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Someone’s Story February “The True Healing”

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Welcome to the Garden! I’m so glad you’re here! it’s been very cold and snowy in the garden and it’s become the perfect weather for cuddles! It’s also the perfect outward sign to do some inner work before the spring comes, and observe what needs to be seen! (If shadow work is a term that’s familiar, you know what I mean ) If this is your first time visiting The Garden, please go through this link ➡️ The Garden Entrance before you continue on, here.

This not my wisdom but the wisdom of many that came before me, remember I am the space keeper and storyteller. Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. Use your inner guidance to lead you to what it is you seek. ( It is after all, seeking YOU.) If what you read resonates please don’t forget to leave a ❤️ at the bottom of the page! It is my intention that you only receive messages and guidance that is for your highest good, and so it is!

An Important Reminder for Someone

They felt as if their heart was open on the table, ready to dissect.

When the heart is open and healing is taking place, this is not the time to let new things in. This is a time to remove the rot, the poison ingested from another’s portrayal of love that was sadly, not. It was nothing more than a one sided agreement someone knew nothing about. They gave someone their self loathing as if it was someone’s own, in return for Their beauty, love, access to their precious energy.

When the heart is open, and healing has commenced, It’s the time to allow themselves to let go of the seemingly dormant but truly active trauma that has been affecting them for so long. There is no way to heal it, without the natural occurrence of feeling it. Someone must give themselves some room to do so. There’s a truth that may come and, it may not I give it to someone now, All emotions are safe regardless of their intensity. They are helpers that are alerting to a truth that may not be easily accessible in the moment. It’s okay to feel, that as it’s been said, is the way to heal. There’s nothing to do, simply observe.

How different would you feel, I ask this someone. Would you overcome the mountain of grief that is resting on your heart? Do you believe that you can and you will heal?

Our bodies heal on their own, the soul is always whole. If this makes sense then this may be for you.

Because you have so little faith,

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,

you can say to this mountain “move from here to there” and it will move.”

Matthew 17:20 NLT The Bible

How different would it be to take responsibility for your response and action for each and every one of those feelings? You loved with an open heart and gave someone your best and the friendship, or relationship ended? They still walked away, (that’s okay) You were not always meant to be in this space or feel this way. Your broken heart is not the end, it will heal. You will get through this, and I say again, you will heal. You are not powerless, you are learning, you are healing, and it’s okay to be sad for a moment, it’s okay not to know what comes next. It’s okay to set the intention to be kind to yourself, if all you do today is take care of you, it’s enough.

There is no noise that can replace what stillness brings.

“True healing”

Someone’s dreaming of a new income stream and the windfall that comes along with it. Little do they see, that a windfall is indeed coming, will it set them free?

Someone is getting a very generous offer. It’s valuable and they see the possibility that this will lead to success in their finances. In order to receive this offer, they are going to need to take time, and be still. That time they take in solitude for a few moments will help them conclude what it is they truly want going forward. How would they handle a windfall? How would they choose to wisely invest. What if they treated their finances like a windfall and started wiser money habits now? Will they choose to give up the material comfort they love now for a better life in the future?

The importance of going inward

For someone, they have sensed a dishonest presence for sometime. They have felt a lie or betrayal looming about with no real idea what direction it’s coming from. In this case, their intuition is correct. There is definitely someone in their midst that is not being honest and their motives are greedy and self serving in the most unfair way. As they go inward and align their own actions with their words, someone is easily able to spot the person who’s words don’t match the actions taking place.

If you were to come about an apple tree and saw peaches taped in a very obvious fashion to the branches and someone tried to convince you it was a peach tree, would you believe them? Probably not. (Silly example yes, and that’s okay) The tape would make you suspicious to begin with and the apples attached that had no tape but seemed to actually be part of the trees would probably tip you off that someone had placed those peaches there. Lies of another don’t seem that simple, until you go within. The truth becomes obvious. As does the lie. It could be possible that we create complicated circumstances to excuse our belief in the lie to begin with. If it’s for you, you know.

The Next Steps

Someone is going to see that true love, begins with loving themselves. Someone is taking some time to define what this really means for them. Where have they been denying their own love, compassion and forgiveness? How long have they been holding a grudge against themselves for making bad choices that have affected their life to this point? Someone sees that to truly love themselves and be able to give that love to another. They have to choose compassion, forgiveness, and moving forward in a new direction. They must choose moving away from the guilt and shame they carry from deeds done long ago.

