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Someone’s Story "Alliance"

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The Challenge : A trusting guide

For too long it seems, there have been so many people with hidden agendas for helping, perhaps that’s why the person in this story is being cautious. They’ve been approached in the past and offered many opportunities with hidden strings. This person is force, a very strong individual and intimidating. It’s one of the reasons this person has a hard time finding a true mentor.

Someone who is trustworthy, looks very different than what they are used to. Where they are used to people agreeing with them and most of their decisions, this new person, cares to challenge them. The honesty and pure motives are apparent when this person reveals themselves through not being afraid of this strong willed person. A guide who won’t always be agreeable is coming. They are here with a purpose to help with this person with their personal growth. The challenge comes in when the person in this story, remains very guarded and not sure whether they are ready to open up yet. Do they want to trust this this person? Can they, and will they overcome this uncertainty.

Advice From the Pool

For the Spirit :

Alliance- building strength through including others

Your vision has a purpose, you are capable of making this dream a reality. You must trust yourself to make these decisions wisely. You have or will be soon building a network of like minded and like hearted individuals who have other skills to offer to make your dream a reality!

it’s available to you, will you utilize this?

Oooh whatcha SAY:

Stretch out of your vocabulary of “can’t and won’t”. What about “can and will”? -

Calling attention to weakness is not going to help achieve goals. Self defeating and self fulfilling prophecies are your only relevant enemies.

Reminding yourself of false limitations will not bring you closer to victory. Changing speech to what is possible and affirming positive outcomes will aid in making plans realities . Yes, you can. YES you WILL!

Affirmations: “I am capable, I can do this, I am ready, ”

Ready? Set? Action: The art of “The PAUSE”

Sometimes looks are deceiving and Sometimes half truths are passed around, Angry feuds boil under the surface of the incoming information. Are you reacting from a surface viewpoint? Are you looking at Context?- Are you considering the source? What is their motive in giving this information?

PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE. When anything that disrupts peace comes through, before making assumptions, before reacting, PAUSE. Misunderstandings can be clarified and embarrassment can be avoided.

Listening to how you Feel

Do you trust your Reactions? - Our bodies remember. When something unexpected is said or done the reaction that feels off, that is where unhealed wounds have been hiding. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the situation in the moment and everything to do with another time in our lives that feels familiar to the now.

It’s time to take a moment to discover where they came from. And what exactly is familiar about this, what do you see appearing in situations that are happening now that lead to feeling like that.

Watcha Thinking? : The gift of a moment in time-


Too much time is wasted now thinking about what did not happen as it should have. What is no longer here, is not a place to invest your current energy, or this time too, will be a distant memory these memories are heavy both physically and emotionally. When we shed emotional weight from within, it can lead to easier release & manifestation in the physical too.

May all that resonates reach you in perfect time, and all that is not meant for you, be released. Thank you for your time,


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