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Bonus: 🌚 Tea 🍵 in the Garden

Updated: May 7, 2022

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❤️ ♥️ ♥️

Hello and welcome to tea time in the Garden! I’m so glad you all could make it here today. This is a time where we will all learn many lessons. Some will learn the easy way and others the hard way. We have separate journeys, different tasks and different destinations, and in this way we are connected. Not all that is shared here will be meant for you, and that is okay. This is a space to practice using your inner guidance to lead you with no judgement. Simply observe and take only what resonates. It’s my intention that you only leave this space with what is for your highest good. I believe, and so it is.

🧿 🧿 🧿

Are you ready to act on your dreams and make them come true?

There is an opportunity coming. Will you recognize it? Will you utilize it? Will you choose change for the better?

Now is the time to make decisions wisely. Focus on what you want to change and how you want to change it.

Taurus & Pisces are more affected by this past New Moon energy, and they have all they need to succeed. Faith over fear is most helpful here.

Now is a time to choose something new! Love in a new way, work in a new way, heal in a new way, believe in a new way. When you choose to grow, you will expand all you know. This is going to be a time full of possibilities.

Someone is beginning to see that their special gifts are amplified at this time and if they put this into action and feed their desire to succeed with action and forward movement, success is on the horizon.

INTUITON IS THE KEY 🔑 You need to be prepared, stay out of your head,

Rewind back to March 2020

What situations are ready to be released that you’ve been dealing with since the world stood still?


Be in the present. What if all you do now truly does matter? What if you are learning lessons that will serve you well beyond what you can see? What you can know, right now? What if you decided today to prepare for what comes next? What if you believed closure was important? What if you gave it to yourself? What if you let go fo that person, that place that thing? What if you let go of what isn’t yours? What if you forgive yourself for the past? What if you let go of pain, sorrow, agony caused by another? What if you changed your story today? What if you claimed your power today? What if you changed your perception today? What if you gave yourself more time to heal? What if what you want is worth the wait?

The Tea 🍵

(Medium Brew)

Raw emotion has brought a group of misfits together. The bond they share is temporary but it still is what is needed at this time. It’s okay to wish to be free from situations and people that don’t feel safe.

It’s not easy to tear away from these people, but someone is not alone. They have The Most high guiding them in every step they take. Keeping their eyes on the promise of being held, someone is choosing happiness over popularity and it is a beautiful thing that oddly enough, bring s a new kind of popularity with the people that will uplift them and bring them joy.

At this time, someone is beginning to see that they have a chance to change their future. They have been given a rare gift to see the pattern that has kept them stuck, ( This possibly goes deeper for generations ) recognizing that something has to change in the way things have been done, They are contemplating on what road to take and what changes will lead to what they really want. This is an inner battle of their light vs their dark healed space vs toxic reactions. Someone has been practicing being still all Month, and this will serve them well as the year progresses. Every moment of temptation is met with a reminder that there’s always a hidden option, a way out of the darkness. When they choose love, being still brings them to it!

(Much faster than they thought Possible! )

A stolen project or hidden agenda fails miserably. for someone this is a stroke of luck. Someone’s dreams for more financial security are coming true slowly but surely a stolen project dies. Someone is beginning to realize this replaces the fear of lack with stress of managing their money correctly. This beautiful person is beginning to see that they don’t need anything outside of themselves to validate them! This is giving them an opportunity to live modestly, and save a lot more money that is needed right now. It doesn’t feel like a sacrifice to them, this feels like a weight off their shoulders. They are no longer trying to “keep up” with anyone. Someone knows they are enough as they are. ♥️

As they gain security for themselves they find themselves targeted by people that are trying to take from them. Or at least, it may feel this way. Once again someone will be reminded to be still, and take all problems to the Most High before making any decisions. This is their lifeboat when all around them seems to be sinking. Untrustworthy people will be revealed.. Acting in and with integrity is much needed at this time and rewarded. Toxic plans are thwarted. Someone needs to remember that honesty is the best option in all circumstances. The vibration of truth is high and healing, it also leads to what they’ve been working towards.

Drink Lots of water 💦

*Tia khaleesi’s garden is not offering nor is it qualified to offer professional dietary advice. Consult a professional dietician before making any changes to your diet.

For someone that stopped by for tea, the reason they feel irrational at this time and frantic is because of an imbalance of their Solar Plexus Chakra, or power center. Choosing to spend time outdoors in fresh air may help. Wearing the color yellow, as well as adding foods that support solar plexus health such as:

Bananas, corn, lemons, pineapple, peppers, oats, and brown rice May be beneficial.

For a rebalance through sound, they may try a sound bath meditation like the one below:

Affirmations for the Solar Plexus

“ I am worthy of standing in my power”

“I am powerfully connected to the most high”

“ I am responsible for my own happiness, and I have all I need to be happy now”

“ I call my power back to me from all the places I’ve allowed it to be taken from me, and where I’ve given it away”

Ascended Masters words on Power

“ You will receive power when the Holy Spirt Has Come upon you…”

-Jesus (Acts 1:8 )

“have compassion for all beings rich and poor alike, each has their suffering some suffer too much, others too little.” - The Buddha

Communication Strategies for May 2022

Water & Fire

Before next week, it’s important that someone with these Sun and or Mercury placements in their natal chart take a look and open their ears and eyes to what they need and to release all that isn’t and wasn’t ever theirs. If this is your story may you only hear and see what is meant for your highest good, and so it is.

