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Someone’s Story November 29th- December 5th “The Replenishing”

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Hello Wisdom seekers! Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and The Beginning of Hanukkah for those who Celebrate. As we take a peek into the upcoming week and we enter a new Month, and end with a NEW MOON! I want to encourage you to utilize this time of inspiration to create! Everything you create from an authentic place, that shows your own unique way of being is going to be rewarded in a MAJOR way! It’s that time to let go of the past people, places and things for us all as a Collective. We need to face our hidden stuck emotions and feel them to heal them for good. Remember not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. This is a place to practice using your inner guidance to seek the wisdom that is meant for you and to shed what isn’t. May only what is for your highest good reach you, and so it is.

*All videos not from Tia Khaleesi's Story time are for reference and example only and are not affiliated with this site.

“The Release”

“You’re not stuck, it’s an illusion.”

She must remember these words If she’s ever going to move past this slow and stagnant place. She knows they’re true,So she whispered it softly to remind herself.

How did she end up in this space, in place? She felt the pull of the web woven around her she lay there suspended and wondering, how did I get here? Am I trapped? Am I going to be stuck like this forever? She saw the happiness that was waiting for her, the brand new beginning she’d dreamed of and she still felt stuck in the sorrow of the past and what she’d lost. It never occurred to her that she was never stuck, this is not only a solution but the one she’d needed most. Temporary feelings that will pass her by should not dictate her future. Still the storms rages on anger, pain, disappointment rule her raging heart. Something new is waiting for her, Something much better, but it will require her to see what she needs to release for good. Does she even see that she is the one that can set herself free? There is no other, and what is gone was always meant to leave. It was fated to end, the choice on how now lay in her hands.

There is a need to embrace an ending. In order to receive what she desires, she must be willing to move past her history. Pain is not the end, anguish is not the end, heartbreak is not the end. The wait is over, there is happiness and serious money on the horizon. She’s being held back by her grief of what no longer is. Can she let go? Can she call in firm love needed to bring balance once more? What‘ s dead is ready to be released. This is the week of releasing it all, for good.

She has the potential to give and receive so much if she can release the pattern of believing she must struggle for everything she has. Can she simply believe she deserves good things? Simple to say, but much harder for some to accept. Especially difficult, for her.

After she releases the past, and ONLY then, she will go within accessing her soul’s wisdom. She’s remembering the lessons she was born to learn. The purpose behind the pain becomes clear in meditation and deep reflection. This brings clarity in many areas for her.

Journal Prompts for the week📓:

What situation in your life felt overwhelming and too big at the time?

How did you handle that situation and what was the outcome?

Looking at it now, what did you learn about yourself?

Something to Ponder:

What if everything you have gone through and everything you’ve learned from and healed has brought you to where you are now? Is it possible you have all you need to rise right now?

Taking a moment to reflect on blessings, write a gratitude list of what you have right now that makes life easier.

Now looking at what you do have, Where do you have resources you haven’t considered?

Someone’s New(ish) Plan

Rest, Rise in Vibration & Replenish. The energy exchanged around the holidays was powerful for someone. Through an unlikely source, clarity on a separate matter has come. The exchange was beautiful and needed but it was also draining and it’s time to replenish their strength. This is going to be a task that requires discipline.

That said, the regret of years past has brought a lot of wisdom Someone has learned their lesson and is not ending this year “too busy” to do something again. No. They are taking some time this week to make a plan for their future. They are finally focusing on replenishing and focusing on themselves (as they should) before helping others. Perhaps this is because they’ve faced several major endings. Opening and broadening someone’s perspective. They are ready to rest, they are ready to give themselves

Rest through sound:

5 minutes a day listening to music without words and ambient water sounds will help someone relax as they begin to release the stress of the past and replenish their peace. It’s a beautiful place to release any left and stuck emotions that need to be released through tears. As we get closer to the new moon Someone recognizes that as they release old emotions they must balance daily duties that can bring stress with healing.

