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Someone’s Story “The Portal”

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Welcome Back to the Garden! I’m so glad you’re here!

Since July, The Lion’s Gate portal has been opened. For those unfamiliar, when the star system of Sirius is aligned with the earth. This has a very Powerful effect. July 21st is the opening of this portal and Manifesting becomes easier and Greater around this time!

All decisions in love, money, career, dreams focused on can bring HUGE rewards! What you do, what you say matters! The 8th is the most POwERFUL day of this open Portal. What are you focusing on?

This week in someone’s Story, there’s a lot to heal instead of conceal. With such powerful forces behind you, NOW is the time to rise, and focus on the life you desire!

what are Angel numbers?

repeating numbers seen throughout your day, or week to assist you on your journey

ANGEL NUMBER 775: The Life changes you are making right now, or perhaps the ones you are considering are the right ones for you, TRUST YOUR INNER GUIDANCE. What needs to change that you’ve been avoiding?


Recently, Someone was dealing with a thief, liar, or cheater who caused a lot of confusion and self-doubt. This Person offered the world and delivered empty promises void of any real substance. This has brought a lot of feelings of being trapped under the weight of embarrassment and in some areas stuck there too. For Someone, this is the time to shine light on the TRUTH about this person. In the end, only kindness matters. Sometimes that kindness needs to be directed towards yourself. Facing the reality of pretty lie that turned ugly as the sin it came from. Bringing truth about who this person has the potential to bring about peace inwardly. Forgiving yourself for believing the lies, and forgiving them for not being who they pretend to be will bring huge release.

No resentment, bitterness or revenge will fix this situation, change this person or make what was experienced go away. Letting go of the need for revenge is superpower and this week, and it works like a magic wand to remove some serious blockages.


In order to figure out what brings happiness sometimes we need to take a look at what WASN’T bringing us happiness. What has brought you sadness you are ready to let go of?


Someone’s been bruised, but they are not Broken. Healing is process. To manifest in the physical world what they already know in your Spirit, time is needed. Each day they choose healing over bitterness and resentment brings them closer to release.They don’t need to hold onto the past anymore. It hurt them, it did, but that pain belongs to the person who brought it. When they let it go, their arms are free to pick up the valuable lesson instead.

Someone’s spent a lot of time trying to figure out what they want, this experience has shown them what they DON’T want! It’s time to focus on what they DO want?

Outside of the past and toxicity what DREAMS do they have? What do they want to accomplish? What are the smallest steps they need to take? What are the biggest? Too much time has been given to sources that did not appreciate it. Whether they have acknowledged it or not, Someone needs to see just how precious there time really is.Their energy is precious and THIS WEEK? The focus is on what they want going forward?


YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, at EVERYTHING you choose to focus on, that’s why you are where you are .


When Someone decides to admit how they are truly feeling to themselves, they find their peace. Trusting intuition brings MASSIVE shifts in their current position be it love, work, or even family. It’s time for someone to move out of the timelines of betrayal

This week, Focusing on the life they desire IS their weapon against what they don’t want. List of goals and dreams, powerful “I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOALS” affirmations while working towards them brings what they are calling into existence.


Now is the time to choose a higher perspective, NOW is the time to see how supported you are. NOW is the time to claim your power, your love, your truth and YOUR destiny. Using the powerful shift of Manifestation in The Lion’s Gate Portal, BELIEVE that life you desire is HERE NOW. LIVE like it’s happening NOW. GIVE generously and watch it come back. You are in a position of power this week. POWER over your situation by working with the Creator. When POWER is not something desired over someone else but WITH others, it is unstoppable.

That’s all I have for you this week, Thank you for being here with me, for visiting the Garden and Creating a whole new world! May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool of wisdom,

You are enough, as you are.

-Tia Khaleesi

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