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Story Time with Tia : Shadows Pt 2 & 3 Libra ♎️ & Aquarius ♒️

Hello! Welcome to Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time! Welcome back Wisdom seekers! This is the end of our shadow stories for this year! I'm So honoured to give these gifts to you here! Have you resonated with these? Please don’t forget to like and subscribe! You can support this site by subscribing HERE.

Shadow consists of the hidden parts of ourselves we have yet to acknowledge or that we may not see but once we do, we can heal or integrate them for our highest good. Not all that is shared is meant for you. You may not be in need of the wisdom here and that’s okay, use your intuition to guide you to the wisdom you seek. May only what’s meant for your highest good be received and so it is.

*The written content may differ from the videos slightly and in a separate order.

A Libra’s Story

Thank you for choosing me as your guide for this shadow season, lets begin shall we? This is a Libra’s Story and we are in powerful transformation (Hello, Libra ♎️ welcome to the Garden.)

I see that you’ve had something fall apart for you, Libra. For you,there seems to be a lack of movement, a lack of production. Nothing seems to be working..

You know, sometimes things fall apart because they never did work and I see someone who feels stuck waiting. Waiting on someone who is liar, a cheater, and a thief.

Sweet Little Lies

Someone promised beautiful things and came in full of love and passion, but what they didn’t tell you, is that you weren’t the only one! Now you feel stuck like there’s no way to move in your favor. You’re trying balance your emotions, there’s a need for transformation. These words used to trap you the sweet little lies, and these actions did not happen by accident. This was not ever about you. You wanted something that wasn’t yours it was never meant for you. This is why it fell apart. This is why it isn’t working.

That’s why you feel stuck waiting. Waiting on these beautiful promises they never intended to come through and give to you. They have been taking from someone else to give what little they have been giving to you. This made them stuck too! This is why, they are leaving you.The thief is stubbornly holding on to something that was never meant for them, something not theirs either.

You are not the answer to that problem.

The Truth About the Thief:

They are being revealed for who they truly are, they never meant you well they were always trying to take from you. You deserved better you always have deep down you are a warrior a fighter. This is only bringing you heartache. It’s heartbreaking its time to get out of that. It’s time to get out of the shadow of heartbreak, because the truth about this situation, they didn’t tell you, but you were aware they were taking from someone else to give to you. You may not have been aware that they were holding on to that other person.

The Good News

The good news is, that means you can move forward to find what is meant for you! Something better suited for who you are, something that’s going to make your heart jump! There’s also a sacral chakra imbalance. You may not feel worthy. This is leading you to feel like you have to take from someone else, Libra. That’s not you. No, that’s not who you are deep down. This is a lesson you’re learning the hard way, But you don’t have to.

A Solution:

You can choose to turn away from this situation, move forward and be unbound releasing the soul patterns and past contracts of past lives. Sure, you have behaved this way in the past to get what you wanted, taking from others, being a 3rd party. You won’t recover from this one. You’re being called to take the lead in this situation you were not meant to sit here and suffer, you took a path that lead to destruction and it was destroyed for your good.

When a situation doesn’t work out it’s not rejection it’s God’s protection. That’s not your road that’s not your path.

Choosing a Higher Path

Call your power back to you. It’s time to cut the chords to this person and this situation it’s time to leave this person in the bed they made for themselves. Attaching to it only attaches you to what they have coming to them and they took from someone they never should have, (believe me, you don’t want anything to do with that!)

That situation will set you back in your growth. it is time for you to take the lead stand in your truth take up your power and remind yourself you are more than someone’s big secret. You are more than a label. You don’t need to be with someone date you when their married. You are more than someone who pretends with you. Believe you deserve someone who is just for you, that you don’t need to steal from another.

when we steal from another we lose it the way we took it. You could end up losing everything you wanted from that situation, and they could leave you the same way.

You are worthy of loving yourself. it’s time to rekindle that love for yourself.

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♒️ An Aquarius Shadow

This Story is for an Aquarius. Hello lovely Aquarius 👋 Thank you for visiting the garden and trusting me to be your guide, Let me tell you a story about this Aquarius. If it’s not your story, still listen carefully because their might be a message in here for you. We can all learn from each other

This Aquarius is being offered happiness. The Sun, everything they’ve ever wanted! There’s a change in their life being offered to them by the Holy Spirit, by the creator it is time! So what is holding this Aquarius back from a happy life that’s waiting for them. In order for them get this life they’ve earned, that they deserve, they have to be willing to accept the change.

The release of a past lover that their intuition has been telling them to let go of.

Staying unstuck

They felt stuck and bound to the past relationship. It was a struggle, a fight to get over. It was a heartbreaking experience for them. Everything they’ve ever wanted is on the other side of releasing this past relationship.

They choose to let it go, to break through to release those ties there’s love in store for them. ( Could be someone who is a healer or a teacher)

They’re not alone they’re being guided:

“It’s time for you Aquarius to listen carefully”

What are you willing to lose?

You are being guided right now, you are being taught. Could be someone who has past on who agreed to be your spiritual guide, it could be the Holy Spirit trying to reach you but you are being guided to release the past. You are not stuck, you are NOT bound to it anymore Aquarius, you don’t need to stay there! It’s time to let go you have something better coming for you, happiness!

Everything you’ve ever wanted

It’s going to be beautiful. But you’re being asked to accept that change, you’re being asked to believe that this is justice for you! There’s no victim mode, there’s no villain here, it wasn’t meant to be! Because of that relationship, if you look, what did you learn? Use your intuition to look back at what you learned about yourself.

What won’t you tolerate in your relationships going further?

What do you need to heal? where’s your own toxicity? Where do you see a need to change the way you treat people as you cannot treat people this way going forward?

Dipping into the pool,

“If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”

Matthew 21:22

You believed with all your heart that you deserved joy, that you deserved happiness, that you deserved this life you’ve been given. It’s being offered to you, what are you willing to lose to gain everything, Aquarius? Pain? Resentment of the past? Being the victim….. your need to be right? Unforgiveness & bitterness? Holding your tongue perhaps?

Being clear with what you mean?

Believe! Do you believe?

555 that is your guide, that’s how you know. Expect Change and expect it to be great ❤️

*May everything not meant for you be released back into the pool

With all of my heart I’d like to thank you for your time and joining me here! If you like these stories and want more, subscribe to our weekly stories Here Have a safe & Happy Halloween 🎃

-Tia Khaleesi

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