♋️ ♋️ ♋️ Cancer ♋️ ♋️ ♋️

“Don’t talk to me, I’m healing” ❤️‍🩹

There is a cancer that has been safe and cozy in their shell. There has been so much happening lately that they feel safer in their little space, creating a world with no problems. Though this feels good and safe, they are ready to emerge and try harder to accept the challenges that come up in the world and bravely face each day to receive the blessings coming their way! (Even if they think they’re not)

Truth wins out for the Cancer debating on whether or not they should join in on some toxic gang-stalking, lying or stealing. They may not have seen it before, but someone close to them has been lying to them and that safe shell has become compromised. For the Cancer in this story, This is all happening for their highest good. In order to leave their comfort zone, they have called in a way out! For the Cancer ready to receive this, it feels like a gentle release that has been needed for a long time.

When they recognize the difference between their energy and another, they will be ready to release the energy, the person or people, places and things.

Taking a break from people who feel more like frenemies and less like loyal partners, work friends, or close friends. This Cancer desires peace in their home and it’s time to hit the Spring Cleaning before Summer Arrives.

Mercury in Retrograde is offering this Cancer a chance to observe whom in their environment is for them and whom is against them. Will Cancer choose to release what is toxic so they can grow?

♏️ ♏️ ♏️ Scorpio ♏️ ♏️ ♏️

“It’s a rich man’s world”

Money money money, where did you go? Why can’t this Scorpio fall into your flow?

The balance between emotions and money are difficult for a Scorpio at this time. Reassessing their relationships and finances is causing a bit of chaos inwardly for the Scorpio this resonates for. There may be a disconnect happening in some of their relationships. Don’t worry, Scorpio this is a phase and will pass shortly.

All challenges are not challenges at all. They are meant to be opportunities for Scorpio to remember what is really important for and to them, and giving them a chance to shift their energy and recalibrate their path.

A sign for this Scorpio that they are not in alignment with their highest good is poverty mentality, disconnecting with close loved ones, blame shifting on to their partners and children, or simply losing accountability for their own happiness. These signs may feel discouraging but they are meant as a warning to get them back on path!

Taking the time in May to focus on Releasing grudges, expectations in relationships and power struggles, are some of the needed ingredients to pull them out of their financial slumps and into their power!

Choosing to allow others the space to grow themselves as they are meant to and not as Scorpio would like them to, will also bring blessings to this Scorpio and all involved.

Releasing Control over how they should receive blessing or how Scorpio thinks something should work out will bring them what they desire. Being generous with their time and resources in abundance will bring more Prosperity to them as well. Is this Scorpio ready to rekindle what has been burning low? Will they remember that they can bring life or death into their own situation by choosing humility? This Scorpio is powerful, loving, bright, creative, Mysterious and very STRONG. They have no need to compare, fear, or control. It’s time they saw themselves for the beautiful things they are, and release the lies that keep them feeling inadequate and undeserving of happiness.

A VERY Specific Message for Someone :

Jealousy is ugly. It makes. You ugly too. This is why you cannot move. Theft is dirty and now, you will see exactly how ugly it can be. (If it’s not for you, you already know) Wearing another’s face as their own has attracted people that don’t resonate with them but with the face they wear. This is why they are blocked.

There is a Scorpio that is envious of someone they are close to. What the other is accomplishing seems easy and it is far from that!

What Scorpio does to sabotage another, is coming back in full swing to their door. For all the chaos they put out into the world, It’s time to receive the energy as they sent it out and this Scorpio may not enjoy the fruit of their plots.

With all things there is always hope after a painful lesson. Will the Scorpio that resonates with this change their ways to receive the blessing they’ve been trying to manifest? Will they remember that they are responsible for all the energy they put out? Will they rejoin the beauty that once engulfed their being?

🧿 🧿 🧿

♓️ ♓️ ♓️ Pisces ♓️ ♓️ ♓️

"Don’t shoot the messenger"

There is a Pisces, struggling with being selfish with their energy. Naturally so warmhearted, caring and giving, they find the challenge of saying “NO” a little more difficult in May. There may be a little self pity happening and when this Pisces gives their power away, they are choosing to be taken advantage of. This sounds ridiculous, but to the Pisces in this story, this year has been eye opening. This Pisces has discovered their importance in others lives and they have been given the truth that has been denied for a long time. Pisces is powerful. Their love, their giving nature and their ability to feel so strongly creates peace around them and heals those closest to them. When a Pisces is drained and needs to refill their emotional cup this May, taking time to use the word “NO” will be the best thing they can do for themselves and others. They cannot pour from an empty cup and if they keep giving they may find that become resentful as they give themselves away.

