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A Leo’s Story (PT.1) “The Lioness”

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

🎶 Happy Birthday to you, Strong & Vibrant Leo 🎶

Welcome to the Garden! I hope you enjoy your visit.

May all that is for your highest good reach you in perfect time.

Here’s to the queen of fire and of our hearts ♥️ She’s fierce she’s radiant and she brings the sun wherever she goes! Her warmth melts the coldest of hearts. Cheers🥂 TO LEO♌️ !

This story may resonate for Sun, Moon, rising or Venus in Leo placements. Roles may be reversed. take it as it resonates.

The Challenge:

The lioness we have before us has life changing events unfolding rapidly. Making changes to her life day by day has been setting her on the path to success! Never mind the retrograde planets happening right now, they are doing her a huge favor! Every lesson has come with blessings. Every time she chose grace, humility and respect, she chose her highest good, she chose her highest self! What’s the challenge? Calling it in! Giving her time energy and love to others is starting to come back to her (as it should) . Believing she deserves great things and receiving is challenging because She doesn’t see her success coming…… (Yes, lioness it IS coming!)


Why doesn’t she see this coming? Her thoughts have been allowed free reign in times of stress. This Leo went through a very painful transformation. This is the distraction that kept her from remembering her worth. She learned a hard lesson in love, but a valuable one. She's learned she can love someone and show the deepest parts of herself, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the extraordinary, and if it’s not the right person, she can be surrounded and still feel alone. She has learned what she doesn't want in her life, unnecessary pain caused by holding on to what isn't meant for her. It's time to let it go.

With help from the Holy Spirit, She’s removed the clutter. creating release instead of losses, release with gratitude instead of painful separations. She’s standing head held high with one purpose. To rule her life with fierce love for herself and all involved. She is done thinking she deserves the pain that’s been caused. She sees where she had to survive and sees the others too. She did the work, the hard thing and she has forgiven all involved. (Can forgiveness truly heal a broken heart? Yes, it can) She forgives the people who brought pain, chaos and unkindness to her life and removes them one by one. She does it with love for everyone including herself.

To heal herself, she’s removing her blindfolds, rebuilding her strength. She’ll tell you she’s felt trapped by the past. She is deciding now that what’s robbing her of her joy and all blinding her to her blessings is OVER.

Bitterness No longer has a hold on this beauty, with all that was stolen from her. Now, she’s leaving it where it belongs, in the past. What is meant for her always returns and what is not will be removed for her highest good! What makes this lioness a queen 👑 ? The fact that she’s willing to leave the right to bitterness, revenge and hatred behind. What’s more? She is leaving settling for less than she deserves behind too. She’s re-learning her worth and it’s happening fast! Boundaries are set and followed!

She is shining brighter than her most cherished star

Daughter of the King of Kings, Daughter of the Moon


What has she learned? A valuable lesson. She’s done giving her power away! A queen does not preform for jesters, and the clowns 🤡 go back to the circus! She see’s the illusion for what it is. She was always enough. Her intuition has always been strong, the cloudy water is now still and she can see clearly. Instead of looking outside for validation, she’s learned to go back to and trust herself! Yes, she is that CHICK!

YESSSS! She knows her worth, YES she IS the one and only those who see it will be welcomed in her presence. She can trust her intuition with fierce loyalty. The misplaced loyalty has been redirected and her true KING revealed!

Where the heart is…..

She’s been asking herself, is love truly worth it? She’s worked so hard on healing the past wounds. She’s held the heavy burden of unrequited love, the past has weighed heavy on her. Can she release it with grace? Will she find the loyalty she gives? She doesn’t want to end up in another heartbreaking situation. Oh but if our lioness could only open her eyes a little wider she’d see, there’s a spark that starts a FIERY passion in her soul again.🔥 There is love coming her way, someone not afraid to fight for her, it’s all she ever wanted, and that love will be here sooner than she thinks.


“ … And you will know the truth and The Truth will set you Free” John 8:32

Remembering to believe in herself will be the key to healing all the things she’s been afraid of facing! She has more knowledge than she realizes, and justice, is coming.

Money will come where she least expects it, she’s provided for. All her needs are met through her creator. She’s standing in her power, calling it back from all the places she allowed it to be taken from her. Sovereignty is her cloak, standing in her truth, her weapon And also her healing balm. She’s loving all in her midst. Instead of sending curses in any direction, she speaks only words of love, and realizes that EVERYTHING that happens, is happening FOR her, not to her. The key, is that she surrenders only to her creator, and bows to NO MAN.


When it comes to returning to what broke her spirit, or choosing an uncomfortable transition, she may deceive herself into choosing what’s always been. Can she remember her worth when standing in front of the ones who enforced the illusion? There may come a time to ROAR that lioness roar and remind them who she is. Can she walk away from the ones who saw her as an option? (Yes, she can) Can she do this with forgiveness, love and self reflection? (Yes, she CAN) She’s learned so much, she’s done the healing and so much waits for her on the other side of this. Will she choose her higher path? Will she release all not meant for her, to receive what she doesn’t see coming? A NEW world, in a higher vibration surrounded by people who love her as she loves them?

SHE decides the direction of this story, and nobody else.

That’s all I have for you on this story! May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool.

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Thank you choosing to be here with me today. You are appreciated.

-Tia Khaleesi

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