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Someone’s Story “Sensuality & a Virgo ♍️ ”

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Welcome back to The Garden! I’m so glad you’re here, let’s sit by the pool of wisdom and see what comes near! May you receive ONLY what is for your highest good, and release all that you should! Please remember to listen to your inner guidance.

(Sun, moon Rising Virgos May resonate strongest to these messages)

THE CHALLENGE: Embracing sensuality

With all the chaotic energy lately, the sensual side can easily be ignored. Someone is struggling to enjoy or connect to their sensual side. It may be time to explore and embrace their desires and maybe even engage in some playful touch with someone they love.❤️ Someone has serious sex appeal and they haven’t explored this in awhile. It may be time to do so now. This is a sacral chakra imbalance. When any part of us is unseen or unacknowledged, it becomes shadow, blocking someone from creative pursuits. This can be avoided by taking time to unleash it.

Beginning the week “ Boss Energy”

A feminine energy that controls the money is in charge of the budget. She decides how much is given to each area of the finances. She is being called to revisit some of her past patterns in handling money unwisely.

These patterns can go very deep into the past. As she begins to discover what’s not helping her current situation, The past advice she received in the past was not from a source she could trust unfortunately.

This becomes the beginning challenge as it may have been a parent that gave this advice. It could leave them feeling a little like leaving behind a piece of childhood. She can let this go with ease, if she chooses. She is Smart, and has all the tools available to her to succeed. Finding a professional to help in these matters could be beneficial for her.

If she chooses to stand up and deal with what is needed for her own family instead and apply what works best for them, she will succeed.

Journal Prompt 📔

What are some positive money habits you’ve developed? What is your NEXT step, in financial health?


“I am making wise decisions with the money I have, money is energy and flows freely to me. 🙏 “

Middle of the week: “ The dead are remembered”

It’s been so long they can barely feel the pain. When their heart was broken long ago (for a select few very recently) they worked hard to bury the relationship. They used work, family and friends until they laid the past to Rest In peace. Something has stirred their memories. A trigger has occurred bringing them back to the very place they were left, alone, broken and unhealed. They remember that lover that lied, pretended to be all they wanted and were they? No. It was all an illusion. This doesn’t feel good, and that is where the healing can begin ❤️

Feeling this unapologetically with no judgement toward themselves for how they feel, well that’s the best thing they can do at this time for healing. There comes a realization that the person that broke their heart was never in the same place emotionally as them, that relationship was one of the last they felt victim in choosing instead to face that they had the power to walk away. They can forgive themselves for not seeing this sooner, as they realize their journey is just that… a journey.

End of week “Return of the Divine Feminine “

The last hurdle is fantastically removed by their strength and ability to release the past with dignity, grace and forgiveness. She’s done fighting battles that don’t serve her. She is done fighting battles of others. She’s learned her lessons and is ready to RISE ABOVE! She can and she will. She knows her worth, she respects the rights of others to make their own choices. She is done taking responsibility for what was never hers to carry in the first place. She is allowing others to face their consequences for the pain they caused while holding space for healing.

TIPS & Affirmations FOR THE WEEK / Oracle messages:

Monday: Allow the arts to inspire you. Your artistic side could be a huge help in balancing your energy. Choose to add your own flavor to everything you do.

I am creative. I embrace my sensuality and I am open to creative flow.

Tuesday: Take care and be gentle with yourself. If information that comes to light that is hard to hear arises, choose to pause before you respond.

All emotions are safe, all emotions are teachers. They are showing me what i need to see, I am facing the truth boldly knowing everything happens for me.

Wednesday: Your future is bright temporary messes aren’t going to be permanent. Seeds grow in the dark, again, this is temporary There’s a huge harvest in your future. Believe this is the end of this cycle.

I am in rhythm with life and I choose to go with the flow. I choose to trust n my creator to lead me in all I do.

Thursday: Cleansing time! Take time to clear your energy using water. Salt baths and showers are very helpful to release what you’ve been dealing with.

I release all that doesn’t serve me back into the water to be washed away. I am being of love and light, a child of the most high, I release all negativity that was never mine to Carry.

