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Someone’s September Story 2021 “Ascension”

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

*This Story becomes available to the public September 9th Enjoy your first look, Pool of wisdom & Monthly Subscribers!

Welcome to my Garden, and for my wisdom seekers, Welcome back! I am so glad you are here! May the wisdom that is whispered here be received by whom it’s meant for in perfect time. The energy that flows through may not resonate with all who visit, and may be reversed. It may be past, present or future. It may be a stranger’s story with a lesson to learn from, either way, in the garden you are encouraged to practice using your inner guidance. The strongest intuition comes from you.

Sit back and enjoy Someone’s story from the collective.

The Focus:

At any given time, we have all we need to be successful. Where we place our thoughts, our faith, our actions all shape what our reality looks like. For someone, the key to success is to shift their focus. The focus has been on all that could and has gone wrong. Everything that has not been in alignment with their hopes and dreams.

Someone’s focus has been rooted in their worst fears and in their past deeds that have lead them to an undesirable present. It’s time to Ascend from their old toxic patterns. It is time will they?

Oracle message:

“Expand your awareness to reach new paradigms of consciousness”

Trust you are held always. Humility in times of pain brings a new way of life.



Unbalanced and feeling stuck, The person in our story is not resting well. They didn’t expect to be in this financial spot. They don’t have the resources they expected. Money doesn’t seem to be coming in the way they expected it to. Their expectations have not been met in their finances. They lack Patience. Could it be time for them to ask for what they need? It is very strong to have the courage to ask for help in a time of need. They may feel embarrassed they may feel stressed. They are in need of some self reflection and gentleness with themselves. It’s easy for them to enjoy when everything goes according to plan, but when they are the cause of their own misfortune, it’s the person in our story who is hardest on themselves. Everything happens for them, wether they see it or not, there is a lesson to learn here and they are about to experience what that is.

They are learning humility. They have been on the generous end of their relationships. They give to everyone freely and enjoy making others happy. This is a time of receiving and the idea of asking for help, may be hard for them. If they are willing to learn the lesson, that we are all here to help each other. they will attract exactly who they need. We cross paths with those who can assist us everyday, if we are open to them, we can finally see the help we need in perfect time. They have seen the unseen. They have been the help when needed. Now, they need, it’s okay to ask and receive.

Free will is at play here, but keep faith and believe in them! They have the will to succeed! Will they choose humility? Will they ascend past ego based choices?

Healing Guidance for the Feminine

Unconditional Self love

They’ve made so many exceptions for the people they care for. They forgive imperfections. They understand when they are down on their luck, and this person is the first to shake off an argument. They don[‘t judge their friend who may have failed at something they’ve attempted.

It’s time for the person in this story to remember something important. If they love themselves when they are successful, They need to love themselves when they fail.

The person in this story is learning to love themselves when they don’t feel like such a success. This is hard as it’s possible they felt loved as a child only when they did something correct. They may have felt shamed for mistakes and have mistaken this for their personal truth. It is a lie, that had nothing to with them to begin with.

They judge themselves and others harshly, when people don’t come through, it’s harder for them to love 💗 they close their heart. This, makes it much harder for them to trust others, even those who would help.

Agape love is without conditions. It’s been demonstrated to them time and again, do they remember this?

Will they Ascend to higher love?


“THE EVER UNFOLDING ROSE, It’s all happening for you NOT TO YOU”

Whenever we find ourselves in harsh situations we are being shown something. A blockage needing to be removed, a lie we’ve unconsciously accepted as our truth or an unhealed wound coming up for healing. You have the power in this moment to see it and free yourself from it.

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It’s time to take a look at how they are perceiving this situation. Could their lack, simply be not their expectation of what they should have? Does the lack then exist?

They have the power to fix their situation. They feel stuck but are they? They have the power to change the habits, ask for help when needed. More than this, they have knowledge. Sometimes situations arise that teach us to live off less, and we appreciate having more Can they ascend beyond lack?

Sometimes the lesson is, "Be impeccable with your word."- (The four agreements) When you are stingy or go back on agreements, you will lose the money you owe another way...

