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Someone’s Story: “Unleash”

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The CHALLENGE: Nurturing your Playful side

Finding fun in all you do, isn’t easy if you aren’t used to seeking this. Work and repetitive tasks may have kept someone from enjoying the blessings showering down on them right now. Balancing Work with family or friends may have been a difficult task recently, Have no fear! The end of this cycle is near! Remembering that taking time to focus on your tasks

Relax, and unleash yourself from the chains and demands of your every day. It‘s time for fun. It’s here you’ll find your next big adventure.

Someone’s Reconnecting

Unleash restrictions no longer needed in your feminine connections.

Is there a feminine in your life you’ve neglected? For someone, now is the time to reconnect. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, now is the time to call that old friend, let their mother know she's loved, finally answering that call from her. For someone, Now is the time to pour love, life and joy into your daughter. Make her feel special, make her feel loved 🥰 What you put out into the world comes back to you

Has a once warm friendship turned frosty? when you choose love and you have the right to be cold 🥶 everybody wins and even the coldest of hearts can be warmed. No, you don't need to forget your boundaries, keep firm to those. Choose to accept that everyone has a right to their own choices and most the time they have nothing to do with you.

For others, this may be a time to nurture yourself. Could your inner feminine be crying out for attention? Remember the small things that make you happy. You are worthy of your time, and attention. You are worthy of rest. You are worthy of LOVE. Take that long walk, spend some time alone. Choose to take an extra long bath.

Almost There….

Someone has been working tirelessly at their goals. Focusing on the end, the middle process looks like a crap show to them. Tired, and feeling defeated, they’ve may want to slow down, maybe even neglect some tasks because it’s been such a long journey. Someone may want to give up, and quit. THAT would be a mistake. If someone were to to hold on a little longer, they would see that just up ahead, is the CELEBRATION of success for all they’ve been working towards! They need to keep going, reminding themselves why they are doing this now. Remembering the why, and the releasing attachment to the outcome is the key 🔑

Someone’s Fear

Fear is not helpful here.

Someone needs to know:

You are Divinely protected

You are favoured by the creator,

NO weapon formed in mental, physical

Or Spiritual will Prosper. You are shielded

From ALL Evil.

There’s no need to worry, Everything is happening for you, not to you. When things don’t work they way we want them to, sometimes it’s the divine’s way of redirecting you to something better. Surrender is needed here.Trust within themselves and Trust of their creator is being given the opportunity to grow. Will they choose to grow? Or will they choose worry?

Solfeggio Frequency:

396hz - For releasing fear, worry & guilt.

AFFIRMATIONS " I forgive myself for what i didn't know when I didn't I didn't know it. I choose to go forward with knowledge these situations brought me, and release the guilt and shame. They no longer serve a purpose in my life"

Someone’s New Diet

With all the recent changes in schedule, routine, relationships, & work someone’s in need of focusing on what they’ve been using to fuel their body. Forgiving themselves for not having the time to give this their attention, they are ready to slowly get back to a healthy balanced diet. Quickly they will see just how much they missed the energy that eating balanced has brought them.

Researching what foods will bring them the most nutrients, and listening to the recommendations their health care provider gives can bring more rewards than expected. It’s time to nourish that beautiful vessel.

Their future self with thank them for it.


What they’ve been waiting for is finally here! All that hard work paid of and the answer from heaven is YES! They know this is for them because they’ve been waiting for a sign and it came in loud and clear, YES, YES, YES! “You have been kind when you could have been cruel. You owned your mistakes, healed your toxicity, You were bold and chose to take risks where you used to play it safe, YOU HAVE ARRIVED! Welcome to Paradise” this is the message whispered through trees here today. You did it! We’re so proud, HOORAY

Someone’s Lucky in Love

It’s been a long hard summer for someone. They have had to put a lot of time and effort into healing their own wounds in order to love another. The good news? BOOM BABY! It paid off! Someone is about to see a change in their love life. What felt like it was falling apart is about to rise through the ashes. What felt like a cozy fire is about to become a roaring blaze of passion! Facing their darkness, facing their own toxic traits,has brought them great rewards! It’s time to collect their rewards. LOVE is in balance, healthy and ready for you..

That’s all I have for you, May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool.

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