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Someone’s Story May 16th-22nd “The Trickster & The Blessed”

Updated: May 30, 2022

Welcome back to my Garden! I’m honored to have you here! We have survived, and dare I say thrived through our very first week of Mercury’s retrograde cycle!

I’d love to tell you this wild ride will stand still, but with the Full Moon in Scorpio, there is a lot bubbling to the surface. The purpose of this time is to purge what does not belong to make room for the gifts and blessing that you have been growing in your spiritual garden. At this time, as hard as it may seem sometimes, Being still is the remedy that heals it all. Remember that now may not be a wise time to sign contracts or make new changes as you may want to make changes to them later. This is a time of reflection. Feeding the hunger pains of Faith how long has it been Since you believed in the impossible? You are and it is, capable and possible of manifesting, the dream you have.

First, there is some debris that needs to be removed. For someone, I can tell you have already decided that this week, is for you. Remember, not all that is shared here is or will be meant for you. That is okay as I said, many visit here. Different journeys require different roads taken, so use this space as practice for following your inner guidance to what is yours. Perhaps you’ll get a glimpse of what needs to be released. It is my desire and intention that you only receive from this space what is for your highest good, and the best possible outcome for all involved. I believe it is so, and so it shall be.

🦋 🦋 🦋

🧿 🧿 🧿 🍱 “Food” 🍱 🧿 🧿 🧿

When your resources are available,

feed the need.

When you have more than you need,

Fill your reserves.

When you have enough,

Feed your neighbor.

When you feel challenged and stressed

Satisfy your hunger for knowledge

When you don’t want to budge,

Indulge in humility.

When you can’t see another’s perspective,

Intake more compassion

When you’re wrong and need to concede,

Swallow your pride

When you’re ready to move to the next level,

Be prepared for a new devil,

devour peace in your Mind, soul and your body.

What will you feed when the time comes to act?

Your faith or your fear?

What do you feed right now?

“ I am open to renewal, revision and change “

A story of Solutions

For someone, the message to remember for this week is that anyone bringing trauma, drama, and games need to be released if only for this time. Awareness of what is ready to be released is important this week. There are plenty of paths that can be chosen, all will lead to where the energy is focused. Two halves of the same coin. There’s both light and dark in all. Can someone accept this or will their need for black and white thinking overcome their ability to allow others to be human?

👀 👂 🙏

The Trickster.

Reevaluating their position, someone may be called to speak up, and speak life into a dying situation. Wearing a face that is not their own, and another’s voice coming out of their throat is making someone sound crazy.

When this person chooses to imitate another, they are not flattering anyone but embarrassing themselves. They have been trying for too long to be someone else seeing their path as an opportunity that anyone can take on. This is only natural, as they are trying to find their way in the dark.

The retrogrades happening now are about to shake out the pretenders, someone does not want to be on that side of the coin! Someone will be given a rude awakening into what they already feared, that their words and actions would come back to haunt them.

No flattery or distraction will keep them from seeing what they are meant to see in this time. Because though they may not see it, this public embarrassment is what they need at this time to remind them to be honest with themselves about their motives on this journey.

Imagine for a moment if you could, having compassion for this trickster. They have been deceived into believing they are dead inside. They are rotted away, always pretending to be another person and never seeing their own worth. This leads to all the tricks and betrayals that lead to their own downfall. There is no need for them to suffer a dark fate, if they only open their eyes and see, they too are worthy.

There is a serious need for control in this person. They play both sides, they do whatever it takes to come out looking squeaky clean even when they are the cause of problems. This ends for them this week. Their dirty deeds are about to come undone and though they leave a situation either willingly or discarded, they will find themselves beginning to face the full weight of their actions at their own hand.

It doesn’t have to be this way. No. There is a call for this trickster to surrender. The choice they may face this week is whether or not they will choose to accept the consequences for what they’ve already done, or will they allow them to be thrown upon them losing their opportunity for redemption?

It takes one step at a time, just one, in this direction and someone will find themselves in a whole heap of trouble they didn’t see coming. That is what comes of hiding dark intentions. When they are ready to turn around and redirect their steps no matter how tough, or for how long, they ‘ll leave this energy behind. From a failing trickster to a Divine being they call the blessed.

The Blessed one

Someone has been in a state of mediation and their guidance is divinely given. This does not remove their fear, or doubt in themselves. There’s a deeper reason for this fear. Persecution and a fear of expressing themselves are deeper wounds that may be coming up for healing, and as they began to feel the pressure of needing to speak up, someone may find the solution in the problem.

The blessed one has unique talents and though they are ready to embrace their gifts and put them to use, they may be afraid to leave their comfort zone. Dysfunction may have been around this person for so long, they have come to find these situations a bit comforting and easier to live in. The blessed one is brave and willing to face this truth, though of course it is not an easy one to see.

