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Someone’s Story: “The face off”

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Welcome back to the garden! I’m so glad you’re here! If you’re visiting for the first time welcome! This is place to learn from another’s story, where perhaps you may find your own. Not all I share is for you, and that’s okay. Sit back, relax and trust your own inner guidance to lead you to the answers you seek, May all that’s meant for you reach you, in perfect time. And so it is.

May peace, courage and clarification find you here.

The number 9

In numerology this is the number of completions of cycles and new beginnings. How fitting is it that this is the number that will be seen by someone and the sign means, this cycle is over. say goodbye!

Our first Story has Scorpio in their chart and especially for someone with Pluto in Scorpio. The nurturer. The pool shows someone bold, she is disciplined and very hard on herself. She has no idea how valuable she is to the people around her. This is about the other part of her, the part ready to be seen and acknowledged. The Shadow.

”The Green One”

She’s waiting on clarity from the Holy Spirit what to do next. She’s not making a move before she gets the signal from her creator what to do next. She hasn’t had the easiest journey getting here, but she sees how protected she’s been the whole time. She’s had confusion in who she can trust in her deepest and closest relationships, and found to her delight, her intuition has been right! So much has shifted for the greater good of all. Her connection to her family is growing stronger. She’s beginning to shine!

She has one last battle to fight, one last monster to face, and this one is in the mirror. She’s going to have to release her need to compete. Her jealousy is the last piece of her toxicity that needs to be released at this time. Everything is lining up for a happy and successful future, can she release this for her own good?

She’s asking herself questions or perhaps it would serve her well to. Is she being honest with herself? Who does she feel the need to compete with? Is she ready to believe she’s enough?

She is given a chance to see the difference between a threat and her own insecurities and this will be the final face off between her past and who she desires to be in the future. Will she recognize the difference? Does she trust herself to move forward? Can she leave her weapons in the past? Her words cut deeper than knives when she speaks and the ones closest to her are on the other end. She’s facing this with raw authenticity. She stares at people with malice and bitterness that don’t matter and she dreams of the things she could say to tear them down and reserves the actual tear down for someone she loves. This is the weapon she needs to leave behind to receive the rewards and blessings she’s been asking for. Can she move forward in peace when she still is waging war at home?


I am enough. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone. I am my own competition. I strive to be a better and kinder version of myself than I was before. I trust my inner guidance and my creator to lead me to make wise decisions.

Another’s path is not yours. What we see in others is also in ourselves. Sometimes what we think we envy we have. where are you denying your own worth, talent, and abilities?

Next in the pool what do I see? A masculine energy. Strong, loyal brave is he! Pluto in Gemini is also heavy here. When life turns out different than expected, and someone only has themselves to blame, how do they let go, of the guilt and the shame?

Forgiving The Monster

He isn’t sleeping well. The nightmares won’t stop. He tells people around him he’s fine. He tells the people around him he’s just tired. He is, and that’s a good cover.. for now. Every day he’s getting more and more agitated. He feels the walls closing in as the week begins. He wakes up with the faces of those he’s hurt in his head each and every day. He’s facing that it’s time to forgive himself . The enemy that he feels approaching is already here.

Just when he thinks he’s lost it all, he is reminded that truth wins out. He is not helpless, he is not hopeless, and he’s. NOT a monster. What happened was so long ago and he’s been punishing himself for too long. This is a new timeline. He’s learning to shine in this new life, the one he’s been working towards for so long. This transformation didn’t happen overnight.

He shed the programming from a dysfunctional childhood layer by layer.

His enemy is his own stubbornness and need to punish himself for things he doesn’t deserve.

He’s facing off with his foe in the mirror. Not many are brave enough to face themselves this literally, but he is ready to do that.

To deactivate the part of him that resonates with fear.

By the end of the week he’ll be starting the day by looking himself directly in eye for a solid minute. Facing himself in his most honest state. He’s refusing to be blind to the truth. He’s not self deprecating, he’s not inflating his ego either. He just sees beyond his flesh and knows he’s divine within, and owns that divinity his best, every single day.

He asks himself some questions, is he really as kind as he can be? Is he checking his ego? Is he holding on when he should be letting go? Is he ready to move forward?

He’s beginning to trust his answers

The final battle.

"Snakes in the Garden"

For someone, it’s time to face off with the part of them holding on to past connections in vain. Why do they allow themselves to be connected to people that they don’t like? Who don’t make them feel very good about themselves? It’s the final week for someone to step up and cut off the past for good! This will help them skyrocket into the next phase of their lives! Someone has felt a bit scattered and maybe even delayed on their plans for the future. It may be a surprise for someone to realise that it’s their social media that is full of “snakes.” There’s no need to panic of course. It’s as simple as someone being honest with themselves about who they’re holding on to for reasons that aren’t really serving their highest good. Deleting or unfriending every person that they haven’t interacted with in over a year or have felt isn’t a healthy connection, will bring more peace than they realise (even if the imaginary likes shrink in size)

Sometimes people will follow you for the sake of sending you hateful thoughts or intentions. Someone is also seeing their own enjoyment of seeing others envious of them. In order to move forward these toxic patters also must be “deleted” and “unfriended.”

As we end the cycle of miscommunication and alignment with what does not serve our highest good, I ask that whatever is not meant for you here, returns back into the pool as it should.

Check out a preview of the collective gift for Wednesday!

Thanks for visiting! Until next time,

Tia Khaleesi

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