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Someone’s Story “The Message”

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Gentle Reminder: * Any videos not from Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time YouTube channel are not affiliated with this site. These videos are used as an example of the subject at hand. This is not an endorsement or recommendation of that channel.

Hello! Welcome back to the garden! I’m so glad you’re here.Please sit back and relax as you read this story. May any wisdom meant for you find You. Remember what you seek is seeking you. This is a message for someone and is especially for the upcoming week of the NEW MOON. This still may apply whenever needed. May it reach who it’s meant to in perfect time! Enjoy your visit to The Garden.



Someone has been doing the work! It’s felt like slow progress for some. That’s ok! There’s a message with this new moon. Ready? Positive change is coming! The energy you have been putting out is gaining momentum as it makes it’s way back to you changing tough situations for the better! Keep your thoughts on your goals, dreams and aspirations and believe you’ll succeed. Help is coming from the energy of this moon to smooth out all the unseen self blockages that need to be removed as well.

You’ll be becoming more self aware, this will take some humility for some and should be seen as a blessing! This is gentle redirection before the next planet to go retrograde ( Mercury the 27th) So forgive yourself, laugh at yourself, make those changes and think happy thoughts! BELIEVE in the impossible. (because, it IS possible!)

Your intuition is heightened TRUST that inner guidance, it’s from the Holy Spirit. If you’ve been focusing on your growth, you are already listening to your intuition and this is a good time TRUST The creator, TRUST yourself and the knowledge you’ve attained, the work you’ve put in has a purpose.

For Someone: When you make time for gratitude and even a 3 minute meditation, Your emotions will be in check at this time. You will not be overly emotional or irrational. You are building a future with practical thinking, goal oriented moves forward, and releasing the old worn out patterns that have kept you stuck. That means everything from being jealous of what someone else has, or shifting blame, or staying in victim mentality. These have to go, as they don’t belong in a higher space.

After “The Shedding”

It’s been a while since the people in your life that meant you harm were removed. You may be fully aware of this change or you may not have noticed that this was happening. Slowly you drift apart. Looking around now, you see that your social circle has become exponentially smaller. This has been a learning experience. You’re learning that it’s OK to have a smaller social circle for awhile. In the space you can really get to know your friends at a deeper and more intimate level. This helps you connect with who you really want to connect with and also it shows you who really cares.

Now you can trust yourself more and have better discernment who you let in, and It’s time to make some new friends! Try venturing out of your social circle and meet some new people. This will be very beneficial with the energies surrounding this New Moon.


September 22nd is the start of “Shadow Season.” Time to face the parts of yourself that you consider undesirable or unlovable. Learning to see all the ways you shine now and having confidence in all your strengths will give you the courage to face the difficult later.

Take it back a sec….. The LAST FULL MOON….

Go back in your journal if you are keeping one, what did you want the last full moon? What were you working towards? For those of you who sewed seeds of love, joy, appreciation, honesty, integrity, focus on family and intimacy in relationships, you will feel the rewards of this now! If you chose growth and new directions, this is will pay off by the next full moon. Keep building towards a new healthy future this will bring so much happiness and it’s because YOU put in the work!

What did you release? Keep releasing more of what just brings sadness, and low vibrational feelings of victim hood, toxic patterns and deception.


Remember, the soul is ALWAYS whole… We are never broken. You are hear to learn, to feel, to understand. Do you hear? Do you see?

Diving IN:

ADVICE FROM THE POOL For a successful week:

Focus #1

It’s time for a leap of faith! Only you know what it is you need to take action on, but there is something that you’ve been asking for. It’s yours. What is the next step needed to attain it? The power is YOURS. You have all the power to make this happen, do you trust the Holy Spirit to catch you? Do you believe in what you’ve asked for? Take that leap of faith with discernment!

Focus #2

Meditating on what lights your soul up will help you find your next adventure, and your purpose. You are worth getting to know on a deeper level. What is your passion? You have a gift the world can benefit from when you share it. It is your own light to shine on the world. Do you know what that is? Taking time this week to find what brings you JOY no matter how big or small, will help you along the way

Focus #3

You are NEVER alone! It may seem strange to you that you are surrounded by ancestors, guides and guardians, but you are! There is a fear of being unsupported rooted deep into some of us, and reminding yourself you are never alone will also bring you the courage to step into your next adventure boldly as well as afraid. This is where greatness can occur.


This New moon brings the need for patience and self control. How do we grow in these areas? Practice, Practice, Practice. Some activities to help you learn these are Tai-chi ,Yoga, & breath work. Here are some examples of these


📓 What are you holding on to that has been taking up too much space in your head?

📓Is it ready to be released?

📓 I release with gratitude all listed that no longer serves my greater good:

📓 What are you building towards? What would you like to see happen by the next full moon?

📓 I choose to shift my focus towards the life i desire, I am planting seeds for the future:

(List all the things you’ll be working towards by the full moon 🌕)

That’s all I have for you this week! Thank you for visiting the Garden! May all that is not meant for you, or is not for your highest good be returned back into the pool to be released. You are the seer, you are the one who observes. 💗

- Tia Khaleesi

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