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Someone’s Story “Spring Cleaning”

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

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Welcome to my Garden Wisdom seekers! I’m so glad you are here! After following such powerful holidays such as Holi, and Ostara, This week the focus will be on the healing that has already taken place. In deep contemplation as the moon begins to wane, it’s time to keep up the high vibration that may be a little difficult to maintain. Cleaning out the clutter of excess energies attached to social media and cleaning up our own act should pay off as a collective this week, so make sure and do your part where you can! As within so without. Remember that not all that I share his is meant for you, and that’s okay. Many visit the Garden, some on very different paths than you, and so if this is not your story, don’t make it fit. This may be a space for you today to listen and observe. May you only receive guidance for your highest good, and so it is!

The Moon is waning, and with the new beginnings of spring happening right now, it is also an excellent time to practice cleansing whatever is lingering from hibernation.

Journal Time:

Mistakes and Missteps of the past are rich with wisdom and can often help with current situations if we take a closer look. Here are some journal questions you may find helpful while seeking guidance from within:

Where have failures from turned into the greatest lessons?

What did you learn from these experience?

How do you see past failures differently now?

Where are you ready to release from the past that needs to be cleared out?

As within so without, take a look around, does your outer surroundings match your inner feeling? What feels the same? what feels different? What needs work and what needs maintaining?

A Masculine's Story

There was no denying when time had run out, the clutter consumed him. It consumed his house, his workspace, his car, and his mind. He was devoured by things he didn’t need, refuse he’d neglected to throw away and he couldn’t bring himself to part with. He found himself more and more unmotivated tired, and ready to lash out at all those people around him that tried to help. He was beginning to recognize his need to clean up his act. Not only his language and his reaction to others but also his spaces. One by one the feelings he denied and pushed to the aside he dealt with. This made him stronger, more motivated but not right away. He had to be patient and allow time to do it’s alchemy. He has a beautiful life ahead with new and exciting adventures. He must remove the clutter to see it and experience it, and it all starts today.

👁 👂

If this resonates, please don’t hesitate to leave a ❤️ at the bottom

A Visitor’s Challenge

Someone is facing their past authentically and boldly. What was once a blockage of shame and disdain for themselves and for others, is now a building block for the future they desire. This visitor is starting to see their responsibility in their own healing. They see now that they have a responsibility to put in active work on themselves as they will soon have nobody but themselves to hold accountable for their circumstances and what their next moves will be.

Someone is having a hard time surrendering to change. Everything is about to be different and this week someone comes face to face with that reality. Though they have been wishing for this for some time, this person is now faced with their fear of change that may have been denied or unseen until now. Someone is being asked to be patient with themselves because change is happening and it’s uncomfortable and scary for them much more than they realize. This requires gentleness, patience and repeat.

There is also a change in perception happening. Someone is not willing to lie to themselves anymore. In the past they would have hidden from their responsibility in changing their actions for healthier choices. They possibly would have avoided the steps needed to be in a better mindset. They are pushing themselves so hard to change they may forget to enjoy the progress. It’s not easy to face change

There is a hidden lesson, when someone is being asked to make such big changes in their life that it’s uncomfortable these are the changes that are necessary to bring them back on track to life they truly desire that bring the best outcome for themselves and the lives of others.

We are meant to influence in a powerful and positive way by truly and authentically changing ourselves, and someone is done hiding from their past mistakes and toxicity and they are bravely facing themselves, now is the time to shift that bravery to take over the fear of the unknown they will need to step into. As uncomfortable as it may seem, this is the burning away of all that does not serve a higher purpose.

Someone realizes that this shake up, and wake up was necessary to bring someone closer to what they truly desire. They are changing their judgment some things that were black and white, are now gray. This is really challenging the visitor this week. If they can surrender to these changes that make them feel the most uncomfortable, they are likely to find a freedom they didn’t even realize they needed.

Insecurity will melt away that made them feel undeserving of their beautiful life. They will see the people they love exactly as they are instead of what they want them to be or as they think they should be. That is a lot of freedom, and a lot to be proud of.

This is such a beautiful story. If it’s yours, please leave a ♥️ at the bottom

As you reach into your freedom enjoy the fertile time of abundance. Now is the time to plan and save diligently and plan for the future. While there is plenty, it’s really important to plan for the future. Not hoard away in fear, but wisely plan and choose to do without frivolous things for a time.


If the story shared this week did not resonate maybe the one daily focus is for you! Just one focus for each day

Monday -

Focusing on quiet time. Take some quiet time to observe life, really see what it is you want in life


Focus on boundaries. Recognize what you will and will not tolerate. Now is a time to hold your boundaries now is not the time to make exceptions. It is really important to hold steady to what you need.


Focus on inner truth. Go within look for inner guidance someone denying their truth needs to take a closer look at themselves.


Focus on healing. It’s time to heal more. It’s time to let go whatever you’re ready to. It’s time


Focus on love. LOVE for self and love for others.


Focus on FUN!

Honor your need to feel good! Do something that bring you happiness and happiness to another


Focus on the future. Prepare for an ending that needs to happen so that the beautiful new beginning can take place!

A Message from my heart ♥️

Dear sweet visitor,,

You are wonderfully and fearfully made. There is nobody exactly like you. Your faith is unbelievably strong. You move forward with boldness and you walk the narrow path of integrity refusing to allow anything to take it from you. You will not yield to poverty, you will not yield to adversity, you will not allow fear to consume you. I see you. Though there are many obstacles you may face as you learn, It is my prayer that you have each removed gently and the lessons learned the same. For you have all the power to change your circumstance, your outcome with just a little faith. You have all the rest you need to succeed.

There's more to come with your first look at April's Story this week! Until then,

May all that was not meant for you and all that was not of your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

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