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Pisces Mastery 2024: Part one

Welcome to Tia’s Garden New Visitors & Subscribers. I'm so happy to have you here. We have been exploring the first six ways astrological placements will be challenged. Intuition plays a big part in how we move, or at least it does for those of you in tune. This is the space to practice feeling for those intuitive hits that naturally arise when you feel something resonate with your path. Today, we will be exploring a Pisces journey to self mastery. . You do not have to be a Pisces in order to enjoy this story. You may know a Pisces or have it in another part of your chart other than Sun sign and it could apply to you there. I do hope you'll enjoy it whether it applies or not. 

Self-mastery can take a lifetime and here in this space, we visit piece by piece what some visiting the garden will face as their next step in mastering their own path. Be mindful that not all that is shared here will be meant for you and that's okay... This is a space to practice using your inner guidance to lead to what feels right and will serve your highest good on your journey. It is my intention as the keeper of the space that when you leave here you only take with you what will serve your highest good. I believe, and so it is. Let's begin,

shall we?

6 Challenges for Pisces 2024

Action & Creation

Pisces is an intuitive sign. Known for being emotional and having a powerful intuitive nature, crises are also considered one of the more feminine signs. The nurturing nature of a pricing brings about an incredible amount of imagination and Earth's great creative ideas. For a Pisces visiting the garden the first challenge they may come upon is developing their masculine power of action for their creation. Pisces for too long has been listening to negative self talk about who they were in the past. All the ways they've seen themselves fail holding crises back from having true success Pisces may have been strategically looking for a way to take from another instead of pouring their action into watering their own ideas. When a Pisces turns away from their negative self talk and takes the time to put all of their energy and resources towards their dreams and goals without monitoring another's path, they create success and wealth for themselves in a mighty way. They will have plenty for themselves and they will have plenty to give others.

When mastering their ability to merge their feminine energy of creation with their masculine energy of creation there is not just one side of the coin further. Instead, what we get for Pisces is an opportunity balance and how they approach what they want to see come to fruition. They have an opportunity to the world around them transform into something very beautiful baptizing has had a hand in creating active role instead of keeping their brilliant ideas to themselves.

“ I validate my ideas by taking steps no matter how small towards seeing them come to fruition. I am capable of carrying both masculine and feminine energy at the same time.”

Reclaim your Gifts

“Use it or lose it.”

That's not the case for Pisces. There are some areas of a Pisces life where their talents gifts abilities have laid dormant. The knowledge has not been lost, but the talent is rusty. Mastering self-discipline take some time. So, Pisces may be asked to focus on reclaiming their gifts through daily practice of discipline. There are some who say that if you work just 18 minutes a day on one subject and devote that entire time to learning about it or practicing it back in one years' time you will be a master. With past knowledge already acquired they are being asked at this time to utilize the tools at their disposal. 

If a basis is feeling judged by others or if they feel they do not have the willpower or strength to put aside this time while others are present, they may be challenged to practice outside of the influence of others.  Pisces has the ability to see this through when determination beats the alternative of staying stuck in the same space they've always been.

“ As I master one area I become a student in another. I choose to enjoy this time of learning and apply all the knowledge gained that will assist me in this time for my highest good”

If that made sense than that perhaps it's for you.


For Pisces it will be important to practice the art of being in the present time. It's easy when you can see six steps ahead, to forget that there are still six steps ahead. There is a lot of joy and a lot of fresh new beginnings that have potential to arise for Pisces in this time of joy in this time of planting it will be important for Pisces to gain clarity. Clarity they will seek will come from all direction's clarity and work, clarity and love, clarity friendships and in family taking time to enjoy fresh air if it is possible to do so is important. Taking time to connect and give back to the earth at this time is important. There may be plenty of things pushing Pisces in many different directions.  They could forget to relieve stress with fresh air and connecting with the earth. (Gardening is a great way to do this) 

It can seem like the least important task for them at this time, it would be mistaken to believe this. 

when a Pisces can commit to 30 minutes of this a day, they create a huge shift in mental clarity. Even more so when detached from devices.

