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Someone’s Story “Remember”

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

* Any videos not from Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time are not affiliated with this site and are used strictly for reference.

There Once was a beautiful soul who had talent that could change their very world. They had abilities that if used, would bring them the prosperity in all shapes and forms they’ve always dreamed of.

In a world of potential this beautiful soul is unaware of all of this. The problem is, they’ve forgotten who they are. They’ve forgotten their talent, they’ve forgotten their capabilities. This has caused a sadness in them. A mind wrought with fear and concern for the future. Though in despair, they have what they need to set themselves free. The key to changing their lives is to choose to remember…. Because it’s there, waiting for them.

Affirmation for the Week:

“I am divine light, I am the Spirit, I am the watcher, I am the Noticer, I am, the Soul”

The beginning….

May only what’s meant for your highest good be received.

And so it is.

“Influenced by a Shadow”

Remember when you didn’t know everything about everyone online?

For someone, their intuition has been clouded. Too much information is coming through and they cannot see clearly. Their feelings don’t match their circumstances. They cannot see their own blessings . It’s time to re-calibrate where they are allowing their thoughts, and their energy to take them.

The beginning of the week is started in Mercury’s Retrograde (see HERE for more on that Story) This is causing a lot of confusion. Miscommunication and old problems come up to the surface. Insecurities illuminate the Illusions. Doubt & suspicion are everywhere, and things may not be as they seem.

Could it be time for a Social media break? It may be time for this person to reevaluate how honest they’ve been. Or, perhaps not. Shadow is only dangerous when left unacknowledged. If this person is lying the truth is going to hit them like a brick to the face.

With “Mercury joining the other planets already in R” This is playing out in feelings that have been ignored bubbling to the surface to be given attention.

Others they have trusted with all of themselves aren’t being completely honest and truthful with them. Taking some time to reflect on their relationships without adding to the drama, would really help them. at this time the observations they’ve made about themselves or others and how honest they see those relationships will also give a broader perspective of what is happening right now. Living in Transparency, being honest with themselves, and reflecting possibly in a journal is going to bring forth the relationships that are not where they hoped.. This, allows them an opportunity to let go of those for good!


How can I redefine what I will accept in my relationships?

No More comparing themselves to others, no more rushing no more skipping rest. Harvest season is now, don’t be too exhausted to receive.

HELPER FREQUENCY: 432 hz (Drink water💦Don’t forget)



“Fear Vs. Fact”

Someone else Visiting the Garden is feeling a lot of uncertainty and fear. There’s been a shift in their circumstances and they aren’t quite sure what the next move they make should be. Do they trust what they see? It would be wise for this visitor to remember that “Fictional Events Appear Real. Living in fear isn’t serving them. Their is peace coming their way. Choosing peace over things that bring conflict will bring even more calm. This person is attached to doves listening to the Holy Spirit, knowing they never walk alone may give them the strength they need to move forward BOLD & afraid until the fear leaves. Fear is from ego. It serves a purpose. We have to keep us safe and aware in danger. One of the function’s of ego is to survive and that’s where it’s stuck, in survival mode.

Fear doesn’t wait for facts, it reacts without thought of consequences and is based in immediate emotions. Need a refresher Frequency? Last week we used 396 Hz in the garden to release that fear! (for the video visit HERE)

Journal 📓 Prompt:

What are some fears you have or worries about your current. Situation?

which ones are you ready to release?

The Return & Redemption

Another visiting today, has seen this before. They’ve felt the fear, they’ve felt the clouded intuition. They are choosing this week to work on their communication. They’ve taken on quite the challenge in a time when chaotic and miscommunication are ruling surrounding energies.

They are taking the time to be clear with their intentions, and they are careful to not allow things into their home or spritual space that makes them doubt their divinity. This is a shift that propels this person into higher space and higher love! , Peace and Happiness look good on them. Standing boldly in their truth unbothered by the opinions of others, they are making decisions for themselves. They are ready to notice what caused their struggle.

They are learning to discern. They are changing their environment to match their inner vibration.

A Beautiful END:

Remembering Dependability

Someone is starting to see that they are lovable. Someone is seeing they are also strong, and capable of being independent. This is making them even more grateful for the love in their life. There is a gift of a rebirth of romance. With “M in R” and “RE” is the theme.

Re-dedication to their faith, brings deeper connections with the holy spirit. Release of the need for perfection brings the healing they need to keep moving forward. Remembering who they are, keeps them in a higher vibration and in this space, they can create without the need for chaos. They are ready for the love of their lives to be let in at a deeper level because now, they have more to offer as they love themselves. There’s an incredible amount of love coming in and being rekindled. It was waiting for them right here, all along.

May all not meant for you be released back into the pool

Don't forget to LIKE this post! Until next time! Believe you deserve your highest good. Because you do.

-Tia Khaleesi

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