

You are capable

Do you know you deserve to feel secure?

There is no other, exactly like you

Do you know how valuable you are?

You are worthy of love

Do you know your impact on this world and the people around you?

You are powerful, your presence is powerful

Do you know the depths of which you are cared for by the creator of all?

You come from love, you are loved,

Do you speak what you feel and mean what you say?

Your truth matters

Are you living your life or is it someone else you choose to be?

Know yourself, BE yourself, we need you.

When was the last time, you connected with the Divine?

You are never lost to the creator always you are connected.

Believe, may you receive, and so it is.

Grounding. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you smell. Be here. Be here NOW.

HELLO! Welcome back to my Garden! These mini peeks into stories are here with the intention to open you to your Own inner guidance. I believe that the Holy Spirit sends us inner guidance from the Creator. These are messages & stories of encouragement for whoever needs them. Is that you?

She believes everything happens for her, not to her, and she heals in pure love

She knows she is worthy of much more than he’s giving. He knows it too.

He knows he’s capable, his best really is good enough.

It took a long time to sink in. He lost everything he loved. Or he could look at it like he set everything he loved free from his darkness.

He knows now, when he runs from his darkness, pretending it’s not there, it consumes him. He’s done running. He faces it bravely and conquers it, turning his weakness into strength. He Is ready to believe he’s capable of being more than where he came from. The toxic cycle ends with him. He is who his ancestors prayed for. He has come to heal generations of addictions, shame, untreated unnoticed mental illness. Facing his darkness, makes him STRONG.

Love IS LOVE. You cannot stop it or wish it away.

That's all that needs to be said.

She was afraid, forgetting her worth. Give her time, she’ll find herself again.

She removed herself, going quiet to heal her own heart. By healing first, she mended with the truth what he’d broken with the lies.

When he didn’t contact her, she accepted his choice, her aching heart turned into burning purpose,Choosing herself in return.. She is rewarded with better. Much, MUCH better.

Leaving her wondering why she doubted herself to begin with. She was enough. She always was. She could now soar to new heights without bitterness & with love for him but most importantly, herself.

When he stopped running from all he desired and believed he deserved it, he found true happiness.

She remembered to stop, and listen to the voice of God, instead of doing all the talking. It was here she found the peace wash over what dread had once overtaken. It was here the answer of "what next" was revealed, the road ahead is beautiful.

They appreciated the sky so much more after not having the option to view it. The magnanimous sight of God’s Canvas

The Joy in a child’s voice is missed by the ones who forgot to enjoy it.

There is nothing easy about a child’s play, it’s all Alchemy.

Say goodbye to the past it’s been done with you for awhile now.

This is a perfect time to breathe inhale your blessings. Hold in your lessons..Release the rest.


His face replaces the others in her heart. She’d wait a thousand years for his return. But would he make her?

She decided to love herself, and ignore the ones who didn’t share that deep love.

She saw him before he knew she was forever. HE saw her too. He just wasn’t ready yet.

His talent belongs to him, and no, it can’t be stolen. He was made for this. His tenacity, strength, bold willingness to go where he’d never been before is what made him one in a billion. He’s going to show the world, and himself what he’s made of. He’s full of passion he is ready to move forward boldly, confidently with purpose. YOU cannot break him you cannot shake him. See him.

Her heart is breaking right now, but if she could see the love of her life waiting, she'd dry her tears and wonder why she settled for so long. She‘s enough. She will get through this and when she does, little does she know, he’s waiting for her.

Thank you for reading! May all that was meant for you be received and all that wasn't be released.

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