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Someone’s Story: December 13th- 18th “A Crying out and a Joyful Noise”

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Hello, welcome to my garden! I’m so glad you came to visit here today!

The wisdom you seek is seeking you too, and it’s my intention you find some of it here! Not all that I share here is meant for you and that’s okay, practice using your inner guidance to show you what is. May only what is for your highest good be received, and so it is.

His Transformation

There once was a masculine energy that felt he could never get ahead. He was angry and felt betrayed by many around him. Feeling life was unfair and feeling cheated by all, he learned to cheat others first. He learned to be stingy with what he had and he learned to block himself off from everyone. He couldn’t see where the problems were coming from. He saw monsters where there were none and beauty where it only existed as an illusion. Something is changing in him though. He’s been taking time to reflect, he’s been surrendering more and more… and the blindfold he wasn’t even aware of is slipping, revealing so much more than before.

HIS True form

He has been deceived long enough. He is done believing he’s a victim. He’s done choosing to be blind to the deception around him. He has stood back in idle for too long, allowing what he loved to slip away. This is not going to happen any longer! This is OVER! What was hidden has been revealed, there is no more deception. Someone has been waiting for this moment to shed light on the truth! He’s ready to stop being afraid of his power and he’s choosing to step into it. He is choosing to listen to the inner guidance from the Holy Spirit. He’s stepping into powerful transformation. Standing in his power looks like decisions made for the greatest good of all involved. He is making wise decisions to be generous where he needs to be and taking back what was stolen from him. He is no longer giving his time, love attention and affection to things not serving his highest good. He’s ready to step into his sovereignty and it will pay off! He is grateful for all he has! He speaks with integrity he lives in integrity. This is who he chooses to be

He connects to his highest form now, He’s acknowledges his toxicity he’s overcome it. He no longer lives in the vibration of victim. He has choices and he has the choice to transform now and that is what he chooses. He chooses to see the good and bad of all situations. He sees both sides.

Her Recalibration

This week’s story is for Someone who either had a mother but felt emotionally neglected or simply disconnected. This story is for those who had an absent mother as well… This story is for those who are mothers who may feel they are lacking in time and attention for themselves.

She’s challenged herself to retrain on a new routine. Where she’d wake before and tend the needs of her household, think about her job or begin by taking care of her pets, this one is all about self care first. She knows now she cannot give what she doesn’t have. She is done starting the day with little to no energy. She’s recharging and rearranging it all! She’s waking up 30 minutes earlier and giving herself permission to focus solely on what she needs to have a successful day. What is that exactly? Meditation, Gratitude? Affirmations? Coffee and silence? Tea and silence? Silence alone? Time to do whatever or nothing at all is making a difference more and more each day. She refuses to look at a screen in this time. She’s recognizing how much she needs that moment of space to focus on her needs. She is the mother she needs right now. By taking authority and choosing to move forward she’s receiving attention and affection she’s desired and has been missing for quite some time. No more! Her days become less chaotic as the outdated belief that she was unseen has washed away. She is seeing the joy in every day and its growing! She’s making time for passion and leaving her fear of success in the past! She’s ready for all the blessings ahead at long last!!!!

She’s ready to sing she’s making a joyful noise because she’s provided for, she’s enough for her and that’s worth praising!

She has Experienced loneliness and now that she loves herself, she’ll most likely not feel lonely again.

“Everything is Dual everything has an opposite. Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree” - Hermetic Principles


Oh Gemini the never ending train of thought! The library of endless outcomes, subjects & possibilities.

Where does lead? What do I do? Where do I go? Is that really True?

What if I’m right? What if I’m wrong? What if I’m just writing a song?

What if it feels right? What the pain is too severe? What if I’m no longer welcome here?

Does Pie count as eating fruit? I look sexy without clothes! How did I miss what was happening under my nose?

Yes, the chaotic mind of a Gemini moon is pretty extraordinary. If one can learn to calm the sea of thought that is often choppy and whirling around. There is a wealth of ideas and wisdom that can be seen. Gemini the sign of the twins, duality. Polarity. This is a time to recognize both sides of the coin! The Good and the Evil they both exist in the world. They both exist in us. Which one do you choose to feed? Which one do you choose to LEAD? At this time both the solution and the problem are both taking place in the mind. It can easily seem like one big contradiction. Do not be alarmed. It’s all working out fine!

Writers, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, This section is for you! If you have found yourself blocked in work or growth, if your work has been stagnant then this mantra is Created for you! A gentle reminder that what is shared here is meant to work with your wellness plan, not to replace or be considered medical professional advice.

Working with the Solfeggio Frequencies:

If this resonates for you, we’ll be working with 174hz in this meditation it is recognized as the lowest of these powerful healing frequencies and can be used to lessen mild pain, and from personal experience, it does wonders for insomnia and trauma related stressors and triggers. It is also used to remove Blockages. We are using it together with the mantra for Ganesha this full moon to remove the obstacles standing in the way of our highest good. As we are soon entering a new year, and this is the last full moon of the month, this is the perfect time to set the intention to rid ourselves of those blockages for good! Who better to be our guide for the next Month than Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles/


The story of Ganesha (Aka Ganapatya and or Vinayaka) is a beautiful one and is worth researching for those who resonate with this energy. Ganesha is a Hindu deity with the head of an elephant that is born of Parvati alone (in some instances Shiva is said to be the Father of Ganesha) and is the God of New Beginnings, Wisdom & luck. Ganesha is said to be “The Remover of Obstacles .“ Using both of these together, we are clearing out blockages known and unknown. We are setting a clear path forward with intention to move in our destined direction for the highest good of all involved. If this part of the story resonates for you, click on the video below and Please enjoy:


  1. Cleaned living area and space of unnecessary clutter

  2. Cleansed space

  3. Hydrated

  4. Wrote list of what I want to accomplish before the New Moon 🌚 (January 2nd 2022)

  5. Reminded self that all will happen in perfect time

  6. Reset energy with High vibrational activities

  7. Hydrated

  8. Believe/receive

Someone’s ONE Focus Daily

For some visiting today ONE daily focus is the way, and that is why this section was created, just for you!


It’s time to connect with nature. Take a moment to get some fresh air if only for a few moment to breathe the fresh Air. Yes, for many it is very cold and cracked window in a car seems like the only way to get some air, If it’s what you have, it’s enough.


Faith is the most powerful strength we carry to put forth anything we want to see happen. It brings rapid manifestation for our highest good. Put your Faith in The Most High and allow this to fuel your actions. Unseen events are working out on your behalf.


Trust may not come easy for some. Spending time worrying about the outcome and staying in your head isn’t going to help. It’s time to bring yourself back to yesterday’s focus of having faith, and that leads to actively trusting the Most high will deliver in perfect time. Trust that the best possible outcome for all involved will take place


Change your diet! You need something you are lacking, and it’s time to cut something else out that doesn’t bring the best feeling physically. It’s time to access what you’ve been fueling your body with & make small adjustments to get you back on track.


Surrender. You can’t control the outcome, and trying is robbing you of so much energy. Have faith, trust the Most High God, keep purifying your diet and let go of that thing you were focused on that you can’t control.


Short and to the point, Date Night. Now is the time to focus on that special person you love. Whether your single, dating or married, it’s an excellent time to reconnect for you.


Believe you have already received your true desires! Live each moment like you already have what you want, utilizing what you already have. Write down what makes you feel grateful this day.

That’s all I have for you this week wisdom seekers, May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished this year and will accomplish going forward. I hope you are proud of you too! That’s the one that really matters 😉

-Tia Khaleesi
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