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Someone’s Story 7th- 13th “Timeless”

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

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Hello and welcome back to the garden! I’m so glad you came to visit this week! I hope you will all join me by taking time each day to send love, pray, meditate send protection, however you choose, to our people around the world that are living in uncertainty and in need of support in any form. Those who have hands to help, lift them.

Every week there is a story that someone is meant to here, and others learn from that message. This means not all that is shared here is meant for you, There will be times that you do not relate and that’s okay. This is a space to practice using your inner guidance as your true Sage. May the messages that come through for you be for your highest good, and may you see yourself with gentle compassion and so it is.

(This Is a masculine's Story most likely a fire sign )

Letting go, overcoming obstacles, change is good. Will this masculine embrace moving forward?

His past

There was a man who was used to women being attracted to him. He was charismatic and he knew how to charm anyone in his midst. Like many others, he was also heartbroken recently. This brought his self-esteem low. He spent a lot of time thinking he was unworthy of peace.. That he was receiving karma for the hearts he’d broken in the past. He felt unlucky, unhappy, and most of all unloved. He spent so much time dwelling on what he did not have, and what he’d lost, he’d forgotten what was working in his favor. Ungrateful for blessings covering him. He cannot see his own blockages.

The younger man

This week he’s really putting the work in planting seeds of gratitude. Learning to be thankful for each day, is a process and it feels like a slow one. Living in the body of an older man with the spirit of a young adult is not easy for him. He didn’t expect to be single at this age and when he looks in the mirror he really sees how the years have past. At first, this is a self esteem killer and he battles his fear head on only to overcome it in the end. Then, he embraces his attributes now, leading him to a new found confidence.All for the low price of letting go of the younger “him” he’d been holding onto for so long. A wiser, stronger, more distinguished and discerning gentleman that had plenty of choices and he had his sights set on one.

He speaks

This man has chosen to let go of the toxicity he held onto so tightly to at the beginning of this story, and he is seeing the bigger picture. He’s no longer allowing insecurity to lead.

Someone has been waiting for him to come forward. If he chooses to accept himself as he is, and gathers his courage to speak his truth in love to this person, happiness is on the other side. His pride and ego will no longer lead. When he learns to be still before any choice, he will find himself making wiser choices going forward. He has others watching him and see him as a leader. It is up to him to decide if he wants to model the behavior of a toxic or healed person to those who look up to him. Knowing all the while, he has freedom to choose and that’s what creates his environment going forward.

Wherever he is in this story right now, this man is on a journey and he will see just how powerful self acceptance can be.

( If this resonates, please leave a ❤️ down below, thank you )

Daily Focus

Monday- Gratitude List

Start the week with your journal. What are you grateful for? What do you have this week that you really appreciate? Being thankful for what you have brings more to be grateful for. IT also brings a reminder we have what we need in times we feel lost and alone. It reminds us we are held. There is always something to be grateful for.

Tuesday- Seeds of Acceptance

If only just a little, now is the time for acceptance. This is a day to practice accepting situations for what they are, that you cannot change. Sometimes things are meant to be and it cannot be altered. What can be changed is the ability to adapt to a new reality

Wednesday- Be Still

When it’s not about a positive attitude, when this isn’t about fixing your perception, but bravely facing a reality that isn’t what you thought it would be, practice silence. In that stillness use your intuition to guide you

Thursday- growth

Journal Time 📓 reflecting on the difficult situations of the week, (and if there weren’t any YAY. Think back) what did you learn about yourself? Where are you responding differently? Where do you still need to grow?

Friday-Seeds of Friendship

Today is a day to focus on your friendships! Make time for a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, or assess who you consider a friend

Saturday- Seeds of Freedom

Today is a day to focus on creating the life you desire. What is ONE thing you can do now to prepare you for where you want to be?

Sunday- Release Fear

When fear creeps in, it is a great time to remind yourself that you never stand alone. Did that sink in? You are never alone. Whatever you face. You have a team of ancestors, angels, ascended masters, and Holy Spirit to guide you. Brothers and sisters, healers around the world are sending you love and protection every day that you have never even met. When you stand firm in who you are, choosing love, you have nothing to fear.

Earth Signs
March 2022
Taurus ♉️ Virgo ♍️ Capricorn ♑️

Taurus ♉️

Inner beauty outer beauty that was the lesson last month. This month however it’s discretion. There is an untrustworthy source that is acting as a sympathetic ear to a Taurus. This person has been cleverly gaining a Taurus trust in hopes of stealing their ideas for themselves. If Taurus isn’t careful this month, They could find themselves telling all their business ideas to the competitor and causing their own blockages to Success. Everything Taurus has ever wanted can be lost by sharing too much to the wrong party.

Money problems are not going away by pretending they’re not there. Taurus needs to face this maturely with humility if they are going to balance their financial health.

The Strategy.

What’s meant for you can never be taken dear Taurus. It may only be delayed for awhile. Now is the time to learn discernment & Trust. Learning to trust your intuition will be the focus for you this month. Choose to believe in your ideas without the approval of an outside source. Until you’re ready to unleash your idea or plan, don’t tell anyone anything about it. It’s okay to admit you are having trouble managing things in the world around you. It’s okay to ask for help from a professional. Spend time calling your power back to you. You have control, you have powerful. Remember, that you are wiser than you realize, there is no need to hide from your debts, make a plan to pay off debts and stick to your plan. Look at what you’ve learned about money, ever failure has been a valuable lesson. Every triumph has taught you how to rebuild. You have more knowledge than you realize. Spend time really reflecting on this.

“ Money flows freely and effortlessly to me from all sources seen and unseen”

“ My income is constantly increasing”

“I am choosing wiser money habits each day:

“ I am healing my relationship with money”

Virgo ♍️

The Challenge for Virgo is to decide if it’s time to leave their current place of work. They’ve lost passion for their job, it’s been a long time coming. They’ve invested a lot of time and money into their education for their current field. They aren’t happy in their profession and now they are challenged with being honest with what they want for their lives and are they willing to take the risks needed to live the life they want?

Virgo has been calling lack into their space. They are taking on other peoples stories of lack. As their own. Example; “I didn’t do it , so you can’t do it” Type conversations

When Virgo chooses to believe this, they align with it before they even try. Will they stay with what has been steady or will they take a risk on a heart’s desire?

The strategy: communicating with your higher self.

Be honest with yourself Virgo, only you know what it is you truly want. By ignoring your intuition you are confusing yourself. When you honor your intuition and trust it, the path is cleared. You know what would make you most happy. You know what choice would benefit you the most. You are not one to forget to factor in family. Don’t be afraid to be honest with what you want. This life is full of risks and you are not one to take them likely. You will know if this is one you’re ready and willing to take. Be patient in taking those risks moving forward.

Capricorn ♑️

”To the Point”

The Challenge:

Capricorn’s lack of honesty with themselves and others is causing blockages in their home life and at work. Capricorn is challenged with their desire to change while holding on to deceitful and underhanded ways of thinking and dealing with others. It is time for Capricorn to practice humble and honest communication with themselves and others. Asking for help balancing all the things is not a shameful thing, it’s a sign of strength.


Knowing what you can handle and what you can’t Capricorn ♑️ is key to your success in March. Communicate what you need from others, and what you can do for them as well. Don’t be afraid to offer your help when you can, and remember that sometimes, you aren’t in a position to and that’s okay.

That’s all I have for you this week May all that is not meant for you, or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Thank you for visiting The Garden this week! May your week be filled with blessings you can handle in perfect time!

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