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Someone’s Story: December 19th-26th “Peace & Goodwill”

Happy Birthday Jesus!

“10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: For behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.13And Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of heavenly host praising God, and saying, 14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. “ Luke 2:10-14 KJV

Welcome to the Garden Wisdom Seekers! I’m so glad you’re here! Whether you Celebrate Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa or another holiday, I wish you peace and good will toward all in your home, community and in your beautiful world 🌍 . I wish you so much love I wish you so much Joy! This week in someone’s Story we are taking a pause to recognize what blessings have been brought to us. This has been such a beautiful year! If you’ve been with me for most it, listening to these stories, reading them whatever the case, thank you for being here! Not all that I have to share here will apply to you, and that’s the beauty of Story Telling! An earthly story with a higher meaning! Use your inner guidance to seek the wisdom that is there for you!

May only what you need for your highest good be received and so it is!

Her Truth

She is grounded and rooted in the traditions of her ancestors, she is capable of moving forward. She is worthy of respect, she is powerfully owning her reality, and she loves with ferocity, she speaks her truth unapologetically, and she knows herself well she’s connected to the Divine and she is ready to boldly face the Chaos that Venus has to bring to see if she’s learned the lessons of the past. She is headed in a new direction leaving so many toxic patterns behind. Evil is returned to where it was sent from and she is free to move forward unapologetically. She is ready, she is strong and she see the future as successful, and she’s not wrong!

His Truth

He’s working hard to be all he deserves and more, he’s careful with his choices more than ever before. He’s admitting his mistakes and refusing toxic fights, he’s giving himself what he need and sleep is finally filling his nights. No more worrying about the future, he’s trusting in what’s not seen. He recognizes what she says isn’t about him and he doesn’t have to return the mean. He is becoming wiser and his boundaries are even more tough. He’s releasing his attachment to the superficial and is satisfied with enough. His wealth is increasing with every week that goes by, and it’s all because he’s done being stingy and Truth takes over what once was a lie.

Venus Retrograde & Someone’s Reminder

Starting the week Venus goes Retrograde. Venus rules beauty. Now is not the time to buy new clothes, makeup, cut your hair, or have any sort of cosmetic work done. (Really, it can wait) You may find that anything you buy now might be a regret later and you most likely will be very disappointed with any drastic changes in appearance. If it can wait, then it should. It works in your favor when you are slow to spend and buying vintage antiques is favored now. That said, someone may need to tighten their belts and hold steady to their budget in discipline (NOT in fear) to practice better money handling habits.

For someone in a relationship, there are a few outcomes playing out now. Right now this is a time of powerful true love connections getting stronger. There may be many tests that have come up or willl, but the power through true selfless love will shine through brighter than ever before. Peace and harmony wash over someone after a time of turbulence and frustration. The fog is lifted and they can finally see the light and the blessings that have been all along. They are truly, blessed in love and life. it is a time of celebration!

Someone else has finally released a past fear and a past weight on their shoulders. The reward for this will be something with potential. A new love, or possibly even their twin. ❤️

On the other side of things someone else was trying to cause harm and even played dirty with someone’s reputation. Their doomed relationship or unkindly put but necessary “situationship,” will have a harder time staying together. All the lies are unraveled in this time and ugly truths surface for healing. The toxic web they spun has them completely unhinged and undone. The lies may have been so big and ugly that they might even break up.

THE EX factor:

Rather than allowing the toxicity of the past to rule, someone is hoping to choose a better path. With Venus going retrograde, someone will be tested with an ex coming back trying to make things right. Have they healed what made them toxic? For someone walking away is the most powerful thing they could ever do for themselves. They will find an independence they never felt possible, and see just how capable and powerful they really are! (If this is your story, YOU ARE)

Happy Christmas 🎄

Someone’s Gifts 🎁 FOR THE ONE DAILY FOCUS :

These may be one person’s strengths or many different, all are coming through with the ability to powerfully shift the energy surrounding them. this is the space in the garden you can use your inner guidance to move you in the right direction for you. remember your inner voice is the most important voice you will ever receive guidance from and it's important to listen to it.

