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Someone’s Story December 6th-12th “The End of Silence”

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Hello fellow travelers welcome to The Garden! Welcome back, to all the wisdom seekers who have been here before, and hello brethren who have walked with me in this Garden from the beginning. I’m so honored you have chosen me to be your guide through this year! Remember, not all this shown is for you and that’s okay. Your intuition will be your strongest and most important voice to listen to. After all it comes from within you. May you only receive wisdom for your highest good, and so it is.

challenges are nothing to fear. They exist for many reasons but if you could imagine each one as an opportunity to learn, you may find solutions you would never have discovered otherwise. As we look into Someone’s Challenge for the week ask yourself where you may relate. What lessons you can learn from their challenges.

Someone’s Challenge:

Waking up at the beginning of the week, someone is suddenly bothered by what life is reflecting back at them right now. If their surroundings are an outer reflection of what is happening inside, this is a mess. Struggles in friendships, family & romantic relationships seem to be rampant and miscommunications suddenly come up out of nowhere (seemingly). They have swallowed their anger, they have suppressed their frustration and like a teapot ready to boil, they are about to blow.

They have spent a long time in silent frustration unable to speak their truth. Nobody knows just how much they’ve had to deal with. It’s hard for someone to admit, but they are part of the reason it’s unknown to how deep their struggles have gone. They played the quiet game afraid to stir the pot. Someone else cruelly and unjustly wounded them to the core. There is no beauty in this lesson it was just pain and anguish. It wasn’t fair it was a hateful spiteful act that had no reason other than another’s desire to cause pain and destruction. They have had to rebuild everything. With all their resources, using all their strength and patience to do so. It hasn’t been easy to wait for their goals and projects to be finished.. This has been hard to go through alone. Feeling unable to share, perhaps not feeling they have anybody close to them fully trustworthy, they have felt nobody sees their pain.

We see you, here sweet soul. You are seen. You are seen by your highest self too, right now.”

Their guides have been trying to reach them. If someone were to slow down and be still, they may realize that the messages have come through in peculiar ways. They have seen signs through odd synchronicities, daydreams and all for a higher purpose. Someone is being shown they are not alone at this time, and they never have been. It may have felt like isolation and they may have felt alone and muted. Even as impossible as it sounds to them right now, this pain will not be wasted! What was taken from them, will be returned! The harder task at hand this week will be detaching from the outcome for that hateful person, situation, and or experience that felt unnecessary. ( Someone needs to remember as I said before, the pain will not be wasted ) The focus instead, will be having the courage to move forward knowing that as this ends, something beautiful and prosperous begins!

The Powerful Truth

Someone has grown past where they were last year. They didn’t expect to be so far ahead of their goals! They see the world so much differently than they used to. Everything has changed. Suddenly they don’t relate and have trouble finding common ground with people they used to feel such a deep connection with. To keep the connections in tact, someone has been pretending to be someone they’re not.

This is beginning to take a toll and cause resentment in them. If they look a bit closer perhaps they might see dimming their light so they can remain among the same friends is not an option anymore. Yes, the transition can feel lonely in their rise of vibration. People places and things that once felt comfortable and normal no longer do. This is because they don’t belong there anymore. Those relationships were meant to be and someone was meant to be in them as they were at the time. That time is over. Who they are becoming does not belong here anymore. (If that makes sense, then it is for you to ponder.)

They cannot thrive where they were forced to survive. This is why friends are changing. People who reinforced negative thought patterns and beliefs and those who secret carried jealousy are finding it harder to reach someone too. This is why they are seemingly alone. The cast is changing and more loyal friendships and relationships are coming. For those friendships to find them however they will need to be their most authentic selves.

Shining is their truest option at this time. Will they choose to unapologetically shine in this new light?

A message for someone:

You are not alone. You have nothing to fear. You are safe, you are protected. What if you were to wake up tomorrow to find out that you had people protecting you outside your home? That there was someone waiting on stand by to listen to how you were feeling and someone with experience and wisdom to guide you with every step? How differently would you approach your creative projects if you knew that you’d be supported every step of the way? What would you be doing right now? The truth is that all of this is here and for you right now! You have a loving team of protectors and advisors around you right now. The Most High is always there listening, willing to guide whoever is ready to listen. If this feel true, this is for you! YOU have never needed to worry, you have never needed to fear you have been protected and provided for the entire way! This will not change and it will only strengthen as you step into your purpose. Which is what you choose next. This is a time of change and it’s coming fast, do not let change fool you into thinking this is bad. The comforts, wealth, loyal friendships and relationships and healthy spaces require that all that is not on those vibrations be released and sometimes that can feel scary. You may be tempted to hold on to anger and grudges, it’s not necessary for you now. It will only hold you back. Let it go, for your sake. You may be tempted to worry as you may be used to things you love being violently ripped away when all feels good and safe. This to, is not going with you. It’s time to move forward in faith that all things work for you, even painful situations. Accepting pain will follow, but will never cripple you again This is the time to shed it for good! Now, is the time to step into your strength by remembering you are NOT alone.


This powerful affirmation is to be used at your discretion with your inner guidance. Use what you know speaks true to your soul and feel free to leave what does not.

“ The battle is not mine, I am not alone. I am guarded, I am Protected by the Most High. I’m favoured and cherished. Nothing sent physically, mentally or spiritually to harm me will prosper. I am protected from all evil.

I am covered by the blood of Christ and so it is”

Drink lots of water! Solfeggio Frequencies purify the body and water must be replenished.

Someone’s ONE Focus

SO many beautiful transformations are happening for those who visit the garden! Many find it helpful to have a different focus each day! Using intuition and the Pool of Guidance, Here is someone’s challenge for the week! If this resonates than this part of the story it’s for you!


Ask for what you want and you just might get it. Be wise with your requests. Someone is recognizing they have some powerful manifestation skills. Faith and their connection with the Most High is showing favor in their quests. The challenge to be wise with their requests is important they will get what they ask for.


Be Assertive not aggressive or passive but firm in what you want. Someone is learning to communicate truthfully and stop hiding what they truly want out of insecurity that it may cause conflict. They have a valid point and a helpful solution worth sharing.


Exercise time! dance it out shake it off, take a walk box it out. Movement is healing. Dance it out! Now is the time to move move move. If someone has been slacking in their workout routine NOW is the time to get back on track.

Thursday- Focus on your romantic relationship a Marriage is in need of celebration. Someone has been a little busy for romance and this can easily be fixed with a few minutes of conversation today, or some thoughtful acts of kindness without any expectation of them being reciprocated. Making their partner feel loved will bring a whole new level of passion and devotion.

Friday- “Your son is safe it’s time to enjoy time with him. “ is the message Someone may have been so worried about how their child is, and what they are doing that they may have forgotten to simply enjoy their time with them. Now is the time to just enjoy their baby.


observe what is healed! Something is healing and it’s quite revealing pay close attention

Sunday- Express yourself be authentic! It’s time shine!!!!!

That’s all I have for you this week! May what’s not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs!

May your days be merry and bright! May you know you are loved, with all your might.

- Tia Khaleesi ❤️

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