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Someone’s Story : “The Ghosts”

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

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Trick or treat lovely wisdom seekers! What will you choose? Welcome Back to the Garden! I’m so glad you could make it! This week of Shadow season brings the spooky into focus. Are you ready to face it? We’re getting closer to Samhain and the veil is thinning! Keeping up with your dream journal 📓 could bring some surprising truths to the surface, are you ready for them? May only what’s meant for your highest good be received and so it is.

Walking with the Ghosts

Someone is trying to find some consistency in a new way of thinking. They are working to believe kinder things about themselves and their world 🌎 The struggle to find their joy has been a tough one recently. Every blessing has been clouded by a stressor. The veil is thinning and there may have been some interesting things happening around them. Someone is haunted by the way something ended. There’s so much they would have done or said differently. The challenge they’ll have this week is accepting that there is no going back, and they must surrender to what is, and start looking forward to what will be. Where is the healing? How do they fix it? The lesson is to take this wisdom forward as they will face other situations they’ll need to use it to move through these with ease.

The ghost of a memory, her walking through the door, haunts him

Someone can feel the pull of a lover, they are feeling intense feelings that don’t match their situation. It seems they are experiencing someone else’s feeling.

Upon closer inspection, what they are feeling are the feelings they never felt that they stuffed deep down in another time when they didn’t feel ready to face them. In a sense, someone has come so far in their journey from where they were at the time of those painful memories that bring up these feelings, that they might as well be feeling a stranger’s emotions.

The only way to healing, is through feeling. It’s time to face these feelings and release them for good. The question is, will they choose to?

The Ghost of bad decisions past have haunted someone recently. They are seeing their life coming together in the most beautiful way and the only thing that is bothering them is every bad decision they made. Someone is struggling to accept that all past failures were lessons and they are heavily punishing themselves. It’s time for some to release that past.

The Ghosts of wishes unfulfilled haunt someone’s mind this week. They are thinking of all the things they wanted and never received and how some of this affected their lives in a very big way. Looking even closer if the had gotten their way, they wouldn’t have what they cherish now.

It’s time for someone to release these disappointments and allow themselves to live in peace.

Someone’s job is working with children and they’ve been working towards a goal that feels stagnant. If they could only see that their desires are so close to being fulfilled maybe they wouldn’t give up. As tired as they are, as fruitless as this endeavor has felt at times, someone just needs to hold on a little longer, because they have enough strength to get them through to Spring! Spring is when they will finally reach their destination though it may not look like what they expected it be, but they are headed towards everything they need and it’s a beautiful new life.

Letting go of the Ghosts

Don’t forget to drink water 💧

It is time to release the hauntings of past failures. It is time to release the haunting of past endeavors that failed. It is time to release the need to blame themselves or others for what has transpired. It is time to release the past for good. The Fear, the anger, the loss is ready to be let go for good. And this is how they’ll do it.

The Trick 🎃

“Opening your eyes is that is needing The Heart lies and the head plays tricks with us but the eyes see true. Look with your eyes. Hear with your ears. Taste with your mouth. Smell with your nose. Feel with your skin. Then comes the thinking afterward and in that way, knowing the truth.” - Written by George R.R. Martin A song of Ice and Fire

Someone has been allowing negative thoughts to cloud their judgement. They have allowed strangers to disturb their peace. Someone is not ready for the backlash that will come from allowing their peace to be disturbed. To prevent this, they may start meditating early on this week and reminding themselves to be still. The trick to healing the deep wounds that have festered for far too long is to be still and listen to that inner voice that is not impatient with healing because it knows it all comes in perfect time. Perfect time is all this Person has left to trust in to reach their full potential .

The Treat 🍭

Someone else visiting the garden is finally receiving the calm they have fought for all year. They are seeing that all really does come in perfect time! They can do this! The rewards are coming in full force. They are receiving opportunities they have been hoping for seemingly out of the blue. They are learning to love themselves deeper and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It has been a time of great tests and now only now are they strong enough to hold space for the enormous blessings coming their way!


More than just a time of tricks and treats, someone is seeing the pain on the streets! It’s time to rise above the petty pain of the past, it’s time to heal the environment around them at last. Give give GIVE to those in need with love, someone is heaven is watching, and they are beaming down from above.

The Veil is very thin right now, and someone can feel those who have passed reaching out to them. There are subtle changes in the weather, subtle differences in the way they feel about situations that rise up. They are beginning to see how they are never alone. They have never BEEN alone. All those times they felt they were struggling without support, or that nobody could see their hidden pain, it is now that they are able to feel their guides around them, holding them closely ready to assist them in their time of need. It is time for someone to trust in what they feel and connect with those in healed space.

Having that loving ancestral support around them will give them the courage for what comes next.

That’s all that I have for you this week! Don’t forget to ♥️ If this resonated for you. May all that’s not meant for you return back into the pool to be released. Happy Halloween 👻

-Tia Khaleesi

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