The sound meditations they choose will be very important as the week goes on It will be helpful to break up any stress that occurs throughout the week. This will be their escape for at least 3 minutes at a time.

Rest through sleep:

This week, with the New Moon at the end (yes I mention this again its important) it will be someone’s challenge to skip their usual night time habits for their own health. It may be wise for someone to turn off all media devices and silent all non emergent phone calls 40 minutes before bed. It’s not always easy to make permanent changes and this will take time. For some maybe starting with 15 minutes would be better. Choosing to lay in bed and maybe they’ll listen to ambient waves to bring them back to a time of sleep.

Rest through Both: For someone else, this is a time where falling asleep is not easy. Heavy burdens are keeping them awake and it’s been difficult falling and staying asleep. There is so much to process and even more to release. There may be so much going on at once that they have little time to process it during the day. Sleep Hygiene is required and someone may need to organize their bedroom differently. Possibly facing their bed towards the East for new beginnings. GNow would be a good time turning to the Solfeggio Frequencies to help. 174hz Which is the frequency that is known assist in easing lower body pain as well as easing stress and migraines. It works as a a mild sedative for some people. It’s important they drink extra water each day as well.

If this resonates it’s for you.

*Remember that this is not a replacement for seeing a medical professional. If you need medical assistance please call your medical healthcare professional.

Raising the Vibration:

Through dance & Song: When was the last time someone sang a song out loud and proud? When was the last time they danced for fun with themselves? It’s time for someone to get allow themselves permission to let the music heal them and have some fun! When our body is in movement, we shake off old & stagnant energy that holds us to the past. The dancing stimulates the chakras and initiates change through movement. Giving themselves this outlet may also release some stuck emotions that bring a happier and higher vibration as this feels liberating to release!

Even if they felt they couldn’t move their whole body in dance whatever expression they choose to use through happy movement


Someone is slowly replenishing their energy with everything they’ve done to release the past and the pain. As the weekend arrives there is a chance to truly treat themselves with some time doing whatever they wish! It will be very important that they remember to connect with some forgotten or neglected connections.

“I am Safe Always. I am Protected. I am aware of my boundaries and I choose to enforce them. I am rooted into the earth. I may release all that energy into the earth for compost. I am seen by the creator I am held and i never need to fear. “

ONE Daily Focus for Someone

Thank you for being here wisdom seekers, If none of what has come through has resnated then perhaps the ONE focus a day is for you! Taking a look at each week, there is a challenge to focus on and this may be your challenge!

Monday- Someone has been feeling sluggish and low in energy. A Vegetarian Diet Day may help detox some of that feeling. The challenge is to begin the week with no meat. And 1 glass 8oz glass of water and a cap full of ACV (apple cider Vinegar) mixed in.

Tuesday- Someone is looking back at the mistakes of the past and also looking towards the future. To improve their productivity it would be wise to strategize! Taking time to write where they desire to be this time next year and creating a plan to get there will be most helpful. Move forward in a plan of action. (This will transform by summer)

Wednesday- Someone has been waiting on some bit of light to shine through, and guess what? What they have asked for is here! Enjoy the sweet rewards

Thursday- Someone is a giver. As a giver they have begun to learn the importance of getting their needs met as well. Focusing on communicating what they need from others today is the Challenge

Friday- Having faith in all circumstances is an exercise that with time, becomes muscle memory. Taking this day to choose faith over fear is big part of healing.

Saturday- LET GO of pain, frustration anger and anguish. now is not the time to hold on to grudges they work as a blockage and it’s time. Someone is deserving of this change.

Sunday- Someone has been letting themselves off the hook for their past misdeeds. They have refused to see their role in arguments and being wrong isn’t something they want to see. Seeing themselves authentically will be the end of the week Challenge. Someone is in a place of decision will they face themselves or start the lesson over?!.

That’s all I have for you this week! Thank you for being here, and learning with me in the garden! May all that did not resonate and was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I believe you will have all that is meant for you in perfect time. May you receive all the love, happiness and laughter you have sent out into the world 100 fold. -Tia Khaleesi

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