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July 2021 "A time of Emergence"

Updated: Jul 11, 2021


Welcome back to the Garden! I’m so glad you’re here! You are appreciated and Always Welcome! Thank you subscribers, enjoy an early view of a story or two.

The Story for July comes from two different energies. “ The Nurturer” And the “Protector.” Allow your intuition to guide you to what is meant for you, and release what is not. Roles may be reversed. take it as it resonates. Just listen to these stories and find the wisdom hidden for you.

This story will be available for all who visit the garden starting July 5th 2021.

-Tia Khaleesi

The Nurturer’s Story

The decisions she came to, were not made unwisely. A lot of thought went into her choices. Still, she will be tested by others who would want to sway her decisions. The challenge as she begins this new month, will be to hold steady to what she’s chosen. To trust herself and remember why she made the choices she did. Her challenge is to believe in herself, believe in her vision and see it realistically.

Where her thoughts are focused, her energy is focused. She has what it takes, She can claim her power! She is strong enough to stay the course, it’s ok to stand alone sometimes. Will she choose not to give away her power? Will she own her decisions, will she fill her resources or will she give that away to others?

Every step, No matter how great or how small, is leading her towards her goals. She must be sure she is taking each step with integrity.This is why she must remember to take time alone to reflect on herself, on her choices, her actions. She is talented, sharp witted and comes up with solutions for every problem. Is she putting that towards the greater good of all involved? When making decisions for the future, she really must see how powerful she is. She is truly Strong, she might not realise, her words will become her reality. With great power comes great responsibility. Is she cursing herself? Is it time to examine what she is bringing to life? Her world around her will be exactly as she asked it to be.

She has been asked to humble herself. She emerges with more compassion. She is asked to remember that to lead is to serve all those who follow. Power with others is always stronger than one who desires power over others. She is asked to choose serving those around her, which will command the respect she is looking for releasing the need to demand it. This makes the respect she receives genuine and from a place of inner beauty. No more hiding in fear of not being enough. She’s ready to emerge from who she was into the person she’s always wanted to be. Will she take the steps necessary?

She’s knows herself well. She cannot be tricked or manipulated By her own insecurities Any longer. She knows now they are lying to her. She feels confident in her steps moving forward and she will NOT back down! She emerges knowing her worth. She is ready all her intentions come from what’s best for all involved and she’s no longer leading with ego. She’s become the leader she’s always wanted to be. Unity. By her example of kindness, others follow, her example of mercy, becomes the new normal. Her example is why her world looks as it does. As she takes a look around, what does her world look Iike now?

Now she knows where she is going, she’s ready to be brave, and do the things that have made her so uncomfortable and afraid. She’s not going to sink back into fear, she’s come to far, flown to high, to go back there. No, she’s going to stand in her power, holding herself accountable without blame or shame. She chooses to heal it as she faces it head on. She will do this, she’s done the work.. She’s not hiding anymore she wants to be the best version of herself. She chooses each day to be her own accountability and owns her missteps correcting them as they come. She may not count her missteps anymore. Slowly that may fade because she’ll be too busy celebrating the joy that accompanied correcting her path. She is fierce, she is strong. She loves with her whole heart, unconditionally and it all started by loving and trusting herself.


He begins this month with a feeling something isn’t quite right. He isn’t sure at first where it is coming from but he has a feeling of unrest. He is overcoming something big. He’s shedding his own ego.That need for control is being overtaken by surrender to his creator what he cannot control, while being alert and vigilant with what was. His best has always been good enough. That fear that says something might happen is leaving. He knows he’s always safe, he’s always protected.

He sees where he's been mistaken, he's ready to face that honestly, he's taking responsibility and it's transforming him from the inside out.

He emerges wiser discerning the battles worth fighting. He is a peaceful warrior. He protects the peace of all connected to him by simply being present. He makes everyone around him feel safe. His kindness brings him great luck. After resting himself, He helps his loved ones with his spare time, reinforcing his confidence and boosting his spirits. Giving his time and skills to others breeds great rewards . He is emerging as the protector he has been born to become. Will he believe this about himself? Will he choose to fill his time in service to those he loves, or will he allow himself to fall back into ego patterns of judgement and remain uninvolved creating a powerlessness in him that blocks his greater good? He has all he needs to decide, and the choice is up to him.

The animals need some attention, how long has it been since he’s sat to enjoy time with his pets? Haven't they always been there to bring joy? Haven't they always had unconditional love for them?Healing his inner child wound comes from giving love and attention to the animal companions in his life. In the second week of the month, it would be ideal to dedicate some extra time to his pets. Will he do this? Will he allow his pet to boost his mood?

He will need to make time to reflect. The batting cage can be his meditation, the gym can be his church, Fixing the house can be his service, wherever & whatever he does that helps him feel connected to the divine and clears his mind will be important. He will need to be disciplined in prayer and meditation. It is time for him to take all that has been negative, all that has been creating separation in his space and pain and turning it into love and unity. By looking at himself, and seeing where he is responsible for making a change, and choosing each day to change it with the same discipline as his desires, he will change all for the better.

Preparing for higher love

He may be tricked by the end of the month into believing that things that felt taken away from him were a punishment. He may take rejections and detours of his plans as failures. This just isn’t so . He hadn't earned those gifts. The challenge here is to see he’s preparing for something greater than he ever thought possible. Choosing to face his shadows and heal the wounds he carries, he'll become what he's always desired. He’s worthy of the loving, faithful and committed relationship he’s always desired. One without fear, without insecurity. He knows himself, he’s loving himself more and more. He’s giving of his time and energy to worthy sources and what doesn’t match, is being removed. He is being prepared for receiving all his hard work is earning him. He is ready to emerge stronger, wiser, braver, and more loving than ever before. When he’s lead by the Spirit, and loves and accepts every part of himself, it cracks open a powerful strong sense of knowing he’s living his purpose. Shedding that blame he took on for others poor decisions, anger, or pride or unhappiness will serve him well. It doesn’t mean others will like it or respond well to it, but he will learn his worth and will not be shamed for things that are not his to carry. He is ready.

Thank you for visiting! May all that isn't meant for your highest good be released back into the pool.

Remember you are worthy of love, so give yourself some today, and another along the way.

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