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Someone’s Story January “The Sweet Taste of success”

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Hello Wisdom Seekers! Welcome back to my Garden! If this is your first time visiting, don’t for get to go through The Garden Entrance first! It’s been a work intensive month and beginning of this beautiful year of receiving. Endings are happening everywhere and beginnings are beautiful and full of hope! When Venus Goes direct, don't forget to take some time to really evaluate who came back. Was it an old toxic version of yourself or someone from your past? What did you learn from that return?

It all works out for your good. It's going to be a wonderful week for those who claim it now! I hope you are enjoying your new start! Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay! Don’t forget the most important guidance will come from within, which comes from The Most High. It’s my intention that you only receive what is for your highest good, and so it is.

There was once was a Stubborn man that didn’t want to admit his limitations. He took on more and more work upon himself trying to prove to the world his worth. He had 3 Jobs, paid bills for multiple people in his life. He found his worth in what he could do for others.

One day, he found himself in over his head. His schedule was full, his bank account was low, and his energy was even lower. He began to resent the very people he sought out to help. It was then he realized he had reached his limit. He was burnt out. He had no idea what direction he should take or where to turn. The bills stacked up, the hands reaching out for his aid grew and grew and he had to turn some away. This lead to a drop in his self esteem.

“Who am I if not the one who gives? What good am I if I have nothing to offer?”

Slowly, his self-worth began to dismiss and it was then and only then he understood, he relied on the wrong things to bring him a feeling of accomplishment. He hid himself away avoiding all who he’d helped along the way. Angry at himself for not having the resources he once had, he almost missed the miracle waiting for him. The ones he helped along way saw his struggle, noticed his situation and began to gather resources to help him. What was he worth? Everything to those whose lives he’d touched. Little did he know with or without, he was cherished and loved, very, very much!

IF you have ears to hear the message, may it be received.

A Warning: The Liar, The Gossip and Fraud

Someone has allowed someone else to get too close. They are lying about their motives and they are gossiping about what someone has told them in confidence. Worse, they continue to smile in Someone’s face as they twist the words out of selfish motives and sabotage. Their growing envy has awakened someone to acknowledge this is no longer a safe person to confide in. They are beginning to put distance between them and the response is shocking. The coiled snake they allowed too close, is ready to strike!

Someone was confused for awhile on whether or not they made the right choice. This is no longer something they ponder. Someone has seen the true colors of another and it’s time to protect themselves with no shame or guilt.

Whatever side someone finds themselves on this warning, it is a time for honesty and choosing the highest good of all and someone needs to revisit where they’ve left themselves vulnerable, where someone else has chosen their toxicity and dominating power over truth and love.

Someone receives their success when they acknowledge it’s time to let go of this toxic connection. This part of their experience is going to bring a sweet sweet release that showers them with all that has been kept from them until they learned to stand in their power, and in true love. By doing this, they allow this deceptive person to choke on their own poison.

and they have no idea that the person who did them in was the snake themselves!

“ When I choose to let go of what has repeatedly hurt me, I heal myself and allow others to face their own healing, in love”

Questions to Ponder:

What does success look like to you?

What do you see as your ideal situation and your ideal self?

The sweet taste of Success:

Someone is no longer stuck. They couldn’t see the answers to the important questions on their mind, for so long this brought self doubt and confusion bringing them sleepless nights and frustrated movements. Instead of Moving forward, someone found themselves moving backward. This, is all about to change!

Someone is no longer wondering what they should do, or more to the point, someone is acknowledging the truth within them. Someone is ready to see that they have known what to do all along!

Reclaiming Personal Power!

Someone is done running from their choices and they are choosing to be brave and standing in their truth. They are done being stuck through fear. They are moving forward little by little. The success that follows this choice brings someone Serious Joy! There is nobody capable of taking someone off their path. The distraction created to block them are unravelling rapidly as someone is determined to move past their limitations and into who they've always been meant to be.


Someone finally made a choice and indecision is over. This is bringing someone what they have always wanted. (In the Garden, we speak of this often, and it’s so important I’ll mention it once more.) Someone is in need of writing a gratitude list. The choices someone made were not easy and carried a lot of weight and responsibility. This may have made it easy to miss all that was going right while they were correcting what was wrong.

It’s time to take a look at the gifts they have received in this time, it’s time to look at it all and say “Thank you” to the Most High for all that they’ve been given.

“ Thank you for my blessings big and small. Thank you for seeing me, providing for me, protecting me, and loving me through it all! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you”

Something New

Someone is going to measure their success differently than they have in the past. Instead of measuring their success by how much money is in their account, They are measuring their success by their own personal transformation and emotional growth. This, is causing all the other parts of their lives to grow and grow strong!

Starting something NEW is bringing them beautiful and unpredictable rewards to bring them relief and less stress!


What’s Different?

Take a look at January 2021 do you see where you have changed? What has been removed for your good? What do you have now that you didn’t have before?

What do you know that you didn’t know last year?

Are you happy with these changes and are you ready for the new ones?

Another wave of Patience

Someone is needing to gather their thoughts and new ideas as it’s time to plan for the future. It is NOT the time to unleash their new plans, it is NOT the time for execution, but to prepare. By taking time to map out what they want to do and how they wish to achieve it, this is a great opportunity for someone to learn NEW ways of doing things, and fix any errors that may linger in their plans. This is an excellent time for someone to brainstorm. Being patient and waiting to unleash their ideas and projects will bring bigger rewards when the time comes.

They are receiving so many right now that need their attention! They only need to look closer.

If what was shared here is not your story perhaps one daily focus is for you!



Vegetarian Diet Day! Someone has been eating poorly and it’s time to reset their diet! If only for the 3 meals and snack Today, switch to a Vegan diet to heal and reset! There's a need to reflect on what tasty alternatives can replace some of their low vibration & unhealthy artificial treats. it may be helpful to seek out a professional dietitian for some. Use your own discretion

Tuesday- Daughter Day!

Someone’s daughter needs a little more TLC today. It’s an excellent time for someone to drop all plans after work or with friends and focus on quality time at home with either a sister or a daughter. There is a much needed change in a relationship that needs to take place and this is an excellent time to do so.

Wednesday- Smelling the roses 🌹

Today is an excellent day to get what someone needs through the essence of flowers. Whether that’s rescuing flowers at the grocery store and filling their house with beautiful blossoms or lighting a flower scented candle, or using essential oils of rose and jasmine, floral scents will bring much needed love and healing to someone’s space.

Thursday- For the Children

Someone’s connection to children is very strong. Today is a day to acknowledge with kindness each child in their life. There is a renewal of energy and childlike faith by observing and caring for those around them. Focusing on the joy of childhood and bringing a piece of that into their day will bring a lot to be thankful for and renew someone’s joy of play!

Friday- Trusting in Perfect Time

Someone may not get the answer they’re looking for while another may get exactly what they need in Perfect time. Today is an excellent day for practice in trust. Trusting that all that is meant for them will arrive. Maybe not in the time they expected but in perfect time.

Saturday- *Venus goes direct

Planning for the Summer

Today is a great day for focusing on a Summer wishlist. Someone choosing to give themselves something to look forward to. This will motivate them to push forward, and take the steps necessary to be successful.

Sunday- Saying goodbye to the old

The end of the month approaches and someone is ready to reflect on what they don’t want in their life, relationships and workspace. Today is a day to release the toxic people and patterns of the past and welcome in a new way of thinking and acting. Today is a great day for release and accepting something new!

That’s all I have for you this week! Thank you for visiting the Garden and working so hard for your future self! May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Be Gentle and kind to yourself and others this Journey has not been easy and you have learned so much!

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