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SOMEONE’S STORY: “The Battle of the Mind”

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Come sit with me, as I stare deep into the pool of wisdom, what do I see?

Someone’s May Story, unfolding in front of me! My wish and inttention is for the reader to only take with them what is for their highest good, and release what is not, and all that they should.

Amen, And So it is.

May 23–29th

The Challenge: The Battle of the mind

The main message: “She goes her own way. “ Great victory is ahead, YOU ARE ENOUGH. As you are. it’s time to get out of your head and heal your heart. On the other side of this, is something better, much, much better.

What if everything that is happening, is happening for us, not happening to us? There has been a lot coming to the surface. So many wounds from the past, uncovered situations of the present, the truth has not been easy to unearth or receive. To have such a jolt to the system can leave even the strong vulnerable to the downward spiral of the negativity that can seep in through the mind and into the heart. It has been so hard. For sometime it has felt like all the effort, time, emotion, and love given by the person. The person in this story is such a beautiful soul. Never is love wasted, and

If they could only see, so much reward is coming for that love they gave so unconditionally.


The Person in this Story is strongly lead by feminine energy, also known as "The nurturer" energy (physical gender isn’t relevant it exists in us all ) This nurture has felt so betrayed, overworked and under appreciated. The mind is slowly lost in a tumble unhealthy thoughts and patterns. ( It’s okay, breathe sweet soul. ) The divine always notices us, even when we don't see the results around us, we are noticed. what's more, they have the power to release these now!

The mind is easily tricked and should not lead, For this story, it’s time to return to self worth! It is safe to see! If they were to look inward, they may see, in every moment they are capable to powerfully change their circumstances. Love is truly the answer. Love of Holy Spirit, Love of others, and yes, Love of self. Yes YOU too, are worthy of your love. Living life in Truth boldly facing it everyday sets us free, knowing ourselves intimately keeps others from deceiving us into thinking we are someone we are not. We are interconnected and through God/Source, we are one.


The cleanse: Mind & Body

What if instead of just cleansing the body, our bathing rituals included cleansing our energy? What if instead of allowing ourselves to marinate in the toxicity of our experiences, we found it natural and easy to seek a trusted therapist to help sort it all out? Are we ready to cleanse the mind? (What if you dea reader found strength in boldly facing yourself without judgement of what you see? )

What if relaxation was just as important as work? Now, Not everybody finds a hot bubble bath relaxing or practical, but maybe for a nice release of the day, a shower would do. It’s been often said, by many before this, that you cannot bypass the work, the only way to healing is through facing the pain. It’s there, what if instead of running from it, the choice was to face it, feel it and release it. Yes, releasing it right down the drain far away from the energetic field? If only a layer, and only for tonight. whatever you have to give, when you give it, it is enough. YOU are enough.

Replenishing, Rehydrating, by Drinking water.

Is an area that needs a little more attention? Have you been drinking enough? Using your own intuition, how much is your water intake affecting the way you feel physically?

What Is the Vibration chosen through music?

What is pouring into the soul, through the entrance of the ears? What melody do you bathe in to set your day? Lyrics and frequencies are what connect us to the music, and to the vibration of the song, when feeling alone in our darkness, hearing another’s pain similar to our own, can soothe the wound we feel for a moment. Angry songs of revenge can sometimes help us come out of a powerless state and confront our anger head on, the battle cry Hoo AHH! yes, it’s useful for a time. We cannot stay there forever though, that would not do for a time of peace. In this story, could it be they are unintentionally choosing to stay in the vibration of sadness and betrayal?

This week could be a time for choosing a powerful playlist of uplifting songs of strength in moving on without the "partner bashing" element. Releasing the need to blame, regardless if it’s deserved. It is time to make way for the inner King/ Queen (mob boss , whatever, we don’t judge here) listening to high vibrational music and frequencies (528 hz -639hz ) could be exactly what is needed to give the boost to move on to better things that are absolutely deserved, and could come in very fast! Will this be chosen as a soothing balm?

This week has the potential to end in happiness, fortune after finally winning the battle of the mind and the blockages there. These can be cleared by remembering these words : YOU ARE ENOUGH. will they be believed ? Choice, free -will come into play, we are all responsible for choosing the way.

Thank you for visiting!



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