In May, a Pisces has the opportunity to recognize their responsibility for asserting their boundaries rather than allowing those around them to take advantage of their giving nature.

Sweet Pisces you have the right to protect your energy and refill your cup, allow May to be your month of rejuvenation, rehabilitation and rest. You do so much for others, take some time for you. Communicate that need and any that oppose it can be left with their own greed!

Specific Message for a Pisces:

Pay attention to your daughter or a young rebellious female relative who has no problem asking for what they want. Though they feel like your opposite, you are more similar than you think. The attributes you admire and despise are the exact key 🔑 needed to help you move towards a more assertive and happier version of yourself. Find the middle ground.

Did any of this resonate for you Pisces? Please leave a ❤️ below

♈️ ♈️ ♈️ Aries ♈️ ♈️ ♈️

Balancing wealth and Stagnation in Communication

A Frugal and resourceful Aries sees their partner does not share their values. A lustful connection is ending duet to their opposite views and middle ground has not been found. This May, for this Aries, they may find themselves in a mood and space to walk away. May, could bring an old situation back up for healing, and this is a time for an Aries to really ask themselves if the offer they are giving another is really a fair one, or if they are looking at the situation one sidedly.

This Aries is being asked in May to take a softer approach in a separation. They will always fight for what they need, and they will have it too. Feeding the faith in this, will help them feel better about giving another what they need in this split.

Aries may need to accept that when you take something whole and split it into two, it creates lack for both momentarily. Adjusting their expectations following this new phase that is happening, being generous as well as judicious with what they have will bring wealth in the future. Holding back and causing lack for the person they are separating from may cause greater lack for themselves in the future. Is Aries ready to move into an uncomfortable phase? Are they willing to be patient to rebuild and bring peace in a volatile ending by being fair? May brings all the tools necessary to move forward, it’s up to Aries to pick the tools up and use them!

Did this resonate with you Aries? Leave a ♥️ Below!

♌️ ♌️ ♌️ Leo ♌️ ♌️ ♌️

If I were KING of the forest…..

Change is good

There is a Leo calling lack and creative stagnation into their own life. By holding on tightly to material things that are meant to be released, this Leo has been blocking their own flow. This May, is an opportunity for a Leo to remember their higher truth, that to give freely is to receive freely, Everything is in motion and what they put out, they will surely get back this May, in FULL. For this Leo it may have been gossiping returning to them, what they meant for another to experience, they are now faced with experiencing. Wishing or planning lack into another’s life only bring this into theirs.

May is calling this Leo to recalibrate their energy and take a good look at who they have around them influencing their moves. Someone does not mean them well and is enjoying their trials and tribulations. They are purposely encouraging this Leo to take steps that lead to stagnation, poverty, public shame and self blame.

This Leo is learning that flattery is a weapon being used to keep them stuck and it’s a trap they willingly lead themselves into.

someone needs to remember that trusting and having faith that being honest and fair bring the same to them when they need it most in the future. Holding on to grudges and choosing revenge over peace will not serve this Leo.

Remember Leo, you are in control of your destiny, all you need is already here, do not be afraid, feed the faith, starve your fear. You are powerful, majestic and strong. You have the ability to bring life to any situation when you choose healed space. What you give, you will receive. See it, let go of what is not yours, and receive what is.

For the Leo this resonates with, they need to be quick to listen, and keep their mouth shut when they want to join in toxic back and forth banter. Their reputation is at stake, and whatever they say about another, will come back on them. Will they choose to be kind, gracious and speak life? Or will they choose to be unkind and receive their truth harshly and publicly?

Did this resonate for you Leo? Please leave a ♥️ below!

♐️ ♐️ ♐️ Sagittarius ♐️ ♐️ ♐️

Theres a lot more here than you're ready for

There is a Sagittarius that has overcome a big loss. They are coming out of a period of time where they couldn’t win, and now feel very secure in their earthly treasures. When they aren’t worried about material matters, their emotions may get the better of them in May.

All is happening for their highest good, though it may not appear this way this month.

This Sagittarius has been underestimated and overlooked. Due to their strong, suffer-in-silence nature, there have been some feelings and issues that have come up that require support from trusted sources. They have independently dealt with their emotions and the difficulties for a long time. They may find that healing when they release their stubbornness and fear of rejection. Sagittarius could benefit from opening up to someone their intuition tells them will not only listen, but offer only sage advice when asked for it. Asking for help does not come easy for them, they are ready to grow and like it or not, May will bring plenty of uncomfortable moments for this Sagittarius to grow from. Remembering to BE STILL and Silent before any moves they make will help them choose a better path forward.


Revisit March. 20th 2022 something they chose to do that day or a commitment they made to someone else needs to be revisited in May. Someone trying to heal their codependent past needs to take a closer look at the patterns they’ve seen in their current relationships.

Did this Resonate? Please leave a ♥️ Below!

That’s all I have for you this time Garden Visitors and Subscribers! May all that does not resonate with you or your highest good be release3d back into the pool where it belongs,

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Your kind soul is welcome back here, should you need this space again. Wishing you a Successful Month Full of growth, healing and prosperity for your highest good,

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