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Someone’s Story:“Radical Patience”

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

“Radical Patience”

Hello wisdom seekers! Thank you so much for joining me here today! I’m so glad you could make it! Welcome to the first week of November! I hope you are enjoying harvest time and reflecting on all you’ve overcome this year, and how far you’ve grown! I’m so proud of each of you and all your accomplishments! Not everything here is wisdom meant for you, and that’s okay. May you remember that the greatest wisdom comes from within, and to trust your inner guidance that comes from the holy spirit with all things.

May only what is for your highest good be received here, and so it is

Waiting for Fun

Now is the time for someone to realize their goals. It’s time for them to really think about what they want to see happen in their lives. What do they want to do? Who do they want to see? What do they want to experience? The mere thought of what is coming next has someone motivated and happy. They have an excitement for writing their intentions down and planning this out! Something is pulling them toward fun and adventure! It’s all they really want and they are ready to go RIGHT NOW!

Fortunately, (though someone may not see it that way) this is not the time for DOING those things they want, it’s time to observe and to help them. There will be heavy demands on their time by responsibilities and obligations that need their attention now. Will they choose to take the time to do these tasks?

Someone’s also learning to let things go more and more. Though it’s difficult to put what they want on hold when they are ready to enter this new phase of life, they are learning to surrender at this time to what is. They’ve had enough lessons learning that resisting their tasks only leads to build up and disappointment. They’ve already learned that delaying the work delays the reward. Someone is surrendering to what they must do now.

“ I am using my time wisely and choosing to surrender what I can’t control to my Creator. What is meant for me will always find me and I’m choosing to move forward in faith. “

Getting Stuff Done

Obligations and responsibilities need to be first right now and desires may need to be held off for a little while. Someone is being challenged to wait and this feels frustrating. This is a time of patience and waiting for things they may want to do, but it’s just not the time (yet). This may be hard for someone as their impatience may grow and get close to taking over. They may see these delays as obstacles instead of much needed lessons right now. Someone is feeling the pull to resist their work. Quitting feels easier and much more appealing than what they are feeling. . They aren’t sure they can do this anymore, but they can!

🗝The Key

The Key here is to remember what this year has taught them. Will they choose to remember? They have had all year to practice these lessons, this is the big moment all that time choosing to work on pushing forward and finishing what they start comes in handy. There is a big reward for someone that has chosen to be consistent and do their work diligently, slowly and precisely. They are surrendering the need to get things in their timing and focusing on their responsibilities. These positive choices moving forward especially after the 4th is leading them to powerful transformative growth. The reward is Freedom.

Finding (true) Freedom

Someone is truly feeling the struggle in waiting. They have not always found it easy to be patient. They want what they desire and they want it yesterday. So when they were waiting on freedom from a situation that had them feeling stuck, there was no patience left.

Not to worry, they are learning that the independence and freedom they desire is already in them! They can choose to recognize that they are free to rule over their choices and make their work fun, while they wait for their time to do their desired travels and activities. Feeling freedom to change their perception and find the element of fun in their work, is paying off in a huge way. They are no longer waiting impatiently for other things, because they are too busy enjoying the fun of NOW. All that wasted energy on someday is being used in the TODAY. It may not be the same as their dreamy plans of vacation and exploration, but it has it’s own flavor and that is what they need right now. They are finally free of the weight of their own expectations and have found joy, in the work and in the now. This spirals into a positive fast moving train of success!

Helpful tools: Solfeggio frequencies:

Drink water 💧

Balance & Harmony

As the week ends, it’s been a very difficult journey. Surrender doesn’t come easy when someone has been resisting it for so long, they have much to be proud of. There are many opportunities for someone to recognize the need to rest, the amount of will to change a very old pattern was indeed exhausting. Will they choose to recognize the need for balance? With every task completed, with every hard step forward, someone is learning to pause and be still.

Listening to their inner guidance, listening for their creator’s voice to lead them in their next decision. They are beginning to see clearer than they have before that everything without seems to calm, when they address the Chaos that has been building within. It’s time, time to put themselves first and focus on their Physical, Spiritual and Mental health.

Someone may make an appointment for a check up in this time and be grateful they did.

And someone… is pregnant.

Someone’s Love ❤️

Someone is going to have to make a choice. Will they continue to try to control the relationship, or will they surrender & allow things to happen as they should? Someone is in a hurry to move on to the next phase of love. They want to move things a long to the “happily ever after” They’ve heard so much about. Someone may be realizing that happily ever after is a dance of working on ones self and how they give to a relationship. This, takes radical patience and deep understanding of what they truly desire. Someone is going to need to take a closer look at why they are looking to their lover for fulfillment. Are they truly happy within themselves? It may be time to admit to themselves what isn’t healed that they are running from. True happiness is found from within. Others outside of someone are simply an expression of how they feel inside. Once they learn to love themselves and accept that they are enough, they’ll see the phase they are looking forward to has already begun.

Journal 📓

Where do I look outward for validation right now that I need to get from myself?

New Moon 🌚 November 4,2021

It’s time to focus on what you have with gratitude, release the past as it no longer serves you and decide where you want to go next, and set a path. This time of year goals that require stillness and meditation are favored as harvest is a time to slow down. Where do you need to slow down and enjoy the moment? Will you work on this?

Practicing Forgiveness

Someone is starting to find it easier and easier to forgive others, as they practice forgiving themselves. It has been a long journey up to now seeing how they held themselves back. They have had to forgive themselves for what they didn’t know, when they didn’t know it. They have had to forgive themselves for choosing the comfortable and familiar toxic patterns as well as redirect their path. They have had to forgive themselves for not choosing themselves or seeing their worth when it could have made a world of difference in their lives. The hardest for them has been forgiving themselves for taking out their anger and pain on those closest to them. Each of these moments of self compassion have made them realize that the people around them were just as human and capable of error as they were.

Someone else is in need of remembering their purpose. For someone Visiting today, they are called to help children. Their daughter is the key to helping them understand how to make their passion for helping children a reality in a career! Taking time to reconnect with that childlike faith in their ideas will help them flow more freely and effortlessly. The more focus goes into this dream, the more faster it manifests.

That’s all I have for you this week! Don’t forget to look at all your blessings, there are so many and many more waiting to flow freely and effortlessly to you! May all that’s not for your highest good be released back into the pool

Until next Time, Happy New Moon 🌚 I wish you so many blessings and growth in this next week!

-Tia Khaleesi

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