The inward journey brings much more than someone expected. This journey has someone contemplating whether or not they should continue to sharpen their skills, or will they rely on a last minute project they put together in a rush. The answer seems simple but staying on task has been difficult for someone in their healing journey. IT is taking perseverance and a lot of patience with themselves to complete the work. Is their work good enough? Do they need to revisit past lessons to better their craft? Do they need more practice? All of these questions someone has are going to be seen best when they spend time healing. And for someone, journaling is their best way to sort out so many loud thoughts.


“I see where I am testing my resolve to live in love, and I’m ready to trust in the Divine”

“ My needs are valid, it is my responsibility to be sure they’re met”

“ I trust my intuition. It’s function is not to tell me what i want to hear, It’s leading me where I need to go.”

“ I don’t need to be afraid, I am making wiser choices and it will lead to a better experience “

3331 Angel number

concentrate on spiritual pursuits. What do you value? does your life reflect this? What does it look like you value? Start making serious changes in matters of the heart ♥️ What is best for you going forward?

Acknowledge & forgive yourself for past mistakes, you are no longer making those same choices therefore you no longer need to carry that burden.

The ONE YEAR Glance

Someone needs to take a closer look at how much they have now. They did not have this life before. They did not have the courage, the strength, the wisdom and the knowledge that they have today. Everything they’ve been through in the past year has been leading them to this moment now. They didn’t think they could survive, but they did. Knowing this, makes it safe for someone to release fear of what is to come, and focus on what it is they need to do in the now.

“ I use intuition in all Aspects in my life”

Do they trust this offer coming in? Or is someone going to wait for something better? One seems valuable, but it leads to pain, and the other seems work intensive, and it will take much longer but the reward greater. There’s no fake fruit here, it is the real deal. Will someone take what is easy and instant or wait with patience for something better? Only they know for sure the path they’ll choose. Let’s leave this here, and move forward.

May whoever this story resonates for, be protected on their journey, and so it is!

One Daily Focus

We move on now to a focus a day, that is simple, to the point, and you choose your way!

Monday- Making Space

Someone’s focus will be to reclaim their sovereignty by creating space for themselves to reflect, meditate and pray. Wether this is a physical space or making time for being in the one they already have, this is the focus today. Make space, make time. The need is great.

Tuesday - Release worry and fear

Today remember that you have a very bright future ahead of you, and it’s not helpful to keep reliving the worst case scenario over and over again in your head. Let this go, you don’t need to hold on to these unhelpful thoughts anymore.

Wednesday - Focused intention.

Manifestation is a powerful thing. When you choose to focus on what you want to see happen, what you want for your life and take small actions everyday that reinforce this, you may see this manifest a lot quicker than you thought. Spend the day releasing your focus off of the things that haven’t been working, and refocusing on what is working will make much needed space!

Thursday - Wise money Habits

Pay off, save, invest, spend, so many options! Today is a day to remember, your wealth is constantly increasing (or soon will) Now is the time to focus on learning or putting into practice wiser money habits that will be sharp skills ready to receive a massive abundance when it arrives. If you manage what you have now wisely, imagine how it will grow when the money begins a steady flow! Though it’s not the time to act on new ideas it’s an excellent time to reflect.

Friday - New beginnings

Someone is ready to release the past! If this is you, then it’s time to release the people places and things that are no longer functional or healthy. Removing this will make room for the beautiful new things up ahead.

Saturday-Take it!

There’s an opportunity coming in and you may be able to change your circumstances dramatically! If it’s meant to be and it’s yours, you’ll be in the right place at the right time and you’ll know it too! What may seem small in occurrence may be of great significance later! (If it’s for you, you know)

Sunday - Internet BREAK

It’s time to turn off your phone (if not in an emergency and it is safe to do so.) sign out of all social media, turn off your streaming service and stop opening your email. (Yes I say this knowing your weekly story arrives on Sundays ) Now is the time to unplug, clean and organize your space, and clear your energetic field. Take some time to reset. March is closer than you think as is the start of a new lunar cycle.

Waning Moon

When the moon wanes, this is a good time to release and it’s also a great time to reflect. What were the intentions we set? What did we learn? What did we experience that we may not have before? Or perhaps even what feels familiar and where is the pattern that needs to stop in order to grow? In this time and this space, what are you willing to lose, to gain everything? Are you willing to release painful memories for new experiences? Your right to pain, bitterness, rage, and retaliation in exchange for slow but permanent healing, wisdom, pattern breaking and emotional freedom? You are the healer, you are the Sage, we heal each other it’s time to close this chapter, yes turn that page!

May all that is not meant for you or your highest good be released, back into the Pool where it Belongs.

That’s all I have for you for now! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for your Early Look at Someone’s March 2022 Experience. I wish you joy and contentment this week.

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