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A Leo’s Story (PT2) “The Embodiment of a King”

🎶 Happy Birthday to you, Strong & Vibrant Leo 🎶

Welcome to the Garden! I hope you enjoy your visit.

May all that is for your highest good reach you in perfect time.

Disclaimer: This applies to all Leo men who’ve done the work, healed the past, and have made amends with those they need to. The Leo Men Sun, Moon & rising signs. (Or highly dominate masculine energy in a female )

The King of the jungle does not cower, nor bow to hyenas or their prey. They set the tone, the mood, how life goes is their say! Majestic is his smile, loyalty is his heart ♥️ hungry is his appetite, seduction is his voice and that’s just the Start! Rising, Sun and Moon do you see him now?

Let’s here it for the king, in reverence they all bow!

His Challenge: Choosing the Divine over Bitter Wine

He is moving past his immature self. He’s ready to step up. No more blaming others. No more tearing apart his past partners, and shutting his eyes. He sees himself now. His past caught up to him, and all his trickery was undone. He had a choice, he could choose true unconditional love, and believe he’s enough, or he could choose to believe he needed to hide in the shadows of 3rd party “situationships”. Would he work hard for a true relationship? Was he enough alone? He’s starting to believe he deserves true love. (Yes, he’s enough alone, yes he deserves true love ❤️ )

He knows what he wants, he knows what makes him feel whole and complete. His challenge is to choose between what’s easier, and feeds his ego or his highest path. Will he face the pain he’s caused others? Will he boldly move past his worn out stories of being a player? Will he forgive himself for the love he’s denied himself, and others?Denial doesn’t fit him anymore. He’s matured, he knows he’s the king of his pride. It’s time to shed the ego and release the toxic patterns of the past. Will he? When he chooses to do this, he’ll be able to call his queen to his side, and together, they’ll rule. He is worth loving. He is seen. He is ready. He is enough. Will he choose to believe it?

Rise, handsome, rise

Embodying leadership

He’s moving past his victim stories. When things went wrong it was always someone else at fault. He sees how he gave his power away freely refusing responsibility. Not now, oh no, He takes it back through humility, grace, generosity and fierce loyalty. Rather than standing in avoidance, he is bravely facing his life. He knows he can no longer delay communication and is taking responsibility for what has gone wrong, and what has been lost, as any great leader would. After all, it’s his season, he is in his ruling position. But that’s not all! He’s also taking ownership of all he’s accomplished. His relationships are flourishing, his generosity is being rewarded! The more freely he gives the more he has all he needs! He’s taken his power back by giving to himself as well! He’s making time for his Spiritual, physical and mental health. By choosing to be healthy in all 3, he calls in something he’s always wanted, a strong, balanced, abundant life.

Embodying the lover

His appetite is large, and his heart is in charge! This Leo is hungry for some passionate love. It’s a hot, hot HOT 🔥 Summer for this Leo and he is enjoying the spoils of loyalty. When a king acts like one, his world is full of love, passion and sexy energy! This Is a very lucky time for him, all he’s put out there, is coming back to him, and it hits him hard! For the Leo who has been living in integrity, It’s going to be ONE HOT season! Buckle up kitties, it’s going to be intense!

Wishes Granted After Humility

Everything he’s ever wanted Is here. He’s ready for it all. By accepting his responsibility for the bad choices, and all the ways he let his darker self lead, he opens himself up to new positive opportunities. The darkness only has power when he leaves it unacknowledged. He’s choosing to heal his inner darkness, as he faces and releases his past mistakes. Ownership of his responsibilities and honouring his promises prove, he’s choosing love. Love for his creator, Love for others, and of course love for himself. He’s choosing to give to others, the life he wants for himself. This, is his magic, this is his Key🔑 to success! He was born to rule, he was born to shine, he was born to change the direction he was given into something more. He is ready to move onto his throne! Will he?

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That’s all I have for you today!

May all that’s not for your highest good be released back into the pool. Thank you for visiting

-Tia Khaleesi

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