“ I am worthy of my full attention. When I release myself from the chain of obligation, I unleash my ability to assist others, gain clarity & create successful outcomes beyond limitation.” 

Focused Intention

It's easy when you have a great idea and a vision for how you want to see it come to fruition, to see it through. It's much harder when you see what you want to create but you aren't sure how to get there. There may be a Pisces at this time that has big goals but hasn't this faintest idea on what their next step will be. Someone needs to take some time to really consider what they want to accomplish. By focusing their time and attention on this goal they can begin to see the steps necessary to create it. Someone is being offered an opportunity or a piece of information that will help them get to their next level. Pisces may be filling stuck because there's next steps seem small leaving a lot of room and much more work to do as they go. Right now, Pisces is learning to master taking each step with intention. When everything big and small that they do and experience is considered part of getting them to their focused goal, they can manifest anything they put their mind to.

Help may come at this time in a surprising form. Pisces may receive communication from someone who feels deeply about their cause and wants to help. This is why it'll be important that Pisces is taking every step with focused intention. They will consider very carefully who they want involved in their endeavors and they will remove those who distract them from their goals.

If this is for you, you already know.

“I am harnessing the divine feminine power of creation. I hold strong to my vision as I focus my intention on the outcome for the highest good of myself and others. I detach from the outcome and focus my intention on my next step”

Accepting Leadership

A Pisces may have been playing it safe for quite some time. They only wanted to have so much power. This is no longer possible for the heights that Pisces would like to climb. For Pisces is looking to become incredibly wealthy they will need to start in a new direction. They must accept the fact that they've been called to leadership and step fully into that role. Whether they asked for this position or it was thrust upon them unexpectedly, Pisces understands that they have what it takes to bring this endeavor to successful and prosperous new levels. With power comes responsibility and this may be why Pisces has been so hesitant to fully step into their leadership position. They may have been afraid of what consequences could come from a misstep. Pisces must remember that they have wisdom and knowledge available to them to sharpen their own gifts but they are ready to start moving forward in this position that has been given to them. They would not be here if they could not make this a success.

It is time for Pisces to decide if they are ready to move forward. They can no longer work by themselves, and they are being asked to come out of the shadows out of seclusion and be prepared to work as a team with others. As a leader Pisces will intuitively recognize when the time to listen in the time to speak is and can bring out the best in the people they are called to lead. The challenge will be for Pisces to be consistent and show up for the people they are leading. They can no longer give excuses when holding themselves accountable.

“ I hold myself accountable standing in my power. I stand in my masculine energy taking responsibility for my role in assisting others. I am a board leader and I choose to take sage advice when offered and move forward with discernment in the highest good of others in consideration.”


There could be a situation where Pisces is offered a beautiful dream that fills like happily ever after. This may not be something truly attainable. This Pisces may be feeling betrayed, and a connection may be severed because of this. A Pisces may realize that they were not only lied to but someone stole from them as well. The Pisces that will resonate with this they already know who this is, as they have been suspicious for some time.

On the path of self-mastery sometimes what we're mastering is our ability to trust our intuitive fits. Pisces is a powerful intuitive and picked up on deception from the beginning. They may have dismissed their intuitive hits because they didn't trust themselves fully or a mask made them question themselves. It is still Pisces responsibility to trust themselves and make decisions from that space.

There will be a need to take time before agreeing to any sort of new position or deal.

If an offer comes in that does not give you time to consider it fully, this may not be the time for that option. Every Pisces situation will be different than following your intuition is the most important key here. If Pisces is willing to take the time to truly listen to all the wisdom that is available to them they can have a better decision and might be of able to avoid a tragic situation.

“ I stand in my sovereignty recognizing my duty to remain impartial. I make decisions wisely considering all parties involved. I claim my power, taking action with integrity. I move with the highest respect for my position and with love for others.”

That's what I have for you at this time Pisces, and other subscribers. Thank you for taking a look into self-mastery of Pisces in the year of the Dragon 2024. May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Remember. the medicine you need is within you. Your life in every piece is the ritual,

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