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Someone’s Story “The Revival”

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

You are a great reason to keep going.

Welcome Back to the Garden! I’m honored to have you here. Be proud of your progress every day, dear one. Remember not everything is meant for you, this is a place to practice using your OWN intuition and your free will to change direction at anytime. Enjoy!

The Challenge: It’s been a long time since they believed in magic. Mostly, for the person in this story, the practical every day stress has consumed their world. Childlike wonder has left. An authoritative mask has overtaken their happy and vibrant spirit. Unable to see the wonderful things happening to and around them for the magic it is, how could they see their own magic? Potential feels blocked and it’s time to release the burden of order and tidiness.The challenge for this week will be to allow themselves to explore all their talents and abilities outside of their safe routine. Have they been too focused on someone else to see their own talents and abilities? Will they choose to trust themselves again?

AFFIRMATION: “ I am capable I have talents and abilities I haven’t even explored yet. I am ready to access them & use them for the greater good of all.”


It’s easy, when you are successful on your own, to become resentful of doing things by yourself. Or, at least in this story, that seems to be the case. That resentment is a wound ready to heal. They have misunderstood the lesson they’ve been learning. Their Independence has become a skill set for the future. They have been learning that they are capable of much more than they realized. If they take some time at the beginning of the week to think of how much they’ve been handling and organizing on their own, they may see just how strong they truly are, and that this learning to do all themselves was a lesson to give them a future strength for success.

Affirmation: “I am learning more about myself with every challenge I meet. I am capable of success”


You don’t have to do everything yourself. A strategy is needed to tackle the lengthy tasks ahead. A great leader knows when to handle things themselves, and when it’s time to ask for help. There is no need to control the details, and they are learning this right now. By letting go of tasks easily handed off to another (& the need to see them through a specific way) they grow. Releasing the need to control how it’s done each day, they GROW. The burden will be lightened, they will empower others around them to also be independent!

Journal 📓 Prompt: The need for control resonates with fear. What fear is ready to be released that’s been keeping you stuck?


Healing wounds takes time. Changing behaviors takes time. Relearning how to release control, take time. Every misstep this week is a learning experience. Owning their mistakes will help with shedding layers of ego based leading. Leading with integrity will bring peace to their heart. This is not going to happen overnight, it’s ok to practice. Every moment is a chance to practice patience, to practice responding with compassion and wisdom. They have all it takes to be successful. This week they will have the opportunity to practice in many forms.

Affirmations: I am learning new healthy ways to respond to my environment and things I cannot control. I will make mistakes and that’s ok. I’m here to learn.

Quiet Time:

This is important work . A critical part of this work will be quiet time every chance they get. They can start by waking up 5 minutes earlier to stretch and sit in the quiet of their day. They can start by scheduling time mid day to sit in the quiet, OR they can schedule a specific day to MAKE time to sit alone in peace. This week has the potential to bring this story holder closer to everything they ever wanted to be, and quiet time will be a big part of this. Here they will find the answers where there seemed to be none.

Learning from the masters, Children:

Yes, children are here to learn from us. But what if it’s also true WE learn from them?

Have you ever watched a child play? They take it very seriously. If they are pretending to be a server they take your order, they serve you sand and they wait for you to enjoy it. They live the scenario without any of the physical items. Dirt can be food, rocks can be pay, and they will continue taking turns until they are done playing. They don’t have any attachment to this. When they are done, they are DONE.

Are you done playing? IF this is your story, it may be time to leave your “play.” What in your life is no longer serving a purpose that you’ve attached to? What are you in routine choosing that is now wasting time? Will you learn from our teachers the children and detach from this now?

The Child in you is ready to play!

Plans for the Fall

This week is setting the scene for the fall. How will it look? How different will life be for the better? Each step taken to be the highest version of yourself now, every healthy choice made, maps the future. This week is important to direct each step towards exactly the life wanted to be manifested. Make the choices that feel true to what your goals are. SEEK your wisdom from trustworthy sources. Have you spent time with your creator? Is it time to reconnect? It’s never too late to start the life you want, now is the perfect time. Leave room for perfect looking different than you’d imagine if this is your story, and watch your fall harvest be plentiful! You have the gift of free will. YOU decide in every moment where your life will go. It is not the outer world who chooses, it is you.

That’s what I have for you this week! Thank you for visiting! May all that is meant for you stay, and all that is not be washed away, and so it is.

Until next time, you’re capable & worthy of all you desire,

-Tia Khaleesi

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