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Someone’s Story “Rediscovery”

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

What if you forgot what you were told? What if you forgot you were old? What if instead you came to discover, what you need cannot be found in another?

The Challenge: Missing an important meaning.

“Are you open to receiving the messages around you? Listen with more than your ears.

The Pool of Wisdom brings many things forth, many different ways, Not everything shared is for you, sometimes we observe for another. May the reader of this story take with them only what is meant for their highest good, leaving all that is not. Amen, and so it is.

You are worthy of love, you are beautiful inside and out. YOU are ENOUGH.

SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE. Not everyone communicates the same way. Some people will say one thing in a moment where they might not feel comfortable expressing their true thoughts and feelings. If you look a little closer you might see the answer you’ve been looking for. Maybe that answer isn’t what you wanted. what if that’s ok? We all have a right to choose what’s best for us, and sometimes that means letting go of what is not. What if a lot of good came from seeing this early? What if this changes your circumstances for the better?

“ Rediscovery “

Have you been feeling lost? Have you forgotten that fire, That strength within? Have you forgotten your worth? It happens all the time. With work, home life, romantic life, family life, and social life; It’s easy to fall prey to the lie that you cannot do for yourself. Or for the spiritual side of your life to be forgotten. What makes you feel at peace,? what makes you feel whole? What connects and separates you from the others. Who are YOU? Do you feel like the divine being that you are? Is it time to rediscover what made you believe in the impossible? Is it time to rediscover the incredible, desirable, wonderful individual that you are and may have forgotten? Maybe it’s time to get to know that beautiful creature that is you. Rediscover that passionate warrior that lives inside. What does it matter if the world sees you and you do not?

DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING? Does it match your desires and dreams for life? When you talk about what you want going forward, are you taking the steps necessary to get there? Sometimes the steps are surrendering to what is, and releasing what was.


Whether your realise this or not, you have a powerful presence. What you say, what you do has influence on someone or something. Your actions matter. Your choices matter. Someone is watching, someone sees you as mentor. You’re made for greater things than the superficial in our physical world gone as quickly as they arrive. Enjoying these things is fine, but what do you dedicate yourself to? Do your actions match your words? It’s all connected. Spirit, mind, Body. Influencing others is a huge honor and responsibility. When creating in the world around you, what do you really want to see? Are you doing things with integrity?


When you have peace within, you see it on the outside in your world. Your heart has been through enough. You have looked outside for long enough. Isn’t time to let yourself love YOU? Have you ever spent time figuring out what it is you need? Is it transparency? Have you been let down so many times by unreliable partners? What if it depended on YOU to bring yourself what you desire, to meet all your needs? What if who you chose to love was yourself? What if that brings someone genuine that meets that energy to you? Looking around you, who is your tribe? Who are your chosen people the core, you let in? As you become dependable within, who matches that outside?


The best part of a Retrograde, and we are in the meat of it this week, is the chance to redo, rethink, re-purpose and re-evaluate everything in our lives. It’s a time to clean out the closet of our emotional clutter. Everything that hurt, also taught something important. Behind every pain, every setback, every ending, is something better. Find the lesson, look deeper, change your mindset from seeing only what is not working to appreciating what is. What if gratitude brings more of the beautiful things you’re thankful for to you.. ?

Remember who you are. You are an infinite being in a human experience. YOU are highly favored and protected.

May all that is meant for you stay, leave all that is not. Thank you for visiting the Garden.

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