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Someone’s Story “Fulfillment”

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In the wisdom pool, do you see? Blessings ahead! May the reader only take with them what is for their highest good, and release what is not, and all that they should.

Amen, And So it is.


May 30th- June 5th


Overall message: FEAR does not belong here, WISDOM has been collected, you’re ready, you can do this, it is your time. ”



For longer than they care to remember, the person in this story has had it rough. They’ve been walking through a valley of lack, loss, and clouded by disappointment. For the person whom this resonates , Everything felt like it was happening TO them, and NOT for them.

This valley was never meant to be their home, just a space to learn and grow there’s something better up ahead! The clouds have parted, and the valley is now an open field of possibilities! If they look back they can see the gifts so clearly! Learning to live within their budget, and becoming content in all circumstances has served them well! After scrounging for resources and spending all their energy on finding new creative ways to survive, it’s time to THRIVE!!!! What seems like a stroke of luck, is an opportunity granted to grow abundantly in the areas lack has taken it’s toll in this world.


“I am content in all circumstances, I always have enough“ “I am worthy of wealth and all it’s comforts”


In their valley, who could they trust? They observed many greedy people who would take from those with so little. They saw them take in envy, they saw disloyalty all for gain. This had a purpose. They need to ask themselves to remember what the lesson was here. They know it already.

A new place where plenty exists can be hard for the mind and the wallet to adjust to.

Theres a need to shed some limiting habits. The minute something came into their hands it had to be spent fast or it just may disappear! In the valley this strategy was a means for survival. In a place of plenty, these habits must be left behind, these beliefs will not help them here.

Survival mode has not just left scars of lack & loss, alone, it has also brought deep wisdom on what is need, and what is greed. Little do they know, this is a time of abundance, they use their wise & frugal living skills to grow and hold their wealth in all the areas.

“ I am trusting that there is always enough” “ I am choosing to release the limiting beliefs of lack"

“ I am choosing wiser habits with my wealth and I’m growing with each decision fueled by it”


"I am prosperous when I share my wealth with others”

" I am learning to give, as I’ve been given much”

(Energy is not specific to physical gender. We are all made of the nurturer & the Provider energy feminine / masculine )

They have now seen & are finally overcoming the valley, as they arrive to the new path of plenty in front of them, they are called to make an offering in gratitude. The Provider has come such a long way from peasant to King! Now that they are awakened to their abundance, what will they choose? Wise and discerning learning from the past, or miser greedily hoarding for themselves? This is the time for giving generously to those still in the valley. Hunger pains are still echoing the halls of food banks & shelters, they hear them, will they answer? Will this be the time for the Provider to rise?! Could they be the relief for many they wished for themselves? The eyes of the valley taught scarcity, not enough for all, but the vision through providence shows that abundance just grows & flows the more generously the wealth is shared.

HELPFUL HABITS for this story:

Daily Gratitude: Taking time throughout the day to be thankful gives more to be thankful for

Growing financial strategies through education (free seminars or books from experts are some possibilities )

Donations. Money food & clothes there is also the gift of time that will prove to be so rewarding. When giving to another, it feels like they are giving to themselves. They are transported to a time when they felt they had very little and wished for someone to come and be this kind to them. It’s now they see they have had so much to give this whole time.

Did their story help you with yours? Is is it your story?


Thank you for visiting this space,


Tia Khaleesi

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