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Someone’s Story January “The Return”

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

*Any and all videos shared here not from Tia khaleesi's Story Time are for educational purposes and not affiliated with this site.

There was a woman who was beautiful, capable, strong, and cunning. It was obvious to the world around her she was these things and yet, She couldn’t see all these traits in herself. She was ruled by the drama and trauma in her life. She found herself in one heartbreaking situation after another asking herself:

Why does this always happen to me?

It never occurred to her to change her perception or perhaps even the question. What could she learn from this?

It didn’t help that she had a friend she admired and envied being praised. People seemed to love her more. Her friend seemed blindly blessed. Someone whom always seemed to have great dumb luck. No matter the situation, This friend found a way to make it work in her favor. Even when she was buried in life’s manure she came out smelling like roses. This agitated the woman to no end as she still smelled the stench coming out of the same pit. Instead of being happy for her friend, she allowed resentment to consume her and let go of her own light.

An envy grew in this woman, bitterness grew in this woman and she became aware of her power to manifest ugly things for her friend. She pretended to be a trusted source and listened intently to her friend as she confided in her. Oh yes, the darkness insider her grew. The rumors she spread and the men she had in her bed gave her a false sense of power. She enjoyed watching her friend squirm and began wishing horrific, painful things for her. Pleased to see some of them happening before her very eyes.

Let’s see her ride that high horse now….

The more she saw go wrong, the more enticed she was by her friend’s pain. Her arrogance left her vulnerable however, neglecting her own home while watching her friend’s destroyed. She didn’t seem to notice nor did she care, as far as she was concerned what her friend was getting was more than fair. Her desire for power grew, and grew. She felt superior for a time and that left her too distracted to notice, what she was missing in her own life.

Still, something infuriating began to happen! No matter how much she sent her friend’s way, Something always came along to make her friend smile, laugh and bring light in the darkness. Her friend didn’t seem to only survive the storm, she seemed to thrive!!!!

She sent her poverty, her house was filled with food. She sent her pain, the friend was seen laughing with a light heart thankful for what she still had. She seemed to grow stronger with every adversity that came her way. This made the woman give up in frustration.

Little did she know, the person she was attacking was highly favored and protected. All that she had wished upon her “friend” was about to hit her like a hurricane.

The day came that she and her “friend” had parted ways. A natural separation that happens some days became a hard change in the woman’s life. As she watched from afar, her once “friend” rise from the ashes of the fire she built to consume her, and come back stronger than before each time, she wondered:

How? HOW was she doing this? How did she survive? I sent her every ugly awful thing I could think of to break her and she still won’t budge…

She saw the storm clouds gather around her and she realized, there was little hope for her. The return of all she’d sent out was happening now. She’d left herself vulnerable. She was not prepared to receive, the hell she unleashed. Now, it was knocking at her door… She had every reason to be frightened, more frightened than she’d ever been before. There was no safety here, she had allowed her own home to fall in disrepair. The time had come for her to see exactly what type of person she’d become, what she’d earned, what she learned. Hopefully she was paying attention, hopefully she saw the truth, hopefully she is spared from same fate she desired for the other. This is what facing and she’ll face it alone, because nobody will go near her, or her tattered and shattered home.

The Principle of Rhythm

“The pendulum-swing manifests in everything. The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left: Rhythm compensates”

- The Hermetic principles

Welcome to my Garden! I’m so glad you made it here! Communication can be difficult at this time so please be gentle with yourself and others. We are all learning together. If it’s your first time visiting don’t forget to go through The Garden Gate. This is a space for reflection and discernment. Use your inner guidance to see what is meant for you here. Not all that is shared here will be meant for you and that’s okay. May you take only what you need to show you the way. At this time I write to you, Mercury has Joined Venus in retrograde and for some Chaos is about to implode on some carefully crafted identities. This is not a space to worry, remember free will is a powerful gift we’re given and we can choose any direction we desire. We are not stuck with what was, we are not bound to what is, or what may be… So wisdom seekers, relax, sit back and enjoy. May only what is for your highest good be revealed to you here, and so it is.


17th Full Moon in Cancer ♋️

Expect the unexpected. Anything not healed may come up in harsh ways. It doesn’t have to though, sometimes allowing ourselves to feel will bring us quickly to heal. If you feel you’re ready, now is the perfect time to let the past go, let the pain go. Now is the time to remember what was, is not what is, and it’s okay to let it go. It’s okay to just take the lesson, it’s the only souvenir you really need.

Someone’s Story

Someone is ready to release the blockages from true love. In order to do this, they must face a new wave of forgiveness. Just when they thought the work was done, it intensifies. Will they choose to handle it with grace?


