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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Hello wisdom seekers, I wish so many blessings on all your divinely guided unions. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine this is for you, Welcome to the garden! I’m so glad you made it! There is wisdom in every story if we’re willing to look. Not all that’s shared here will be meant for you and that’s okay. May you only receive what is for your highest good, and so it is.

In awareness of the illusion of separation, I ask that you become aware of the illusion of being separate from the Most High. This awareness that you are never separated from your creator is important. It’s a powerful truth to see, to feel, to know. That you are never abandoned or left unnoticed or unseen. The creator sees you, favors you, and protects you.

Become aware of illusion of separation from all that you need at any given time. You have been provided for and if you look a little closer you will see just how protected you really are. It’s time to come into awareness of how much you really have. You are blessed and will continue to be blessed in your integrity. See how all your needs are met and your greed is shed.

Become aware of the illusion that you must compete for what is already yours. What is meant for you can never be taken from you. If something leaves you, if someone leaves you, it is not meant for you at this time, and it is time to be here now.

Become aware of the illusion of being trapped. We are here, in the now. The past is not here, the future is not here. YOU are here. Right now. In this time and in this space. When the pain of the past or the fear of the future take over, remember, you are not there, you are here and be still. You can see clearly your next step when you are not in multiple spaces. Bring yourself back to present time and bring with you the lessons that you learned. It’s okay to leave the pain there, you don’t need it now.

Choosing to trust in perfect time takes courage, it takes surrender to a power much higher than yours. It is believing what you desire, what is meant for you will come. Surrender to not knowing when and preparing for it anyway. It does not mean you lay dormant, you do not slow your growth or stand still. No, you rise you shine, you become the partner you’ve always wanted. You live like you already have with what is already here. (If it is meant for you, I hope you see) When you are comfortable in solitude, and you see yourself as good company, you will no longer be alone. You will never again feel the sting of loneliness that accompanies you yet leaves you feeling isolated. The panic to settle will leave, the patience to wait will grow. That perfect time will come, much sooner than you know.

Union is from within. Learning to just be. The awareness that you are the one who watches behind your eyes, you are the one noticing the world around you. What you seek is already within you and it is seeking you. If th