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Someone’s Story “THE SHADOW”

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

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Welcome back! I’m so glad you’re here! The weather is getting colder here in the garden. Which means the time of year to go deeper, is upon us. Not everything here will be for you and that's okay. Take only what your unique intuition leads you to as guidance.

As the keeper of the garden I kindly remi

nd you, that knowledge & inspiration can come from all beliefs. If you can be wise enough to learn from another path, you can grow beyond your current limitations. May only what’s meant for your highest good be received. And so it is.

September 20th: FULL MOON IN Pisces

This is set to be a very emotional moon. Especially for our Pisces & Virgo placements. If you find yourself on the watery side of this moon, release is good for the soul. Tears are cleansing, make room, make space for cleansing. Showers, salt baths, are all healing. Be gentle with others in your life this moon will effect everyone differently. We are all in this human experience learning. For some the mask comes off and all they gained dishonestly is lost, this will be very tough for them. (They may lash out this isn't about you.) a VERY rewarding and prosperity filled time for others. In the garden, we talk about what it means to ”plant“ seeds through energy. What have you been focusing on since the New moon?

For some, this will be bringing justice, the not so kind, side of it. IF they have been sowing seeds of anger, bitterness, gossip, lies, jealousy, resentment or ungratefulness, they are set to receive ALL OF THAT BACK. Their lies will be met with brutal truth, their anger will be humbled, bitterness returned full speed and all their towers of lies will come tumbling down. For someone, this is a reckoning. what seeds have you been planting?

For someone else, this is a Fabulous Time! a time of great harvest and reward! Can you believe it’s finally happening?! Yes, you should! You put in the work you did the hard stuff, now enjoy the harvest you have earned! Things are about to take off in a way you could have never imagined!


From the Latin word retrogradus meaning, “ backward step”

Journal Entry

Using your own inner guidance, consider what this means to you, for you at this time to take a backwards step.

We are in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde. What is a Mercury retrograde? Oversimplified, when referring to planets, a retrograde is a period of time when a planet appears to be moving backwards. Right now we have 5 planets in retrograde all effecting different aspects that are ruled by that planet.

( More on this coming soon)

Mercury, is the planet that governs communication, electronics, relationships and more.

When retrograde, all of these parts of every day life could be effected.

I like to call this “The great cleansing.” What better time than at the beginning of doing shadow work!

This week we start in the Shadow of Mercury’s Retrograde and ending in the beginning. (A perfect sentence for what will come) You might already be feeling the pull of this about the beginning of the week. Situations you have not made peace with will come up for healing. Procrastination is spotlighted, try to move past that. Make sure to check your tires, don’t procrastinate on repairs anymore! This really is a time for being gentle with yourself and others, misunderstandings are more likely. It’s probably better to wait before buying any expensive electronics right now. Oh, and lastly, make sure to double check on any incoming and outgoing correspondence. You’ll be glad you took the time to check who and what you were sending, (and where it ends up!)

“ Oh now is the time of the Harvest, As we draw near to the year’s end, Now is the time the time of Mabon. Autumn is the time to descend…” -

“Mabon” song by: Lisa Theil



If you are not a member of the pagan community, you may be unfamiliar with “Mabon” the Fall Equinox festival. (Oversimplified ) The focus of this being the balance between light and dark, And the contrast with the upcoming darkness of the winter season.

There are many festivals and activities that take place as a way to honour and celebrate this time. If you’re interested in learning more about this, try here:

With all of this, this week, there is a story of breaking old cycles coming for someone in the garden. Let me show you what the pool is showing me.

The beginning of the week.


There is no need for the illusion of being stuck, for someone. Meditation is opening some paths that seemed to be blocked before. They have experienced an awakening and their eyes are open to their responsibility. The loyalty that was fiercely given to other things that were not of the highest good, would now be seen to be released.

She wields her sword of truth like a warrior, the armour of God cloaks her essence, she has nothing to fear.

He is safe highly favoured and protected. He moves in honesty the vibration he chooses is love.

Letting Go of Fear:


Do they trust their creator to provide for them? Do they trust themselves to use the resources they have to the best of their ability? Releasing fear of what hasn’t happened, is becoming easier, each and every day.

Thoughts used to overwhelm them with doubt, worry, or anxiety. Now, they don’t feel as heavy. If you’re not careful, you’ll miss it. Someone doesn’t know it, but their new healthy habits are defeating the repetitive negative thoughts, the fear is losing it’s way in,

Someone’s been practicing gratitude, thankful to wake up each morning. It’s taken work and a lot of practice but they are here! This is attracting more they are thankful for!

The Truth

( sets someone free. )

Someone is releasing the burden of the past. It’s too painful to carry anymore. Their intuition has always been leading them away from what hurts them.

They are choosing to let go of opinions of others that do not serve their highest good. They are not going to see themselves in that dark and negative way anymore. They see the truth. They are ever evolving. Who they were yesterday is not who they are today! The heartache is being released, the dark anger and bitter thoughts are no longer allowed space here. They have chosen forgiveness. Forgiveness for others for projecting these beliefs onto them and for themselves for believing those limiting labels.

They have chosen to walk away. There is no no need for this chapter anymore. By releasing what doesn’t fi,t they make room for beautiful friendships, partnerships, and for some a lover!


“I am worthy of faithful, honest and loving connections.

You are worthy of faithful, honest and loving connections.

WE are worthy.”


Someone felt stuck for so long. They poured their heart out, they felt weak, poor and unable to move forward. They walked through their struggle with determination to reach their destination. They did NOT give up! They have been fighting patterns of deceitful relationships. Friends, Family, Lovers (different for everyone) For awhile they stood alone, bringing strength they never knew existed!

They pushed past the feeling that they were too much, or not enough even with their own doubt they chose to believe in themselves. They see the pattern in each situation, where they allowed someone else the power over their emotions, over their destiny. They see the value in feeling, they see the value in healing. They see the value in choosing love. Their patience and gratitude has brought so much joy in the present that it’s calling in something new; a beautiful, bold future.

If this is your story….

You are so strong. You have endured a lot to come to where you are. Look at where you were just a year ago. When you learn to trust your inner guidance, that voice inside aligned with the holy spirit, you see much clearer. YOU are the soul. YOU are the "noticer." The things that pained and worried you are much different. Maybe letting go of worry is the right direction for you. Keep going. Keep releasing it. What were you feeling? Be proud of how different you are now from a year past. You are doing more than what you thought possible even just a year ago. (I'll repeat it until you get it) Your relationships, your self worth all have and will improve! Just imagine how much different things will look in year. You don’t need to fear, give yourself a year. Keep working, keep believing, and see where you are next! ( I believe in you too! )

That’s all I have for you! Thank you for visiting the garden! May whatever is not meant for you, be released back into the pool where it belongs

-Tia Khaleesi

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