This shadow is revealing itself now for healing. The Blessed are fortunate enough to be aware of this and are now asked to accept all emotions as safe, allowing themselves a safe space to feel them. There is no need for the blessed to stay in this vibration. Everything is Rhythm and as they have the highs so they will have the lows. In recognizing a time for release, the blessed are reminded that they are only dipping into the lows to receive healing and wisdom. The fear holding the Blessed one back, is ready to be released.

Fear is a great weapon of the weak. They use it to give the illusion of control, when truly they have none. The blessed are learning to feed their faith by taking each step no matter how small believing that their hard work will pay off. The blessed must learn to believe they deserve what they are desiring and manifesting at this time. Feeding their faith is starving their fear, and returning to gratitude for all they have now time and time again will bring them more peace, and of course more blessings.

Time and repetition:

This week, someone is starting to see where their energy is being drained the most. For the Trickster, the place they wear their false face drains their energy until they have nothing left by the end of the week. This is a sign, that they have traveled too far down the wrong path. They have for too long spit on the talents and gifts bestowed upon them from the most high. They have made choices to steal, kill, destroy and divide. What they didn’t realize is that they were doing this to themselves.

Should the trickster be ready to leave this energy, they will need to take those same steps in reverse. Focusing on their work and respecting the boundaries they so readily crossed in their unhealed space. They’ve gone so long in the wrong direction, it WILL take time much more than a week to make their way back to where they belong, but it only takes ONE step to correct the direction they are headed. Time and continued moves in integrity and out of someone’s shadow will eventually bring them to their OWN truth, and they may find it’s just as beautiful as the path they tried to steal.

For the blessed one, is not immune to exhaustion. By trying to be everything to everybody they may run themselves ragged.

Taking time for meditation every day and resting when possible will boost their energy.

There is an uncomfortable and new way to handle situations that requires them to change their people, places and things. This may feel uncomfortable and strange for awhile. For a helper that’s always helping, choosing not to be the one that rescues may seem difficult at first. For the knowledgeable, allowing someone to find their own path to knowledge may also be foreign. It’s a time of deeper learning for all. The blessed one is used to helping others and doesn’t pat themselves on the back for it. They know the rewards of unconditional giving. The blessed one may be called to reevaluate whom they choose to bless, as some don’t appreciate it.

When Pluto and Mercury are retrograde together, someone has a golden opportunity to use this time of confusion and miscommunication to their highest advantage. The blessed one is being given a time of a great redoing. By recognizing their OWN role in allowing their light to be dimmed to help another shine served no purpose, they can begin to shine again!

Their unique gifts fit them perfectly and each day they chose to allow their kindness and generosity to grow, listening to their discernment will help them guide their energy’s flow.

For the trickster, this too is an opportunity to shed that identity for good, atoning for their follies. Though not what they want to do, a trickster is awakening to the truth. Will they be willing to face themselves to receive their own unique blessings?

Everything will work out as it should. Free will, free choice,

and what will they choose?

Betting against the blessed one though,

that’s a game they’re sure to lose.

A blessed one who needs to remember that their guidance tells them a truth that is absolute. If they don’t have something they desire, they must not need it for this time. Perhaps the Most high has something better for them. Perhaps they have sold themselves short. Someone is learning to rejoice in the dark so they can dance in the sun. They know who they want to be and who they don’t. It’s time they redirect their energy away from the pain and anguish. It’s time to turn it towards the wisdom they gathered while in those low valleys.

This week is a time of revision. To reflect on all that has been. By wishing failure on another, someone is calling it onto their path.

👀 👂 🤲

Someone needs to remember that they are worthy of achieving their dreams. They are longing for home looking for it outwardly, but all along inside, they are home. They are wanted here, needed here, seen and heard. This is their home. The Most high has something better than someone could even imagine and if they let go of their need for control, they will find that the possibilities are beyond their comprehension that the Most High makes available to them! Rejoice, Rejoice and again I say, REJOICE.

Everything that has happened, has brought someone to this moment. They have absorbed wisdom in the darkness. Now is the time to redirect energy away from pain and anguish. I repeat, for the one that needs it.

Did any of this resonate? Leave a ❤️ below!


Focus on handling situations with the best possible outcome for all involved if possible. Making decisions based in love will bring about the fairness that someone seeks.


Focus on Asking for help. It’s needed and there is no shame in asking for it. The strong know how to delegate. Someone is very strong.


Focus on your Divine purpose. Do not respond to anything unless from your highest space of being.


Go outside. For too long someone has been stuck indoors. If at all possible, focus on getting some outdoor time.


We can get focused on control given the wrong circumstances, today Focus on the wins. Sometimes NO is a winning answer.


Someone has been giving more of themselves away than they’d like to.

Today Focus on Self care. Someone really needs to replenish their very busy week..


When making decisions it’s easy to make them based on current circumstances. Try not to forget that what happens today can impact your future.

Focus on your future and love in the present like you’re already there.

Did any of this resonate? Leave a ❤️ Below!

That is all I have for you at this time, May all that was not meant for you and did not align with your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs.

Remember who you are this week. You are enough, and what you put your energy into will manifest because you are Safe, worthy, powerful, loving, authentic, intuitive, and connected to the most high,

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