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Someone’s Story “Being, & The Still”

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

* None of the challenges are meant to replace medical or professional advice. Please always check with your healthcare professional when adding anything new to your Wellness plan. videos not from Tia Khaleesi's Story Time are for reference only & not an endorsement of the content or an affiliation.

Welcome back to the garden! I’m so glad you’re here! Relax, take a load off and listen to someone’s story! 3 Focus points for the week, what may come to pass and if wise decisions are made instead, perhaps some may never come to pass! Not all that is here is meant for you. May you receive all you need in perfect time. May you allow The Garden to assist you in access your own inner guidance.

Amen, and so it is.

Doing, is done so often that busy becomes the Norm. That busy will not help when navigating the storm. learning how to switch from doing to being, will open up the eyes to all that needs seeing.

Where energy goes, energy flows

FOCUS 1: What makes the heart happy

Time to stop hiding

Someone is getting some powerful reflections in this week. All they have needed to face in themselves is being played out around them in others. This is opening them up to choosing healing over conflict. In order for them to get there, they must make time to be still. Taking time to reflect in the quiet stillness of the early morning or late evening, not screen distractions will help bring clarity to a situation and how someone is truly feeling .

Refection brings reconciliation

They are returning to quality time with someone from the past, reconciling, and learning the truth about situations that once clouded this relationship. Because they were brave and willing to have THAT conversation, it’s opened them up for a healing that is great enough to heal programming from generations! Yes, They are ready to accept healing from The Divine! They are ready to stop resisting the help that’s in front of them, they are ready to release old grudges that have kept them buried in lack.

For someone, it hasn’t been easy, when they hear ”focus on the good around you,“ what they actually hear is ” pretend things are not as bad as they are.”

Where’s the lesson?

Every situation teaches us something about the personality we are experiencing. When life feels out of control, sometimes the lesson is to release the expectation of control. What we experience can mold and shape our expectations to believe we are in lack when we are challenged to use our resources to create wealth for ourselves. Eventually, we remember, we are co-creating with our Creator, and someone is realising they have everything they need to quickly fix this slump they feel they’re in.

Mental/ Experience blockages.

Did they have support as a child? For some, they weren’t shown that their dreams were worth anything more than thought. They may have been encouraged to dream and dream big, but never given direction on how to turn this into reality. This became a hopless unfullfilled wish and nothing more to them.

“Time wasting” and “someday after the real stuff” is how they viewed dreams recently. Dreams for someone were unattainable given up for “Real Life”

How has that really worked out for them? Assessing life as it is, they see potential for a more fulfilling path, if only they could release their bonds to old programming from childhood. Programming is a deep rooted mentality that is taught through multiple generations as truth. Wether conscious or subconsious, the mind is trained to believe these things as truth.

The deep rooted impoverished mentality is showing itself and where it’s affecting Someone’s relationship with money and their material world. The more they fear the lack, the more weight of debt is on their back!

Could it be time to release those beliefs? Is it time to see that money is energy, easily created?

As they look around at what was once not enough, they see how lucky they truly are. They see where their perception has blocked them from seeing their true feelings. Are they ready to drop those feelings for good? Will they choose to invest their time, money and strength in what makes their heart happy?

You are the noticer, You are the one that is AWARE. You are the seer.

You are the Co-creator of your experience.

Focus 2 The Antagonist arrives

An old church saying is “Satan is the author of confusion” ( a play off the verse 1Corinthians 14:33 ) if you believe this to be true and heed the warnings, you’ll be prepared when trouble comes and know the wise decision is to do nothing while confused.

This is also true for those on a spiritual path that understand that ego will tell you to rush, and your spirit will be still.

Someone must remember that by following their faith, spirituality and believing in their guidance they are being shown what’s coming next. They are learning and need to understand they are highly protected, and safe always

“ Look Within. Be Still. Free from ear and attachments, know the sweet Joy of the way. “ -Gautama Buddha

Weekly Challenge: Drink an extra glass of water & listen to 396 hz for 5 minutes a day for grounding, and if feeling unable to stop fear and worry.

Being, not reacting

This week, We have a trouble maker who wants to cause massive chaos through confusion. Angry and bitter with their own lives, they are choosing to focus on the Someone in this story, to project all that hatred and toxic energy right at them.

They don’t want them to see their worth. Using manipulation to make someone feel small. This Toxic person needs to be avoided. They don’t need to be fed, they can’t take what is meant for someone else.

If a customer refuses to buy an item, the seller must take their item home with them. If you refuse to engage in arguing, the person is left to argue alone.


Sure, things for someone in their life may feel a little more than they planned for. Someone may feel defeated or that their efforts are just not enough. They may have convinced themselves this is a fact. This is a lie. A lie straight from fear, and a lot of that isn’t coming from the person in our story. They are NOT in over their head. They have and always have had everything they need to succeed. How will they choose to use what they have in front of them?

When you are the one choosing a life of integrity, (no matter how it seems on the physical for a moment) You are creating a life of powerful growth in all areas you focus that integrity. Your goals and your manifestations are guarded from anyone who would mean ill will towards you.

Focus: 3 Seeing

When strong, when honest with how they feel, and that honesty directed to themselves, they see things happen FOR them they never thought possible. Recognizing their foe, choosing to leave the ridged self imposed rules gives them the freedom, the victory they are looking for. They are ready to stand in self expression out of their safe little bubble. Standing in their truth is a powerful weapon against anyone who wants to continue living in lies. They’ve been honest with themselves and their fear of success, and they have chosen to invest in themselves and a beautiful future.

It’s time to create what is in their heart of hearts that will birth success. Believe and they WILL succeed. Their giving with an open heart is what makes them special and what makes them different

Area of improvement: Have You been neglecting your Creative side? Challenge 2

It’s time to consider 417 hz to balance the sacral chakra and reopen the flood of creative flow. This frequency also removes negative energy while they are choosing to create. Trusting they are protected. Anytime the toxic people in their life tries to cast doubt

Returning back to who you are, remembering your worth, believing in your dream life and making it possible with small steps towards it each day, will get you there before you know it.

That’s all I have for you, may all that was not meant for you be returned to the pool, it is done, it is done it is done.

Thank you for visiting today I wish you so much success on your journey, Sending positive energy from my heart to yours, until next time,

-Tia Khaleesi

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