Can they ascend beyond greed?

LOVE 💗 & Heartbreak💔

A choice someone made in love, may not have been the best one for them. It’s a masculine energy finding out that it always comes back. Juggling more than one person lead to a heartbreak 💔. It started off as a way to stroke his ego. He enjoyed the wild, crazy, sexy secret. They allowed this to shred their integrity. Lies to cover up behaviors, and money issues became the center of this person’s world. Selfish decisions lead to losing it all with no way to return. Someone lost their dream.

It’s time to heal this wound. The only way to healing is through the truth, Facing it with raw authenticity. This is why Humility will be so important. Asking for help. Friends, family, a pastor, therapist, or healer whatever they are called to. We all have free will and sometimes we make choices that take us somewhere we would rather not be.

He‘s being called to address this within. It’s something deeper than this one situation. Is he prepared to face himself? Is he willing to face the hardest parts of himself to face in order to heal this for good?

This is a painful part of the story, but mind you it’s a paragraph. A paragraph in a novel of beautiful incredible things coming their way.

You are more than your mistakes. Take it easy, relax. There’s no need to force or rush healing.


They really want to be over it already. The anger has been consuming them for believing in something that wasn’t real. They had real, and they couldn’t see it. They have done everything they can to distract themselves from the pain. Is this why they aren’t sleeping well? Maybe it’s that they sacrificed everything for someone who changed their life unexpectedly. That defeated feeling is eating them up.

They can’t stay here lost in the details of what the other person did to them. They can’t stay in the bitterness of how they were misled from their happiness. No, that won’t change what’s happened. Time is a beautiful place that heals. Releasing a little more each day. Professional help such as therapy could be needed for some.

It’s going to take time. They hate this, but it truly is. One day at a time releasing a little more. Admitting more to themselves each day, taking small steps forward each day to change those toxic habits each and every day. Being grateful for the small steps, is what will heal them.

For someone else, it’s back and forth they feel stuck. From convincing themselves they are fine and have moved on, to feeling the betrayal like a knife in their back. The temptation to avoid facing it is always there. It feels easier in the moment, and for some, that’s okay to take their healing slowly, in fact, it’s the only way to heal for them. That sea of emotion they face can be brutal but this month isn’t about the past, it’s about healing in the present, so the future will be in the healed space they deserve and all the benefits that come with it!


The bitter 💊:

When is it that our bravery is tested? Is it when we are living life to the fullest? Happy? No, it is when we are uncertain of the outcome and all we can perceive is the worst. For some visiting the garden, the confirmation of betrayal has been torturous, for others it’s the unknown and the worry that is keeping them stuck feeling like they can’t move forward. They can.

Fear doesn’t have to be gone for them to choose to walk out of it! So they are afraid? It is time to move forward boldly and afraid. Watching it slowly lose it’s power, slowly lose it’s grip. They have all the power to control what they focus on, they are choosing to see this now. Sure, the past can taunt them, the unknown can taunt them too, but if they choose to focus on the lessons, the growth, the healing ❤️‍🩹 they will find that they are now standing boldly in truth. They are Admitting they created this too, and they have the power to move past it. Surrendering to their power to choose differently going forward. To take the grain of wisdom from this ca-ca- land they have created for themselves and change direction.

The Reward

By removing their focus from the past, and all that was used to hurt them, incredible surprises in work or business happen suddenly! All the hard work paid off & opportunities are flowing in! They chose to improve their work focus a little more each day, and hustled their business. By choosing to ascend past their old worn out habits of pettiness and revenge, they have learned how to keep their word and live in integrity. This is attracting so much they didn’t think would ever come, stability and independent wealth.


The reason it’s so important for the person in this story to make things right again? NEW LOVE IS HERE! One that matches their vibration of honesty, faithfulness, and true unconditional love. Time, humility, honesty bring ascension.

That’s what came through the garden! May all that is not for you be released back into the Pool

Thanks for visiting! See you Next time!

- Tia Khaleesi

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