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Someone’s Story “Past Shadows”

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Shadow- the parts of ourselves that are unseen and need to be acknowledged.

Welcome to my garden wisdom seekers! I’m so glad you’re here! This week is a week of release, for Someone. We’ll shine light on the parts of Someone’s shadow that are ready to be released. Not all that is shown here is meant for you, this garden is a perfect place to practice trusting your own inner guidance to take what resonates and leave the rest. Videos not directly from Tia Khaleesi's Story Time are for reference and are not affiliated with this site. Enjoy at your discretion.

As we dip deep into the pool of wisdom, and see a glimpse into another’s path, May you receive only what is for your highest good, and so it is.

Release of Indecisive Energy.

(Pisces & Leo/Virgo Cusp)

Someone spent a long time hiding behind a false persona. Pretending to be financially secure when not, and devout when lacking spiritual connection. They were stuck in a cycle unable to manifest what they’ve always desired and lacked the clarity to choose the movement format that was required.

They blamed others for their situation, never taking responsibility because they didn’t feel enough to take the steps necessary to fulfill their dreams. They also weren’t quite sure what they wanted. What they said they wanted isn’t how they truly felt. It’s time to decide who they are going to be, and start walking the talk! how do they do it?

Choosing to be still, for 5 minutes a day, they will know by the end of the week exactly what they want. Day by day they reflect on how many desires weren’t theirs at all but another’s they had picked up along the way. They shed layer after layer. This will free them to be bold and speak their truth unapologetically.

It’s time to take a moment and realise where they’ve given their power away. What situations have they allowed themselves to be the victim in, where they could change it at anytime. It’s time to take back their power and stand in truth boldly and unafraid of what is released because it was never meant for them anyway.

Daily Affirmations this week:

I am worthy of the power I’ve been given to choose the path I want to take

I am Powerful, I am deserving and comfortable with and in my power.

I am making wise decisions and I stand by them as I listen to my inner guidance

Before making choices that affect others.

I choose power with the divine to co-create the life I deserve.

Reminder! Drink water

You can take a snapshot of a memory, and look back at it from time to time, but you cannot stay there, lest you rob yourself of a future and that is a bigger crime.

Release of the past


Moving forward isn’t easy for someone. They are having a hard time moving on from a painful situation that is unresolved. There was so much left unsaid, so much left to resolve that they are unable to focus on their everyday tasks. This wasn’t an easy chapter to close, especially since they have to close it alone. The person they’ve been waiting on to help them close the chapter is not around to give it to them. The most they can do is move on to their next book in life. There was much to learn from this situation, and this gemini has learned exactly they needed to move forward successfully.

Boundaries are going to be the champion in change for someone. It’s hard for them to stand up for what they need when in the presence of people they love that are intrusive to their energy or needs and even privacy. The gift of their painful past is that they have learned what they absolutely Don’t want in a relationship. They are ready to cut the energy chords that are holding them hostage, and firmly make healthy boundaries that some may need time to adjust to. But it’s never selfish for this Gemini to enforce boundaries. In fact it makes them an even more desirable partner to the right partners in all areas of life!

Journal exercise 📓:

Sometimes what we really mourn from the past is The part of ourselves that wasn’t seen. See them now and set them free.

I see you, and I see your pain, I see your heartache. I see your need to be heard.

Release of a. Comfortable & Toxic Cycle


Someone is coming to terms with a bad choice they made in love Someone they thought would bring fulfillment and happiness turned out not to be at all what they thought they wanted. They were left feeling uninspired, unworthy, and unfulfilled. It has taken them a long time to heal, to release this person. They are struggling to release their devotion to the person who hurt them the most, or the passion they felt for them.

There is an offer of love, happiness & complete wish fulfillment coming towards someone after this painful situation is released. It is time now for someone to move forward and they are finally ready to turn that passion and devotion they felt for another and give it to themselves! They are learning to believe they are enough, that they are worthy of what they desire most, and they are going to place all of their energy into being exactly what they want in a relationship attracting the wish coming in.

777: This number sequence appearing unexpectedly is a sign of following design guidance, a clue from the divine, you are on the right path… keep taking the steps to heal,

The sword of truth.

There’s a deeper calling for someone deep deep inside. The life they want is crying out to them from a different energetic space, in a different time. In order to get there, they need move forward towards the offer that removes them from their stagnant energy. The one that tests them, in all the right ways. Choosing to walk boldly forward away from the toxic but comfortable pattern of partners from the past will bring exactly what they’ve been hoping for. They’ll get there, but for now, it’s all about releasing the fear of making that decision to end the cycle of toxic connections for good.

Release of indecision

Leo/Virgo Cusp #11

Someone is ready to stop dreaming alone. They are done hoping and wishing wondering why they aren’t manifesting what they desire. They are past blaming their creator for their life not moving forward. They have already learned they are responsible for their choices. Perhaps that is why they are stuck in indecision. There are so many things they want to see come to fruition. They are learning the art of release, and trusting their intuition will help them move forward boldly.

Release of Someone feeling unworthy


They have believed for too long they don’t deserve a happy home, they don’t believe they can have this on their own, but they can. They have the power to change the crowd of people around them as they influence how they feel about themselves. They have the power to change how they view what they already have in front of them.

It’s time for someone to release the lies that they’ve believed as truth about themselves. The self defeating words have to go!

Someone is still stuck in soul patterns of toxicity from the past. As they see their past actions and the actions of others had serious consequences, they are unknowingly blocking their own blessing by choosing to live in shame, and self blame. That time is over, and this version of them is not the guilty party.

It’s time for someone to release their belief that they don’t deserve the good things in their life. They were given to them from the divine, they are gifts and they belong to them! They are worthy and they are not who they were of the past. As they release the deeply hidden belief that they don’t deserve to be happy because of the sadness their past caused the more their current blessings can take center-stage and they can watch their own creative lines of communication open and a flood of blessings can take the place of all the mishaps and unfortunate events that seem to follow.

That’s all I have for you this week, whatever needs to be released and cut away, may it be so and may all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs.

Thank you for visiting the garden, see you next time!

Tia Khaleesi

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