Friday fairness is coming God fights your battles for you! You are highly favoured and protected. Keep the faith!

I trust in my creator to guide me . I am favoured, protected from all evil no weapon formed in physical, mental or spiritual will succeed. Victory has been decided, Everything happens for me.

Weekend VIbes

Take time to rest and relax build up your strength. It’s been a long journey rest is helpful now.

That’s the end of this story! Below you’ll see your bonus story going live on YouTube August 31st that may apply. Only you have access to the written content! Enjoy, wisdom seekers!

Welcome to Tia Khaleesi’s garden of whispering guidance. Today from the pool of wisdom, we have a story to tell. Together, we are going to get some advice on what to say, on what to do, how to address how you feel, what you’re thinking and what spirit wants you to know most.

To start off this story, May I remind you, this will not resonate with every person who hears this story. If it’s meant for you, listen and take only what your highest guidance tells you is for you.

In The Garden, you are encouraged to always use your own wisdom, take only what resonates. You and you alone are responsible for what you choose to take from this place.

Let’s begin.


The person in this story, has been dealing with a lot of conflict. There’s been some serious disagreements that have come their way. These disagreements are about money and how they handled things. It seems when they had abundance they made foolish decisions, nurturing an impoverished mindset.

It might be, that when money was flowing freely they wanted more.They were caught up in Ego and worry about what they need.There might be a little bit of unrest, money is not flowing as easily. The Great Holy Spirit’s message:

“Releasing soul patterns & contracts of past lives”

It feels as if the person in this story is feeling bound to past patterns possibly from childhood. They may have heard from their parents discouraging patterned speech such as “we can’t afford this” it’s time to transmute this and turn it into something empowering. “This is not for me now but I will one day have this” “I have better things to spend my money on now. What’s meant for me will always come my way, Money flows freely to me from all sources seen & unseen.”

Changing the Patterns of the past:

The beliefs in “I can’t “ need to go. It’s time to turn this into “I can and I will”

This is going to help change so much.As within, so without. What is spoken from within becomes the reality as well.

Changing how you feel in your approach to the financial world is always important. Seeking advice from an expert in finances could be beneficial. Using your resources available you can come up with a plan that helps you manage your income.

Hidden talents and abilities

The person in this story is still trying to hide their gifts ashamed of them. They may be worried about the judgement that they fear will accompany this. This person may be gifted with making a little look like a lot! This person is a thrifty shopper who lives like a Royal on a paupers salary. Making the most of their income is hidden talent they haven’t wanted to share with anybody. It’s possible they are surrounded with people who have the means to pay full price without blinking.

The gift of stretching a dollar is a special talent that will serve this person well when the money comes rolling in! It will open doors to be generous with loved ones too! It’s time to embrace that they are in a league of their own! People are secretly in awe of this person and how they manage.

The reward for managing the little they’ve been trusted with, is a massive blessing of abundance!

Listening to the guidance

Dear soul,

Do you see how much you have to offer the world? That reaction you feel as you’re about to do something that stops you and you pause, that is your Divine guidance.

Everything you feel in your gut, that’s Divine guidance.

Trust what you feel inside. You have so much to offer and do you really see your potential?


Take just 3 minutes in the morning when you wake up to stop and just listen. Close your eyes and allow the the thoughts that come in your mind to pass through without any attachment. Quieting your mind. Breathe in deeply, release slowly. Get to know yourself a little more each day.

Trusting intuition

The person needs to remember to TRUST THEMSELVES. Nobody can move for them. They can get all the advice in the world, and it is still their responsibility at the end of the day to choose the next step. TRUST YOUR HEART ♥️

Do you see how much you have to offer the world everything you feel in your gut, that’s divine guidance.

You are a keeper of the Earth


They don’t ever need to feel alone again. The Divine guides them through the Holy Spirit. Ancestors surround them. Without a physical partner still never alone. They are a healer and younger people are looking up to them. They are going through something that this person has already gone through. The are ready to mentor.

“ It is not your responsibility to change fix, heal, anyone. that is their own responsibility “

Thank you for being here with me today, I ask that all that is not meant for you be released back into the Pool and so it is.

-Tia khaleesi

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