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Someone’s Story: “Forward”

Updated: Nov 28, 2021


The past comes back, we don’t look back, oh no, we’re pushing forward

We see the mistakes we made back then, we’ve learned, and we’re pushing forward

We are done hiding from the truth so cold, we face it! Bold and afraid as we push forward

Anger comes and anger goes we don’t let it control us, oh no we must go forward

Not allowing our actions from the past to become our future. Not backward, but forward

Welcome back to the garden wisdom seekers! I’m so glad you could make it!this week’s message is brief as the Full Moon approaches and you’ll be getting a bonus story! Even the garden needs a rest. Enjoy the stories that have come for you through the pool.

May all that’s meant for you reach you in perfect time, and so it is.

Points of Exhaustion

Someone’s had a rough go of it. With Mercury going direct, they have seen the truth of their partnership and they had to face a lot of uncomfortable reveals.

Even so they’ve

They’ve felt exhausted and like progress has been lost in their communication with loved ones. They have felt frustrated with the way others seemingly misunderstand what message they’re trying to get across. Without realising it, they have been leaving out important details in their communications making others not trust their message. Their lack of trust in communications is keeping them from getting the desired results in their conversations.

Can they trust themselves now to make the right decisions?

Yes, they can. They are still struggling with that truth. They’ve been questioning their decisions wondering if they made the right ones for a long time. Their actions haven’t lead to the desired results they anticipated and they’ve lost a lot in the past due to this.

They’ve been overwhelmed and full of anxiety, their beginning to see their expectations were unrealistic and they are pushing too hard in the wrong direction. This is why, they can trust themselves. They are beginning to recognize their wrong turns before they make them!

Now that they see them, It’s time for someone to cut ties with their toxic behaviors. The ones leading them to feel overburdened and burnt out.

Can they take a risk in love? Can they risk releasing someone they rely on heavily? Are they ready to release themselves from the burden of the toxic relationship that held them back for so long?

Points of healing

Someone’s week ahead:


If someone looks back a year ago at what they said they wanted, they might just realize they have it! It may not look as they expected it to, but the point here is that they got what they asked for! They manifested their desires! This powerful realization is what is going to give them what they need to propel forward into a new beginning that leads to even more of what they asked for. Going forward There’s a need to affirm what they want is already here! “I want to be wealthy” is replaced as they take a look around and notice all that they already have!

In business, in family, in love “I am wealthy now, and more wealth is flowing to me” is the affirmation for the day! Their tone this day marks the mood for the rest of the week!


Mercury went Direct yesterday, but it’s still shadow season. Someone has been shedding layers of the past, healing past wounds and forgiving others. Spending some mom daughter time would be very beneficial for someone today. Even if that’s writing a letter that you’ll place in a journal. This is a very healing act that brings positive change.

Wednesday THE FULL MOON.

More release comes and it comes easily and unexpectedly. There is so much good coming through it’s time to release all the old baggage and toxicity of

the past for good! The new is coming and it’s really going to pay off to forgive and move forward. It’s time to act on those goals they set. It’s go time and time to shine!


Fire is the element in play this day which means healing comes through movement. We’re still in shadow season and cleansing this day comes from exercise. It’s time to do some yoga, take a walk, go on a hike, whatever you need to keep moving. Dance, dance, dance! Someone is trusting their inner guidance and falling in love with their old ways of moving and having fun doing it too! Movement will bring clarity to any confusing situations and even some solutions.


It’s time to take that risk for someone’s business. They’ve asked all the experts and they know they’re options it’s time to believe in the dream. Yes they are ready!


Someone’s love life takes center stage and it looks they are going to be given a beautiful second chance in love. They are going to need to trust themselves and their ability to pick a good mate. They may decide to make that leap of faith that’s been holding them back.. They are remembering that they don’t need to move forward in fear, they don’t need to bring they’re baggage from the past into this next relationship. They are learning to leave the past where it belongs only taking the lessons. They leave the stories.


Someone has come a long way from where they were. As they heal their childhood wounds they are coming to realize they are passionate about helping children. They are ready to take the next steps forward in their journey to helping more that may come their way!

Thank you for being with me here today, may your journey be blessed and the wisdom you need be given at the perfect time for the right situation and

May all that‘s not meant for you be released back into the pool

You are capable and deserving of your best life NOW. See you again at the Full Moon!

Tia Khaleesi

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