The Gift of Independence

For someone, It’s not about leaving community, it is not about isolation. It is about recognizing that they’re capable of doing things on their own! Someone is gaining strength through their Independence. Monday someone is discovering or remembering that money isn’t everything. They have lived honestly and are willing to live without luxuries that didn’t serve them in order to fully embrace their life of independence. They are ready to do more on their own and it’s beginning to pay off! The gift of Monday: wise money saving rather than over- spending leads to success!

The Gift of Fertility

Someone is very good at bringing new ideas to life! It has seemed dormant in them for awhile now. Something has opened them back up & stirred their creative flow once more. They are ready to start planning for the future. The ideas they put forth in effort now will bring some beautiful things to their lives come the spring! Remembering that they are creative and what they water will grow is going to bring more joy and more success! It’s important for them to remember to be judicious with what they choose to focus on.

Tuesday’s Gift is growth from creativity.

The gift of Faith

Someone has been highly favored. They are different from the rest. This may at times place them in situations that demand unwavering faith when challenged. Can they remember that all things work together for their good? Love never fails. Their faith in what is unseen is their strength. It is what get them through each and every hardship. They are blessed, untouchable. Whatever is used against them will be used to bring them prosperity. Faith in their abilities and capabilities is important. Faith without action is not an option for them. They are ready!

Wednesday’s gift is belief in the unseen

The gift of Compassion

There have been times that they needed someone to understand, to have mercy when they felt so low, and because they learned the absence of it, compassion became a strength! Someone has the gift of divine compassion. They have the ability to see past someone’s current actions and circumstance to see the need behind it. They are learning to discern how to use their gift of compassion, and everyone who receives it from them has a life changing experience. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Compassion is rare and the more they spread it around, the more it grows in others. Compassion influences their decisions in dealings with friends and antagonists alike. Thursday’s Gift is the a release from a heavy past burden through a change of perception.

The Gift of Fairness

Someone is very good at balancing the scales . They choose the best possible outcome for all when it is in their capability to do so. This makes it easier for them to pay attention to the needs of others. It’s very important they also extend that fairness to themselves. What they need matters too, and should be considered into the equation. It is very rare that most consider what’s fair rather than what they want. Someone is very good at aligning them both! This places them in positions to have the opportunity to stand up and give suggestions that will be thought highly of by others. Speaking up when they feel they have the solution brings them so much success and respect.

The gift of Friday is a beautiful outcome where cruelty once ruled.


There is a special hidden talent someone possesses. They hide it out of insecurity sometimes but the truth is, they are GOOD! Someone is growing through their talent and lives are touched by their art. However they choose to express it, the world needs it! Powerful transformation happens when they embrace their gifts and see themselves for who they truly are, a wildly talented individual who is capable of greatness

The Gift of Past Life Wisdom

Someone has been through a lot. They have lived several different storylines in this lifetime. Something they went through long ago is a hidden gift of wisdom that brings them all the answers they need for a current situation. Their ability to see the importance of their experience and what they learned from it and how it brought them to where they are toreador unlocks their next steps with ease. The weekend’s gift is integration of past knowledge.

A Message for Someone

I am so proud of you, I hope you are too. You have transformed beautifully this year. The pool has shown someone who has been knocked down and has gotten up again and again. Each time they have risen higher than before! Have you taken time to appreciate just how strong you are? How resilient you are? You have learned so much! You are worthy of receiving as much if not more, than what you give! You can believe in yourself again and in miracles and true love! It really does exist. Love comes in so many forms and soon you will see just how much love you already have! People show they love you in different ways they don’t always say it. Learn your love language and the love language of others around you! The gift 🎁 is you. You are the gift that you have been waiting for. Take a good look in the mirror because there is a very talented, loving, capable, inspiring human right in front of you ready for you to see that!

Happy Holidays! That’s all I have for you this week! Enjoy your family, enjoy your solitude, enjoy your friends, just remember that it’s an experience and you get to decided this week what yourself will be!

May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

-Tia Khaleesi
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