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August 2021 “The Transition”

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Welcome Back to the Garden! I’m so glad you’re here! May all that’s meant for you reach you, in perfect time. 🙏

From one story to another, the transition this month will bring so many new opportunities, experiences and problem-solving. For Someone in August, this is going to be a transition into believing there is more than what they’ve experienced. Trusting themselves will be the key🔑.

There are 5 Focus points this Month One may apply or they may all be something to focus on this month. You are a wise, strong, intuitive soul. Take the energy as it resonates.

Focus 1 Dependability-

SO many options are opening up in the romance department for some visiting the garden. For some this is causing a bit of a superficial comparison of their options. This month, someone is encouraged to pay attention to who offers stability. Can you depend on this person? Or is this just a lot of pretty promises wrapped in a too good to be true, bouquet of lies? Don’t base this decision on the past with a new person. Someone has a choice to make, and if they hold out for someone dependable, they will harmonize with a like minded soul for a connection full of beautiful possibilities. There’s a blossoming of something beautiful.

For others, this is about business. Can you depend on your partners to come through with their end of the work? When choosing others to help you with a specific project, make sure you only plan for what you’re sure you can depend on. Leave room for error and remember, everything happens for you, even a redo or mistake that needs correcting. With the right business partner, you can grow an incredible dream into reality.

Focus 2: Productivity

One step at a time, celebrating every forward movement is the goal. Slowly but consistently the goals will be met!

Be wise how you spend your time. You have the power this month to get the THINGS DONE!

You're enough. Work with others, work alone... you can do this.

There are plenty of distractions. For some, Maybe They’ve been so busy on personal projects at the detriment to their family, or maybe they’ve spent so much time on social media, tasks are building up before them. It’s okay, just Shake it off! Children will not be children for long, enjoying the moment now while they can will lead to closer bonds. Building self love in another by showing you see them as worthy is the highest honour a parent could have. The internet can wait. It will, it has no other option. Your life isn’t there. For others childlike wonder needs to be your focus.

Focus #3 Preservation

For some visiting the Garden, hiding their talents, abilities and gifts was a necessary way to survive. Others that were trusted have not been gentle, kind or honest with them recently. They have had to endure the brutal honesty of some, the cold shoulder of others, and facing that people they trusted the most lied to them. this caused some to go inward. Self Preservation became necessary. Is it still? Are they being too guarded? Could they miss a HUGE opportunity by being closed to new influences that may change their situation for the better?

In the Garden it’s encouraged to use your intuition always. Is what you are feeling your intuition or your fear? It’s time for transition into faith from fear. As you go into a whole new life, fear will NOT serve you here! What is whispered here, is to not allow this new life, this new situation pay for the past. It’s not fair to this new opportunity. Your heart might not be healed, it would be helpful to take some time to face that pain, feel it & heal it.

Focus #4 Perspective

When you see something from the same view point for long enough, you may not see when another view, is much clearer. For some, right now is the time to be open to a new perspective. The transition from stubborn & hard-headed decisions to being open to new options doesn’t have to be difficult. Surrendering to new ways to solve problems,

Focus #5 Patterns

Transitioning from past negative patterns is happening NOW! You are doing so good! Do you believe it? When your eyes are open to your own toxic patterns, you will be able to see them in others as well. Choosing new ways, new ideas, new creative pursuits, For the brave ready to break out of patterns, it’s going to be great! Humility, Honesty, Generosity and taking risks with purpose are favored. Look at yourself honestly, what patterns are you ready to let go of? What Patterns have you been ignoring? You are an intuitive being. You are more than ready to face yourself and others bravely, and authentically. You Don’t have to run anymore. You Have everything you need to help you through the next challenge.

Thanks for Visiting the Garden 🪴 may all that’s not meant for you be released back into the pool.

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