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Someone’s Story: "Separation & Union"

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Hello and welcome back to The Garden. I’m so glad you’re here! Thank you for choosing to be in union with me here in the week of 11:11! There are so many situations to discuss each one has something new to see! We learn from failures as well as our success. These may be all different or they may all be intertwined! Remember, not all stories in the garden are yours, if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit and that’s okay. Enjoy the story and find the wisdom you may gain from another’s story anyway. May you only receive what’s for your highest good, and so it is!

His Separation

He stares into the mirror after splashing his face with the cool water. Droplets caught in his graying beard. The harsh lighting of the restroom shows every wrinkle betraying his age. Why, oh why did he wait so long? He had so many pulling and pining for his attention he couldn’t resist he felt she’d always be there. He was on top of the world and when he was done, he’d always figured he’d come back to her. Will she still desire him now? Now that he is a man of meager means? Will she see the hero she once did? Will his offering of fidelity be enough? Will his offering of his hands and feet to work, to provide, be enough? Will his devotion & dedication be enough? Is he enough? His looks have faded with the passing of time,looking much older than his age. His waistline was much larger than she’d remember. He’ll admit he ate his feelings, stewing in greed and bitterness, in resentment. He took many roads that lead to humiliation and destruction. He learned the hard way.

Does she still hold compassion for him? Will she choose him if given the chance? Does he even deserve it? Only time will tell. The decision is up to someone, will they believe he’s changed?

Sometimes we face solitude to find ourselves again

Her Union

It took her a long time to love the face in the mirror. For many years she couldn’t face it. She’d cake the makeup on, she’d use a mask of vanity to hide her hatred for the woman she saw in that mirror haunted by the ghosts of her past. She has spent time getting to know herself again, love herself again and now she sees her worth clearly. This has been a season of growth, pain and patience but she has finally fallen in love with herself. She’s becoming her one with her inner masculine and she has has chosen to forgive and move forward knowing she’s enough. She has become one with herself.

She’s integrated her inner masculine and now has found union. By Being in union within herself she has called forth new love. It has flooded her life because she wasn’t looking for it, she didn’t need it and now it’s here Powerful strong and the lovers of the past, long forgotten.❤️

Someone’s Dilemma

Someone is in need of the sacred “pause”, they were not expecting the offer they receive at the beginning of the week. This has come as a shock and they’ve learned to be still before making any decisions.They are taking some time to consider an offer that’s been given to them. At the moment, they are feeling foolish for even considering not taking it. It’s a dream come true on the surface. It feels like everything they could have ever wanted! After all the work they’ve put in, they feel deserving of something so beautiful and that may be why they are feeling a pull to be still. They are deserving of something beautiful. They have put in a lot of work! Their lives have been filled with so much happiness and joy now is not the time to fall for a trap. This moment of being still, it can only bring them to the right decision for them at this time.

They believe that they are provided for by The Most High. Taking a look at all they’ve learned, they see where they stopped focusing on what they were going to eat, where the money was going to come from, they quit worrying about HOW things were going to come forward they just believed they would and that faith has been rewarded time and time again. They have all that they need right now. This is something to celebrate right now And that is also why they are taking a moment to pause, to be sure this is what they want. Highly favored and protected, they see once more they must be sure of their decision and not make any judgements without going within first.

The Divine Masculine?

Why is this person coming back? Someone is not remembering this person kindly for a reason now that they make a reappearance in their life. Overbearing and possibly a narcissist, this person has lost their grip on someone who once thought the world of them. To someone, this person was sweet and loving. When the mask fell off, and this person left their lives, It took everything to walk away from them and close the energetic link between them. They know this person is only here to take from them. The lessons do not need to be repeated. They’ve been standing in their faith and spirituality. This can sometimes irritate the demons that others cannot see in themselves. This isn’t their match. This is someone who wants to cause chaos and fight. Someone knows this isn’t their battle. It belongs to the most high as does the judgement. someone may be guided to move unapologetically forward without them.

Right now Someone is healing grief from an unexpected passing. They don’t have time for petty gossip or trauma drama trains that come in with the condolences. It is time for someone to stand boldly when they feel called to, and ask for their space when they need to. Grief is different for everyone but someone is being guided to ask for what they want and need, and express when they feel it’s too much.

For someone else, they are healing another layer from an old wound. Someone has had their loved one gone for awhile now and the holidays are pushing the next wave of healing through. They are remembering to cry and allow the cleanse to come when they need it to. This is bringing them beautiful transformation.

For both, there seems to be a need to forgive themselves. The guilt of conversations not had, vacations not taken, and all that could have been. Gentleness with themselves is needed. It is time to let that go. The only way to the next step is to release this. It’s time. Forgiving themselves for the toxic exchanges where they were the guilty party is needed. They’ve grown so much since then, those mistakes are not being repeated.They need to remind themselves. The Most High God has already forgiven them. They alone now hold the offense. Let it go.

The Protector

Someone’s feeling the need to protect themselves. Communication comes in that feels aggressive. Someone needs to remember they are always protected and safe, and they are here to do the work! This is the time to stand up for themselves against toxicity . They have an army in the spiritual world standing behind them but they must take the step to protect what’s theirs. No worry is required there is nothing to fear but this is a time of preparation. Someone’s seeing a permanent change in themselves. They are ready to let go of that toxic dynamic they once clung to for comfort, and let go for good. If they choose to speak to this person causing toxicity they must stand in their power and say NO!

The Happy Ever After

Someone is coming out of the fear of not deserving what they want and have. The fear that they’ll never have that perfect life has disappeared. They are releasing their past beliefs of what happiness is and what it looks like. It’s hard to describe the weight that’s been lifted. The endings and destruction they endured to get here, but they are here, finally.

They’re becoming very happy with the beautiful life as they have right now. It looks nothing like they thought it would. All the comforts and pickiness over the years to what their life should look like and someone has learned that happiness was here all along . This lesson is why they are ready to receive another blessing an unexpected one that will change their lives for ever, and for the better❤️

Power verse to look up:

(Luke 11:13)

That’s what has come through this week in the Garden I’m so glad you could join me here today. Don’t forget to give this a ♥️ if any of this resonated or if you just enjoyed the stories the pool brought forth! May all that is not for your highest good be released back in to the pool where it belongs

Don't forget to check back HERE on 11/11 for a bonus story and meditation for union! Have a beautiful week and remember the world needs more of you not less!

-Tia Khaleesi

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