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Someone’s Story: “The Deep”

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

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The 28th

Welcome to Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time! I’m so glad you made it here today! I hope you enjoyed your first look into March (if you missed that story you can click HERE.) which brings us to Today! I know that by visiting the Garden today you are setting the intention to have a powerfully healing, abundant, loving, joyful and peaceful week ahead.

We are entering a New Month this week and with the new, out must go the old! On the last day of February, it is a time to observe our surroundings and find what is cluttering our space, it is a time to take inventory on how we spend our time, and what we allow to influence us. Are we getting information from trusted sources? Are those sources worthy of our trust? All of this will be contemplated and more as we step out of February and into a new March Experience! Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. It’s time to trust your inner guidance to lead you to what it is you’re meant to receive here today. It is my intention that you only receive what is for your highest good. This or better, and so it is!

The Challenge of The Week:
Decluttering Sacred Space

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor-

it’s anything that stands between you

and the life you want to be living”

-Peter Walsh

Someone has used “stuff” to distract them from the emotional baggage that they’ve been carrying. When an unpleasant emotion comes up, instead of dealing with it, they buy something shiny to distract them. They’ve pretended their emotional baggage is not as heavy as it really is, maybe to convince themselves that it doesn’t exist at all.

The energy surrounding the New moon at the beginning of the week will not allow them to do so anymore. The feelings that have been ignored are no longer accepting this, and are demanding to be seen, heard and felt. This seems to be happening at very inopportune times. Leaving someone struggling to maintain their public image. It could become clear to someone that they need a moment.

Looking back at all they’ve been through, they are able to discern more easily right now what it is they are actually carrying. Someone is recognizing that some of this is not their own, but the actions of others they’ve held onto as well. As within so without, the mess the clutter, the unnecessary items are all an outward expression of what is happening within. Someone is at a crossroad now. Will they choose to unpack some of this emotional baggage and rid themselves of their outward clutter? Or will they allow the problem to take them over and have some unpleasant outbursts in places that damage their reputation?

Acknowledging The Now.

Someone is observing where they have been neglecting their health. Someone has not been acting from their highest vibration. They haven’t been acting from a loving space. They haven’t been respecting boundaries or listening to what those around them need. Instead, they have been busting past boundaries and ignoring their own. This is the perfect time for someone to acknowledge this without shaming themselves for where they are. This is not a trial, this is an assessment of where they are, and where they are is okay. Now they know what direction they need to take if they want to move out of this self defeating space!

Releasing for a New Start

What better time than now to release what’s ready to be released? That doesn’t mean it’s easy to do so, it just means it’s time. Someone carries more courage than they realize. They are not limited, they are not broken, they are not stuck. They CAN and they WILL do this!

This is not for everyone, but Someone is being asked to let go of what was. They’ve worked through and healed a lot of the past pain and hurt yet they seem to revisit these moments voluntarily in conversations and giving them rent free space in their head.

The themes, the storylines that they are receiving of the past no longer serve a purpose So long as they hold onto the stories. Holding onto them is also holding on to the wounds that reopen with each retelling.

They are choosing to run from their higher purpose. So long as they stay in this loop, they will not be permitted to move forward. The ego stories of their victimization are ready to be released. The price for moving into their blessings is letting go of all that once hurt them and also validated their pain and situation. For someone, they are ready to let this go for good.

The poorest people are the most generous. They know what is to be without what they need and if they can supply that for another, they do so with grateful and humble heart. This you can observe in your own world if you take a look around…

Someone is unable to see the beauty in tough moments. The changes that have taken place have not been easy. Some situations are just caked in pain and they need time to heal there is no way to spin these unjust acts that have affected them. This person has really tried very hard to look for the bright side. This may not be what they need right now. . The beauty they are searching for may be hidden in the darkness. Allowing themselves to accept this may be what bring the bright side, and that is where the beauty will truly make itself known. Sometimes facing the truth can be painful, but pain is a part of healing. The healing process can sometimes look ugly. Sometimes it doesn’t look pretty at all, will they love themselves through this adversity? Even when they don’t feel it? The medicine that is being given right now is adversity.

It’s easier to give in, it’s easier to stay the same. It’s much harder to move out of the area of comfort and move forward. Someone is fighting their urge to stay stagnant. Their decision will change their direction and they are ready to make their choice. The answer for this person comes in the stillness. Be still.

One Daily Focus

Monday- Release

Today is a great day to go through clothing you no longer wear and donate it! This love for yourself and others as you may find you have been holding onto painful memories through an old sweatshirt or other item. It may feel good to release both!

Tuesday- Beginner’s mindset

Recognize you’re just getting started and your process, be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, you don’t expect a beginner to preform as a master, give yourself that same grace. A beginner is eager and willing to work so if you are not new to something, remember what it was like to desire to be where you’re at today and use that same energy to direct yourself to where you want to go!

