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Someone’s Story : “The Scorpion Queen “

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Hi Welcome to my garden! I’m so glad you could make it! With the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on the 20th, it is a great time to finish with healing any deep shadow that you may be struggling with. Who better than you to do the work? I'm so proud of you, wisdom seekers! you've come so far. Don't forget to celebrate your wins! As we go deeper into what needs to be seen it's important to remember that not all stories in the garden will be meant for you, and that’s okay. This is a space created to practice using your inner guidance and find what resonates or doesn't. Align that inner compass with Most high and let’s dig in!

The Scorpion queen

By J.L. Parker

If you’re looking for someone innocent and sweet,

she’s not the one.

She’s dark, dangerous, spicy, and a lot of fun!

Never has there been a more seductive vibe,

Her dance with light and darkness call in her tribe!

She’s secretive and alluring and so mysterious.

She’s inquisitive, interrogating and oh so curious.

She’s sharp, seemingly unkind and ferocious,

But truly she‘s careful, cunning, and precocious.

You won’t get through with lies and a smooth talker’s line,

She’ll sting you with her wit, and walk away fine!

She’s looking for the worthy, the honest and true

Run! Fast and far away if that’s not you!

Make no mistake she’ll paralyze you, if you mean her harm

But, come on, that dangerous dance is part of her charm!

If she deems you are worthy , she’ll show you her magical side

She’ll show off her kindness, love, and loyalty with Pride

She’s worth the patience required to learn

The scorpion’s dance full of passion, burn baby, burn 🔥

She is Scorpio

Happy Birthday Scorpios and happy unbirthday to all of you moon, rising and Venus placements. This is a story someone has been waiting to hear. May you receive only what is for your highest good. And so it is

There is a beautiful soul, who has hidden their fears of.rejection very well behind that scorpion’s tail. To the outside world they have mastered the uninviting stare. Because of this, they feel isolated in social circles and work settings.

If they took a moment to pause, to reflect on what it is that this feeling is teaching them, they might realize this is their expectation. For a long time they have often seen the cruelty in people who pretend to be kind and the truth when people try to exaggerate and when they flat out lie this has brought them a sense of cynicism in their relationships. But is it warranted.

The answer is, sometimes.

If we look deeper into the pool we can see even more…

They may need to look a bit deeper. They have expected people to betray them. They have chosen alliances with people they have suspected would betray them. Why? Perhaps that is a question to ponder.

What they believe is, becomes so. As within, so without, why do they believe they deserve it? Do they see they are creating their reality with their unwavering faith that people they let in will hurt them deeper than they can heal? Someone’s in need of pondering all of this..

Someone is choosing to be still, someone is going within. They truly see the blockage and they are ready to remove it. They are asking questions that seemed so scary to attempt before now, and finding the answers quickly. They are ready to change course. Falling in love with themselves all over again.

Along with being a sensual, desirable, (some might say delicious ) sign, the mysterious allure of this Scorpio Scorpio when not rooted in toxic secrets, side relationships and emotional affairs, but wrapped in healed space is actually quite beautiful and intoxicating. It’s a powerful manifestation tool for this Scorpio to keep their goals secret until the time to reveal them. They don’t need to change who they are they only need to change how they see themselves. Who they are is needed in every possible healing and high vibrational way. (And so are you, if this is not your story but you felt drawn to read or listen) They are needed. Their gifts, strengths and weaknesses are for a reason. When they choose to grow and fight against the pull to succumb to weakness, to shift it slowly with practice and surrender to the most high, it becomes strength,they no longer question or need to test their intuition they just know.

They’re no longer focusing on others, but their own integrity and choosing to believe they deserve what they give and shifting what that is to receive the most out of it.

For someone, there is a huge blockage in the heart chakra and healing is needed. Rebalancing is needed. There has been a lot of pain and a lot of sadness and betrayal. Even when they change their mindset of what they deserve sometimes, those thoughts and those events have wounded deeply. They require layers of release. How long did they believe those lies about themselves? Time is the alchemy someone needs right now to heal. They might also want to consider affirmations while they sleep. Or possibly writing them down as well.

In order to break the cycle of cynicism they’ve been stuck in. The isolation ends when they let loose and have some fun, trusting the most high to guide them, they move forward in faith before they see results. (That was moving forward in FAITH in case anyone missed that.)

Scorpio in this story, you are perfect as you are! That’s all I have for you today, Thank you for visiting the The Garden! May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool, to be washed away as it should be.

Happiest of wishes for your next solar return, and sending love,

May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

TIa Khaleesi

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