Someone Visiting the garden isn’t having trouble forgiving others. Someone‘s focus instead is their need to forgive themselves. They see their own role in their life. They have become aware of their choices and as this Full moon hits, they are starting to feel the heavy weight of all they are holding on to. There is no need for them to carry this heavy burden any further on their pathway. The time has come to release it. To leave it behind is no easy ask. This has been with them for a long time weighing on them yet feeling like a part of them. Without it, they may find themselves terribly uncomfortable for a time, they must decide if freedom is worth temporary discomfort.

( Oh, dear soul but it is!)

Get ready, be strong, you can do this, be brave. You are the one to bring victory!


For another, a lover from the past that broke their heart returns to heal a wound that has been long forgotten. Seeing this person has ripped open the wound and it’s festering. It’s clear to this wisdom seeker that it’s coming up for healing. Too long has this past pain influenced their decisions and has lead them in a more difficult direction. Someone may not want to but they are fully aware that forgiving this past lover IS the next step in their journey.What someone desires cannot be reached by holding onto bitterness of a situation that did not work out. What they want for their future is too important to block with their need for revenge. Will they give this up for something better ahead?


“ I am ready to move forward, and release fear of evolving and growing”

Someone is ready for change. What will help them going forward in their journey is to believe that change is possible. When someone forgives the person in their life they free the other from the perception that the past will always be the person that hurt them. ( This does NOT apply to narcissism. and narcissistic relationships if you were wondering, the answer is no they won’t change. If this makes sense this may be for you. )

There is healing possible here, there is a valuable and repairable relationship here, true forgiveness is needed here, boundaries are needed and self accountability are now attributes someone has, these tools will help them as they move forward in their life!

The Positive change in Those ones…

Positive change is coming. It’s coming in the people they love, and some they don’t care for. Good beautiful and POWERFUL changes are happening in and around them. Forgiveness remains Key to their Success. Forgiveness has the power to open them up! They are ready for this change whether they believe that or not. By observing that people are capable of good change, even the ones they dislike, then everyone is capable of change! Upon closer examination this could lead to the revelation that if someone is NOT changing it’s because they don’t WANT to change. This may be a blow to the gut for some, and others feel relieved at the realization. Because just as those who don’t want to change have a right to live that way, someone has a right to walk away! How freeing to be able to do so without guilt, shame or regret knowing it’s for the greater good of all involved. What a beautiful gift someone will see. It may take others longer to see this and that’s okay. “At your pace, there is no race” as they say.

You are capable of powerful change, you are strong enough, brave enough, and you are ENOUGH.

Not sure this was your story? Perhaps The ONE daily focus is for you!

One Daily Focus:

Monday: (FULL MOON) Focusing on Empathy

Someone has been judging the ones around them as if they have perfected their own life goals. This is exposing their insecurities wether they know it or not. Today is a day to practice empathy and active listening. They may learn something that brings them closer to someone they’re meant to learn frm.

Tuesday: Focused on Gratitude

There is a need for awareness of what is going right at this time. From having heat & electricity to health and beyond, someone has a lot of good and recognizing it today will lead to more and more they see that they have to be grateful for. It will not erase the woes but it will overpower them as they see, no matter what they go through, they always have what they need. At it’s enough.

Wednesday: Focused on Celebrating Success

It’s time to enjoy the much deserved rewards that are coming your way! Take time to celebrate even the small wins today is the day!

Thursday: Focus & Surrender

New experiences, New people, New goals, New lessons. Yes, New, new and more new. All this new means there is a lot that someone can’t control. This is all happening to teach someone to release the need for control. Today focus on surrender, and with every shake up, don’t stress go with the flow.

Friday: Focused to Persevere

Someone is ready to give up because something just feels too hard. Now is not the time to give up! Now is the time to push forward. Progress comes when someone holds on just a little longer than they thought. There’s a breakthrough coming, don’t give up now!

Saturday; Focused on Courage

Someone is in need of being brave enough to face the consequences of their actions or the actions of others. It is not the time to worry, or fear. Fear is not welcome here.


“I am a child of The Most high, I have nothing to fear. Greater is the Holy Spirit that is in me, than whatever I face here. I am the watcher, I am the one who notices, This is my experience and I choose to experience peace that passes all understanding, and so it is”

Sunday: focus on leaving Loneliness

Someone has felt alone even surrounded by people. They have not felt connected to anyone and it may be time to take down a wall or two. IF someone is willing and ready to take that risk, Today is an excellent time for someone to reach out to an old friend. Reconnecting is favored right now and this may be a connection that is much needed and in a much healthier space..

That’s all that I have for you this week! May all that is not meant for you, or is not of your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I’m So grateful you took the time to visit me here today! You are seen, appreciated and wished the very best. Be proud of yourself you’ve come so very far!


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