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Someone’s Story “Transformation”

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

May you receive only what is for your highest good. May all else be released. and so it is.

Transformation of Perception:

Have you been through it with someone you thought was reliable, trustworthy? This may have darkened your perception of others. The lies and manipulations you endured may have left you feeling a little guarded and feeling unsafe. Maybe you don’t feel anyone is safe right now. If you have created a wall, or barrier around your heart to protect it, that has served it’s purpose. It is now time to see that this NEW opportunity is NOT like the place you came from. You have gained much wisdom from the pain, you have learned to trust yourself as you were always guided to the truth, and now you can believe it.

Forgive yourself for not knowing your worth, you know it now. You remember!

Could it be time to be open to the idea that there IS good out there? That maybe it true and there IS a healthy situation possible for you? Can you believe your worthy? You may not be seeing things through that lens right now, keep this in mind when a new opportunity approaches.

HYDRATION: Water is so important for cleansing, rehydrating. Are you remembering to replenish your body’s resources? Your light shines brighter when you are cleansed of all that is not for you. BE THE LIGHT YOU WANT TO SEE IN OTHERS.


THE HEALING : Transparency -Nobody deserves your honesty more than you. Are you hiding from the truth? Are you boldly ready to face it?

THE CHALLENGE: AVOIDANCE: Every Hero, and every villain have an origin story. The root of who they have chosen to become. They are given a choice to face their painful history and heal it, or blame others and allow it to fuel their anger and darkness. What of the choice to ignore it? What happens then? What happens when we refuse to acknowledge what happened in the past has an influence on the here and NOW? What happens if we forget that this choice will also direct the path we take in the future? Where does that leave us? Can you believe in yourself enough to bravely face that what happened to you wasn’t yours to own, and every choice you make is yours to own, and yours ALONE? Can this be a beautiful thing for you knowing that you can take a different path? Is this your moment?

We all need a little extra help sometimes, you’re not alone and help is out there! Therapy is an incredible tool. Could you find your form of healing & do the work? The work is worth doing YOU are worth healing! Believe it! You deserve to take time and love yourself..


There are seasons of our lives that we must honour. Like a flower that grows, blooms and dies, only to be reborn next spring, so are the seasons of your heart. Your strong, and it’s ok to let yourself grieve . The pain doesn’t last forever. It’s only temporary. Embrace the ending allow yourself room to heal for a new beginning.

Your heart is yours, take care of it. Closing it off isn’t the answer but maybe the lesson in the mourning, is your heart is beautiful, and it’s not deserved by everyone. What if that’s okay?


THE UNSPOKEN DREAM AHEAD: There is someone in this story that is expecting a reunion with someone they never thought they’d see again. Someone very dear to their hearts. Are you ready for what’s next? In order to have this reunion the past must be released. Sometimes the lesson in separation is to release the chasm between you that you’ve grown fond of. Sometimes it’s realizing what kept you apart wasn’t worth it.

Thank you. May What you need be received and the rest be released back into the pool.

-Tia Khaleesi

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