Wednesday-Focus on Security

It’s always good to be prepared. To relieve some stress that may be on a subconscious level, Double check your locks, update passwords, and take any safety measures you feel called to. You may have been feeling uneasy lately and this may be what you needed after all.


Drink lots of water! This has been a very intense inner work period. Make sure you are hydrating yourself when possible with gratitude. You may find message come through much more clearly than they have before!

Friday- Someone is ready for healing

It’s time to make time for healing. Someone’s been through a lot. It’s okay to take a minute.

Saturday- Ask for what you need

It is time to boldly ask for what you need as if it’s already yours. Kindly, with the same respect you desire, it is time to relay your desires to others.

Sunday- Fresh air time!

It’s time for some fresh air. If you are in a space where it is safe to do so, go outside and refresh your energy through some fresh air and sunshine.

March 2022 Challenges & Strategies in Communication for

If your Mercury, Sun, Moon or rising in any of these signs, then this may be for you!

🔥 Aries ♈️

Generosity brings more into someone’s life. When you choose to give freely, they are making room for receiving freely as well. This is usually the nature of this Aries. Lately however, that is NOT the case.

Another path has opened up to them. The news has overtaken their attention and this has someone in a vibration of fear and like.

Someone is struggling with being generous. They are communicating lack into their conversations focusing on what could go wrong. With fear of not having enough in the future, they have forgotten they have plenty now. They are not feeling like giving and they are struggling with when they should be giving and when it’s okay not to. They tightly hold on to what they have unwilling to risk not having enough. They see those around them in need and turn their head anyway. They don’t see how they are causing their own demise by choosing a more selfish path. Someone’s words don’t match their actions. Will they turn this around for true security in the future? Or will they hold on to these toxic fears and allow others to suffer now only to suffer themselves later?


Someone needs to go back to the beginning of what they’ve learned. They know how to create good things for themselves, but March is showing them that they also can manifest bad things too. It’s time to recalibrate and meditate to consider what they want. It’s time to stop manifesting what they don’t and start focusing on what they do. Speaking life into their existence will be extra helpful. This will change everything going forward!

🔥 Leo ♌️

There once was a mighty Lion,

who needed to learn to hold their tongue,

The Battle of good and evil

has just begun

Concentration is being disrupted, this is a spiritual attack, dear leo. Someone is taunting a Leo, and they are about to be tested. As a loyal sign to see someone getting away with deceit disgusts them.

A Leo knows something about another that has used lies and deception to manipulate a situation. One person is saying they are open to new beginnings and an ending that has taken place was meant to be, while another is saying it was permanently changed due to a grave betrayal.

Someone is stubbornly holding on to a situation that has ended for everyone’s highest good. The Leo in this story is being tested and is learning it’s much wiser to keep their mouth shut and not engage in any of the chatter. This isn’t easy as they are very angry. The confusion they felt over this situation is leaving Leo.


Leo would be wise NOT to engage in the drama that is created by another. Letting go of the past also means letting go of the argument of it as well. Why would you argue with someone over something that is done? Whenever we are tested with our past being brought to life and skewed, the lessons learned do not need to be retaken. If you realize that by compromising to get freedom you’ve won! It’s better to move forward without the past weighing you down. You are not that lower vibration, choose a higher path. Choose the higher path. Do not return evil for evil. You have so much to lose joining them where they are at, choose instead to love yourself enough to leave the past behind you. There’s nothing for you there. There’s no need to revisit it with others. Not now or ever again. If this is for you, then you already knew.

🔥 Sagittarius ♐️


On your way to manifesting your success

The Challenge:

Sagittarius has been communicating what they want, and what they need. They’ve been feeling pretty proud of their new found or brushed up communication skills. What they don’t realize is that though they think the message is received and understood, it’s not.

It may just be that the message is received but the delivery of it was unkind. The harsh communication has brought a temporary change to the environment out of fear. This isn’t bringing growth or long term changes. This can only last as long as the fear, this only leads to volatile situations will they be willing to change their approach to change the results.


Communication is much more than making demands and threats to get what you want. The only way for permanent change is to shift away from this fearful vibration and move into a more cooperative and peaceful one. Sagittarius can improve their relationships by holding boundaries with confidence . Politely and firmly expressing themselves and holding to their words is highly favored to shift into a more positive space.

What ego driven actions are you wiling to give up, Sagittarius? What are you willing to put work into to bring forth true positive abundance? Sagittarius has abundance now, but it’s an abundance of negativity. Disengaging in gossip and slander will unblind them to their own greatness and set them free from feeling the need to compete. It will also help them release the pattern of losing and finding bitterness as their home space.

That’s all I have for you for now, Thank you for visiting me here, If any part of this resonated for you, please don’t forget to leave a ❤️ at the bottom of the page! May all that was not meant for you or your highest good be release back into the pool to be washed away, where it belongs

You are enough, as you are. You have what you need right now. Believe it, receive it.

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