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Awakening the Priestess

Welcome to the Whispering Guidance in the garden. As we sit by the pool, listening to the beautiful sounds, welcome. 🙏

Thank you for joining me here today. This bonus reading is for what you say,what you do how you’re feeling what you’re thinking and what spirit wants you to know most about your situation.

This may not resonate with you, if it doesn’t enjoy the story.

What you say:

“ Sisterhood of the rose, beauty and devotion, priestess mystic teacher”

It is time for you to step into your teaching you know who you are. You have much to teach this world and it is time for you to step into your gifts. 🎁

The world needs you! Exactly as you are, and it’s time to stop hiding from it…

YES, You are worthy of more, YES you have everything you need to become the best version of yourself. Yes, you are who you think you are. You are special and intuitive.

It is time for you to rise and see that in yourself.


How can you Mother yourself? Where have you been lacking in the feminine energy? Whether you are male or female anatomically we all have masculine and feminine energy inside of us. When we deny the feminine, the mothering energy the nurturing energy to ourselves we find ourselves growing harder, unsealed in the masculine. The ego based part of our lives.

SO where in your life do you need to bring about more nurturing? What needs to be seen? What needs to be loved? Something you are doing halfway needs more of your attention.


Stop dimming yourself to fit in. How are you hiding who you truly are inside? What do you truly want? What are your true hidden desires? So It doesn’t fit in the “norm.”

Normally, people not in the same frequency as you may deny your dreams or mock them, that doesn’t make what they say true. Maybe that’s not their path, that is why they cannot see what you do.You don’t need to dim who you are just because that’s who they are. You are being given divinely guided information. You have so much to offer. You may not believe that, but something in your spirit may be telling you there’s potential. You are coming into your own. There is something major inside of you just dying to be born. Perhaps a childhood dream that you have been wishing and waiting on, hoping it would come true.

You have done the work, you are worthy to step into this new space, your potential is just dying to come out.

Remember, it’s time for you to 🛑STOP hiding who you are, and dimming who you are for the sake of someone else’s ego.You have much wisdom to give another. There is so much you have to offer. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re ready to do it

You have everything you need

You’re enough



Thinking and Dreaming

Remember your childlike faith?

You are worth taking sometime to nurture your dreams. To take time to look at yourself honestly, what you want those doubts and thoughts that say you don’t deserve better are a LIE.

Sometimes we have to go through those lies and ask ourselves why we picked them up. Why did we decide we weren’t enough? Why did we decide that our intuition wasn’t guided. Did you allow someone to make you feel that way? Are you ready to take your power back?

It’s time you are worth the time to sit. Breathe… listen to yourself for a moment, listen to that inner guidance. The Holy Spirit that speaks to you, why are you dreaming what you are dreaming? Could it be a higher purpose? Could you be running from it?

Could it be time to stop running? Time to face who you truly are. A divinely guided being of love and light worthy of gracing this world with these beautiful gifts because it is your calling, it is your destiny.

Thank you for visiting the garden May all that’s meant for you come to you in perfect time, May all that is not meant for your highest good be released back into the pool

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