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Someone’s Story “Rewards in Bloom”

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I’m so glad you’re here today!

This story this week speaks to the Nurturing Feminine Energy the pronoun “she” is referring to that energy. Keep in mind we are all made of both Masculine and Feminine energy. Gender is not specific to energy, remember what resonates for you is meant for you, trust your inner guidance.

The Challenge: Embracing the Heart’s Desire

She is talented. She’s always known this. She hasn’t always embraced it, believing the false narrative of insecurity. She has played it safe, listening to others tell her what she’s good at, what she’d excel at, afraid to fail. It’s time for her to sit down and be honest, what is her passion? What is it she truly wants to do? Can she let go of the lies she tells herself about success?

Can she believe what she really wants to do IS an option? Does she believe she can succeed at her passion? Can she be honest with herself about what her true passion is? This is the current challenge she faces. This week, she’s choosing where to plant her energy for a full harvest in the future.

Affirmations: “I am ready to follow my dreams, I trust in my ability to succeed I was made to be successful in all meant for me, my passion is meant for me. “

Love ❤️

Loyalty was not something she has seen around her. She’s seen sneaky behavior, betrayal and cruel manipulation rewarded. She has finally released that belief. It’s kept her stuck for far too long. She’s choosing happiness, she’s choosing love. She’s choosing what makes her feel whole. This is why, she’s ready. All that she’s witnessed has been turned into knowledge free of fear. She didn’t give up on herself and she finally fell in love, with herself. She sees her worth and knows her value. She has the power to decide, She will never again allow anyone to devalue her. Love for herself fills her, and love for others does too. Now she’s ready, her lover is coming, and she can finally receive what’s meant for her with open arms.

Goodbye to the old

Old ways of thinking are melting away. She’s growing, and it’s showing. As everything is improving for her, she is adapting to the new and better world around her. It requires flexibility and acceptance that she must surrender the weapons of toxic behaviors that will not serve her here. When she’s living a life in truth, she has nothing to fear. Her integrity is being rewarded. She’s parting with people, places and things that remind her of that painful past. She doesn’t need to hold on to them. She’s ready to turn the old into the new calling it her own.

Vacation Time

Her work has paid off! Now it’s time to rest. It’s time to enjoy the spoils of her labour. She is planning an adventure, some time for herself, or maybe a simple weekend get away. It doesn’t matter, she’s ready for a holiday, and she may even plan one for the future.

It’s here!

Last Fall, She made a choice and worked towards it. She prayed, meditated, and put her faith in her decision. Now, the rewards are here! She is slowly seeing the benefit of sticking to her plans and believing in better! This is what she’s earned. She doesn’t need to wonder if she deserves it, she does. This can be her new normal, she just needs to believe this is what she’s always been worthy of.

Pause for Gratitude

While the blessings are flowing, and her friendships are growing, she realizes that now is the time to give.

She wisely saves for the future and gives to those in need. She feeds her neighbor through food banks, she clothes her neighbor through donating what she no longer needs, releasing the chains of the past for good. Her abundance brings overwhelming gratitude to her soul, because she sees she was always cared for and she always had more than enough. She just couldn’t see it. Even when her world seemed cold, she had all she requested. Now, she’s looking forward to the winter, and she’s prepared to see her life through a different lens.

New Home

There is a new home on the horizon, whether she chooses to move to a new building, or whether there is a shift in her own, everything is new, everything is beautiful everything is ready for the next adventure in her home. All that has challenged her is giving her some rest, and in this time, she will recharge. Each challenge that comes her way in the future is a chance to grow, it’s no longer a time in despair.

Thank you for connecting with me, and visiting the garden. May all that’s not meant for you be released back into the Pool.

Remember, You’re enough just as you are.

-Tia Khaleesi

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